Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh Happy Day

I got tested today, I was left on my own, outside of the crate for a little while, and happy day! I passed the test, I didn't tear anything up, in fact I just sat on my crate and looked out the window, can you see me behind the glass? Then when Mom came back in I just stayed on the top of my crate until she told me to come over and see her. Ah, sweet freedom. Then we got to go outside and play with my favorite airplane toy, see me chasing it while it is flying in the air?

What I can't figure out is why Mom is always yelling "Darn it!!!" when trying to take my picture, I look all cute, pose for her, run for her, something fun, then she tries to take my picture and she starts yelling at the camera, something about taking the picture too slow, so she usually ends up with a great shot of my butt while I am running away. I think it's a cute butt, although she apparently doesn't want a lot of pictures of it. Look, I try to hold my position as long as I can, but a dog can only hold still for so long. Maybe she needs a new camera for Christmas, I'll have to put the idea in a few family members heads.

Puppy class was fun, me and the two labradoodles ignored the teacher and kept trying to play, BARK BARK, look at me! (I'm practicing with those Doodles for when I go visit Julie's Doodles at the beach.) PULL PULL on the leash going this way and that, IGNORE IGNORE when I heard stupid commands like "Sit" and "Come". Listen people, I got better things to do than listen and obey you, I have other puppies to play with! PUPPIES TO PLAY WITH! Are you listening, I want to PLAY, play until I pass out. Maybe when I am older I will want to listen, but I don't really think so, the teacher says I have selective hearing, and I say, yes, why yes I do, I listen when I feel like it, and I don't really feel like it most of the time. And once I am

Hey, I've been checking out some other dog blogs and I have got to figure out how to get some of that people food you all talk about. Kibble is fine, but man, that people food sounds good, and I know it smells good. And that Tigersan, he even gets his picture taken with food, how unfair is that? I stare and stare at Mom, but the old mind meld thing doesn't seem to work, she won't give in, YET! I am going to keep working on it.

Time for our morning walk, WALK, I have to goooooooooooo! : )

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back From the Kennel

What a week I had. First of all, Judy rescued me from the kennel after only one day. So I had a chance to redeem myself while staying with her, and I DID! I did not pee or poop in her house, and I only ate up two toys that she so foolishly left on the floor. Hey, if it's on the floor, it's mine. She was so nice she even gave them to me to take home. I like Judy's better than the stinky old kennel. They have play time, but I couldn't join in 'cause I haven't had my third shot. STUPID RULES!

When I finally got home, I freaked out, I decided to hide all of my toys in the couch. I don't want to share my toys with any old dog that might come visit. I shoved my squeaky toys and chew toys into the corner of the couch and I tried to shove my blanket in there, but it wouldn't fit. Then I had to nap, I was TIRED, it took me a long time to hide all that stuff. Then when I woke up I realized that I had to pull it all back out if I wanted to play with it. Not one of my better ideas.

Then I decided it was time for Mom to clean out her closet, she has some terribly un-fashionable stuff in there. Judy is quite the fashionista and I listened closely to what she had to say and I heard her say that big, square, clunky heels are OUT! So, while checking out the closet that someone forgot to close, I saw some really big, clunky, square heels. So I did what any fashion minded dog would do and chewed them up. I can't wait to get back in there and see what else I can help get rid of, when I get the chance. WELCOME HOME!
(Note from Kathleen, that will teach me to leave the closet door open!)

Tonight I have class, I didn't practice so I hope they don't give me a test, I think I might fail......

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I've Been Tagged! Whoo HOOOOOO!

It would be even better if I got to run around before getting tagged, if you haven't figured it out, I like to run, I keep mentioning it, I just can't get running off my mind. Just so you know, my favorite time to run is right before Mom goes to bed, I run fast and she can't get me, under the bed, on top of the bed, under the chair, out to the living room, then back on the same path. Funny, whenever I finally lay down I go right to sleep. And I had better tell everyone, Mom is going to California for her birthday, she is going to the Ellen show, I don't get to go and I am not happy about that. I won't be able to blog till next Monday, and I get to go to the kennel. I wonder what that is? Everytime Mom mentions it she looks guilty, hmmm, wonder why? I hear her talking about playtime, so how bad can it be, but why the guilty look. I can't stay with Judy because I trashed her house the last time I stayed there, sorry Judy (well, I'm not really sorry, it just seemed to be the thing to say, cause I sure had fun trashing her house! and I can't help trying for destruction every time we drop by to visit)

Anyway, on to the tag!

