Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back Home and A-Okay

I'm home, and I was so glad to get out of the hospital that I didn't even try to make my lady feel guilty. If forgot to ignore her and I even wagged my tail and licked her face, them I remembered she was the one who dropped me off for the torture. I am sure I can come up with some other way to pay her back, and as soon as the pain meds are stopped and I am not so goofy, I'll come up with the appropriate payback. Hee Hee.

No pictures of the great homecoming because my lady can't get them to download. She said lots of bad words when she was trying to get them to download from her camera to her computer, I had to go in the other room so she wouldn't see me laughing at her.

Just wanted to let everyone know that everything came off alright. And I am going to go lay down now.

More later.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see u r a o k.

Hey, I've been nominated for DWB's awesome blog of the month award. Can I count on your vote? Hope so.

To vote, go here

You have to be registered and logged into the DWB Bone Zone forum in order to vote.

Thank you, I really want this.

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Murphey - I'm glad you're back and doing OK. I hope you don't have to wear the cone thingy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Murph, so glad you don't seem to be effected by the "snip" at all!!!

Are you using blogger beta?? Your picture problem is probably because of blogger, we had that problem too before that's why we switched to beta.

Oh btw, if you like my tongue picture, will you come and vote for me?

Love nibbles,
MIss Sunshade

Fu Fu said...

Oh Murphey,
So happy to hear that you're ok. Hope you get all well soon ok. :)

~ fufu

Toby said...

Hey Murphey,

Sorry to hear you had to go for the evil snip-snip visit. Glad to hear you're doing ok now. Don't worry about the pay back...that can come later!~ Just rest up and get well!