Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ummm, We're Back?!

Did you miss me? We have been LAZZZZZY, no blogging, no reading, just a lot of laying around being couch potato dogs (and lady). Our allergies have been way bad, I've been sneezing and reverse coughing and doing that thing, you know, the one where we pups go, chhhhhwackkkkk
and we sound like we're hacking up a hairball (or twenty?) Yeah, we've both been doing that one. I like to wait till the lady is almost asleep and I do it right be her head and she jumps up like I barfed on her, gets her every time!
Other than that, nada, nothing, zilcho. Oh, except Reilly got a new harness to walk in, we'll fill you in later cause he HATES it...Hee hee.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Storm and No Power

Wow, we had a really big storm here, the sirens that warn you that there might be a tornado went off and we had to get out of bed and go hide in the closet! It was scary. The wind was blowing so loud, and all we could remember was that a tornado is supposed to sound like a freight train, so we wondered, does that wind sound like a freight train, or is it just LOUD! We were lucky and it was just loud....but it did blow out our power. And the power stayed off for days. The lady was really worried about the food in the food chiller going bad, so we did our part and ate as much of it as we could. But we couldn't blog cause we had no computer, or phone, or TV, and the lady had no hair dryer. She even had to do her makeup by candlelight, HA HA.

We did go outside a lot though. Here I am protecting my chair. STAY AWAY.

I did get suckered into a game of tug of war and I found out that Reilly can really win that game, he weighs ten more pounds than me and he uses it to his advantage. I'd like to send him back, he was only supposed to be 14 pounds and he is 24 pounds and much taller than me...but the lady won't let me.

We played kill the toy, you know, did the death shake thing, both at the same time, you can tell by our blurry heads. If that woulda been a squirrel we'd a killed it!

Then the R man took off with it and I had to chase him. We were playing with a toy I've had since I was a puppy, give it here Reilly man.

Look at him, he's looking at the camera while we wrestle for it, he does not take this very seriously. Oh well...
And of course we had to finish off with a round of chase that ended up with us jumping off the deck, we love the deck.
We'll be catching up now that our power is back!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Thunder! And Lightning! Oh MY!

Last night we had a thunderstorm that was so loud! Usually I just sleep right through storms, my attitude is "whatever". But last night, Whoa Nelly, there we were, all three of us snoozing away when there was a loud CRASH, BOOM, and a shake of the windows. Then lights were flashing, and rain started falling and the trees made this terrible loud whooshing sound. When the first crash sounded Reilly jumped straight up in the air and jumped right on the lady's head. (If she wasn't woken up by the storm, the 24 pounds of dog landing on her head sure did!). I tried to act cool, but I tapped the ladies arm really hard to let her know to let me under the covers NOW! I figured the covers would protect me from the awful storm.

Wish we had a picture of the lady trying to sleep with 24 pounds of dog curled up on her head and me snuggled in as close as I could get to her belly under the covers. Whooo Mama, I hope we never get a storm like that again. It hit the tree across the street from us, that is why it was so loud. And that tree? it is dead, dead, dead, killed by the storm.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Big BU#*

Every morning Reilly does this:

He pokes his head out the dog door and then stands there trying to decide if he should go out or not. His big old bu*# blocks the door so I can't get out! It makes me crazy, I bark and bark and bark and try to get him to move, but it never works. I end up having to poke him to get him to go outside.