I've been tagged by T-Man to list 5 things that make a true doggie friend. Here goes:

1. Chase me! Oh yeah, chase me while I run all over the back yard, the house, or at the doggie park. I"ll bark at you until you do. ; )
2. Let me eat your food. When I come visit please let me eat your food. Nothing seems to taste better than someone else's food. And if you stay over night with me, you eat my food and I'll eat yours! YUM
3. Let me jump right up in your face and bat you a few times with my wild, wicked paws. I just can't help myself, and then I hope you join me in to my number one fav thing and chase MEEEE.
4. Let me sniff your hindquarters WHILE you try to pee. Mom always yells, don't do that, you'll get pee'd on, but I like to smell it fresh, really fresh. (Right about now Kathleen is saying GROSS Murphey, don't make me type that!!!!)
5. And last, but not least, come over and play with me. A true doggie friend knows I need to play, and they come over and hang out with me in the backyard.

I'm going to tag my friend Maggie! Cause my buds Buster and Fei and e have already been tagged.

I"ll catch up with everyone next week. Woof!

Monday, September 18, 2006

More Towel Butt Kicking!

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After the Rainy Walk Since it didn't stop raining, and I kept checking, sticking my nose out the dog door, then back in the house, then out the dog door, then back in the house. Finally I almost gave up and decided I was going to have to pee in the house, that ended with the now famous "NO, NO Murphey, OUTSIDE!" Doesn't she know its raining out there? I don't want to pee outside in the rain, can't she, just once, overlook that stupid rule of her's? Apparently not. So the leash got strapped on, she grabbed a HORRIFYING big blue thing that she held over her head. I tried to run away from it, then I barked at it for a while, then it laid down on the floor next to me, so I barked as loud as I could at it and it wouldn't move. I finally tried to jump on it, and it rolled away from me, Eh GADS, Run Away, but the leash stopped me from getting to far. Then Mom picked it up again and said, "Don't worry about it, it is just an umbrella, let's go walk." OHHHHH WALLLLLLKKKKKKKKK! I forgot all about that blue thing. So we walked and I didn't mind the rain when walking and it turns out I love puddles and mud. Mom doesn't, too bad, so sad for her. Then we got home and I got dried off with my red towel on the couch. Aren't I cute? Later I tried to tear the heck out of that towel. I think I like tearing stuff up, when I can get away with it, tee hee. Well, as you can see, it was a busy weekend, and now I have to go rest. Posted by Picasa
Rain...... I hate rain, I looked out the front door, rain, I looked out the backdoor, rain, I looked out my window, rain. Can't it rain out front and leave the backyard dry? I was so bored, bored, bored, bored. I finally had to attack the pillow, I tried to rip that sucker up, I flung it, tore at it, flipped it in the air, then got told to "STOP IT!" so I did, how come everything fun ends with a "STOP IT", or a "NO", or a "DROP IT". Can't a poor guy get a break around here, I'm just trying to have some fun.
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The Backyard Saturday Chase! I voted for the dog park on Saturday, but I lost out, but I did get some quality backyard time with my airplane toy and Mom's throwing arm. She said I need to learn how to bring hte toy back, why, she always comes and gets it.

Although I had fun on Saturday, Mom should have listened to me and gone to the dog park cause it rained on Sunday. So no dog park at all this weekend, bummer. Posted by Picasa
UNDERWEAR! Mom shouldn't leave her underwear where I can get it...of course, I can get on tables, get in baskets, even get in slightly open drawers, and bonanza I got two pair that I promptly hid in my bed. Dig, dig, bury, see them peeping out? I usually take them outside and bury them in the dirt, but the darn doggie door was close so I had to make due with my bed. I especially like to pull them out and run around the house with them when company comes out. Bras are good too, cause they flap when I run, HAH HAH, I am the evil underwear dog. Posted by Picasa
I lost two teeth! I'm turning into a big dog, grhhhh! They fell out when I was eating dinner, I tried to eat them, but they were too hard, so I left them in my bowl for Mom to find.  Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 15, 2006

Been Sick

I've been sick, I even went into my crate by myself and slept. Mom got so worried she took me to the vet. I wish I had a vote in that, and my vote would be "No"! He poked me in the behind, WHOA there Mr. Vet Man, warn me when you're gonna do that!, gave me a shot, yeah I can scream, and took some x-rays.....and after all that he thinks it's because I'm teething, oh, and maybe I ate something I wasn't supposed to. There are things I"m not supposed to eat? Really?! I had no idea.

