Monday, February 26, 2007

Life is Good

It's great when my lady gets back from a trip, she always feels guilty so I get extra play time, Whoo HOOO! I was such a good boy at Judy's, I didn't pee inside, I didn't eat any thing I shouldn't, and I left Judy's shoes alone. What a Good Boy I am! Of course Audrey and I were outside except for when we were sleeping, but still, I was good! Judy called me a perfect gentleman, she don't know me very well!

So here I am burning off some extra energy, doing my favorite thing, RUNNING! Well, maybe my second favorite thing, my first favorite thing is tearing up my ladies underwear, but no underwear, so running it is.




Multi SHOTS, I am FAST!

I'm Gonna Catch you SUCKER!


My Lady loves it when my ears fly up while running, so here is a close up just for her!

That is it for now....

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


In honor of being nominated for the DWB photo of the month my lady got me a new toy! It squeaked, it was tough, it said it was almost (ALMOST!) indestructible, WHOO HOOO I was so excited. I squeaked it, then I...........


Here's me and the "indestructible" toy

Dead toy, dead, dead, dead.....I just can't seem to help loving my toys to death.

Goodbye new toy..... you were fun for about ten minutes.

See that black dot in the left hand corner? that's the tip of my nose....

My lady is off to Lost Wages Nevada, So I'll be gone till Friday, but I won't have to stay at the pee pee hotel, thank goodness.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


And better than ever!

Here is where my lady stayed, look at that view out the window, WOW!

And out the main lobby. Too bad my lady didn't get a picture of the hammock she spent so much time in.

How come they let Bunny stay there, but not dogs? No Fair!

When my lady came and got me, she was so mad at the kennel.....When she picked my up I was really smelly and kind of sticky.....I was covered in PEE!!!!! I didn't care, but she sure did. She asked why I was covered in pee, and they told her that I had pee'd in my crate and then laid down in it, ummm, NO WAY! First of all I don't pee in my crate, and I most certainly WOULD NOT LAY IN IT! So she was mad.

After she talked to one of the people that worked in the back she found out that the dog in the crate next to me would pee out of his crate and into my crate AND ON ME! Ohhhhhh she was mad, mad mad MADDDDDD! I don't think I'll be staying there anymore (but I did have fun playing, I was plain old tired out when I got home.)

But to show her that I did not appreciate being left behind, I would not look at her.

But then she yelled "WHACK A MOLE!" Which is my favorite game, so I jumped up all excited about playing Whack a Mole.

This is how you play, my lady moves her foot or her arm around under the covers and I jump up and ATTTTTTACK!

The she moves something else and I jump up and CHEWWWWW!

Waiting for the mole to reappear...... is that it, is it, is it?

There it IS!!!!
Wow, I love the game Whack a Mole, after we played for a while I decided to forgive my lady for leaving and I curled up and fell asleep.

It's good to be home. It's gonna take me a few days to catch up on all your blogs, but I can't wait to do it!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Kathleen Here

Well, I feel like a Mom dropping off her child for the first time at school. I am going on vacation for five days with the person who normally watches Murphey for me. That meant I had to find somewhere for him to stay....I had lots of offers, but he really needs some special attention, most houses (or people) really don't know how to handle a terrier puppy. They think they have puppy-proofed, but I am here to tell you, they haven't a clue. Just last night I came home to Murph sleeping on top of the DINING ROOM table! I don't even know how he got up there (umm, perhaps he jumped?)

Anyway, here is where he will be staying.

Here he is, so excited to be going in because he smells and hears other dogs!

Let me in, let me in, LET ME IN!

the big meet and great!

So there I was feeling really sad, hating to leave him and he didn't even look at me when I left! I know he'll have fun, and I wish I could have taken him with me. even though he kinda looks like he's in jail behind those bars! Murph will be back next week!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Which one am I?

Well after three hours THREE HOURS! I finally got this post to work, but I'm not bitter, no, not me.....dang blogger.
But on to the fun stuff! I went to the dog park and what did I see? A dog that looked just like ME! Well, pretty darn close doncha think? Which one am I?

Her name is Tobi and she looked so sad when I wasn't playing with her!

Don't be sad Tobi, come over here and we'll play!

Really that's Tobi, not me!

She made me laugh, when she got tired, she would sit in a chair just like a person! She is one lucky dog. And a pretty labradoodle, my lady said she will get LOTS bigger than me, Really?!

After pretty Tobi left, I decided to turn in to A RABBIT! Don't I look like a rabbit?

Okay maybe not.

(wow that was a pretty pitiful post after all that hard work).

Monday, February 05, 2007

Blogger 1 Murph 0

Well, blogger, or my computer, or something is JUST NOT WORKING! everything is taking ten times too long, no matter what computer I use, and then, when I think it's okay, the gosh darn thing won't post my pictures, GRHHHHHHHHHHHH, SNAP! I could just bite blogger and then give it the death shake, then for good measure I would tear it up like I do to paper and fling the remains all over the house.

I'm gonna go dig some holes in the backyard, track mud in the house and chew on anything I can find, that might make me feel better.

Murph the Peeved Dog

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Is that you Joe?

Hey, look at our glowing eyes, we must be possessed by the running demon, it makes our eyes GLOWWWWWW. Hey, wait a minute, is that perhaps Joe chasing me?

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Let me find out if it is Joe, I will use my super-dooper, fool-proof, butt sniff detection system!

Sniff, check, re-sniff, check and it is.......


Actually, I'm feeling kind of foolish, cause this guy ain't nearly as handsome as Joe. Not sure how I could have even thought it was Joe, blame it on the fact that I was tired and there was just too much dog action happening today!