After the shot I felt better, and back at home I found a great use for my crate, if I get up on it I can see outside. There is so much to see and bark about out there, people walking, cars driving by, dogs, cats, squirrels, trees, grass, man, I can just sit up here and bark all day. Then I got told to "Be Quiet!", then I was told something about "You're not the alpha dog, blah, blah, blah." I think Mom's been reading some dumb book again about training me, pack status, and all that other cr*&. Right, keep on reading, I'm sure that will do it.

Speaking of training, I went to my first puppy class, and guess what?! I was the most well-behaved guy there. No, truly! I can already walk on a leash without pulling (most days), I know my name, and when you tell me to sit, I sit (well, most times). There were eight other dogs, barking, pulling, jumping, and I just sat and listened to the instructor talk, on and on and on. The instructor kept using me as a good example, Look at him sit, look at him walk, Look at him turn when you say his name. I really didn't care, but Mom kept saying, "Good Dog Murphey, extra treats tonight." I think her head might have gotten a little big, so next week I might have to pop it, well see. We didn't get much time to play, that kind of bummed me out. There were two little Malti-poos that I wanted to play with, but their owners kept saying, "Oh no, he might hurt them." Hurt them, I just wanted to sniff them a little and then bat at them with my paws, I would never hurt them, they were just so darn cute. I tried to set up a date, but no chance, we terrmutts (my designer name for a terrier mutt mix dog) aren't quite cool enough for the small Malti-Poo members of my class. But that lab, man, he and I could really have some fun.

Saturday I get to go to the dog park, I can't wait, hope I'm still feeling better. Hey, thanks to everyone for checking in, I've been cruising your sites, wish I could visit in person!

Monday, September 11, 2006

What A Weekend

Please play with me! Please? I'll let you chase me for my orange kangaroo......So around and around I ran outside with my favorite toy, my squeaky kangaroo. Then I realized no one was chasing me, what's the fun in that. So I carried it around just hoping someone, anyone would decide to chase me for it. Boring. Then I got a surprise, I got to go to another house with a pool and another puppy, Whoo Hoo, what a blast.

But Mom forgot the camera, so no pictures, but trust me, it was fun, we growled, showed our teeth, wrestled, barked, ran and played tug of war, I WON! Then someone put me in the pool, HEY I DON'T LIKE WATER! I couldn't wait to get out, I swan right to the side, got out and after refused to go near anyone in the pool again. Fool me once, but never again. Then it was back to running, running, running, Bradie chased me all over the place and I can't wait to go back, she's a fun doggie.

When I got home I was so tired I just fell asleep near all my toys, I didn't even lift my head when the mailman came.

Tomorrow I start something called Puppy class, I hope I get to play, but Mom hopes I learn something. What do I need to learn, I already know everything a dog should know, I mean, I'm perfect!

Gotta go take a nap, I'm tired again.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back Home Again

Kathleen refused to take me to Knoxville, so Judy and Audrey had the joy of me visiting for the weekend. I had a blast! I ran, I played, I barked, I chewed up Audrey's leather leash, mmmmm, I like leather, and I peed and pooped wherever I wanted. It was great, Judy kept forgetting to pay attention to me, so I could sneak off to wherever I wanted and trail destruction in my wake. She was on the couch reading the newspaper and off to her bedroom I went. Hey, a t-shirt, I love t-shirts. So I pulled it down off the bed and proceeded to tear three little holes right in front, HA HA, wear that again, I think not. Then I got put back in my crate.....

When I got back out again I found Audrey's leash under the table by the front door, and I chewed and chewed and chewed. Audrey had chewed on it for years and had done little damage, in twenty minutes I chewed it almost into two pieces, I win! Then I heard Judy ask, why are you so quiet? So I ran really fast through the house, trying to distract her from my fine work, but she found it anyway. So I got put outside...but I refused to pee, I was holding it for that cool rug in the bathroom which now smells like me.

My favorite place had to be under the bed, I couldn't believe the cool stuff under there, shoes, socks, paper, I would drag it out, tear it up if I could and left it trailed all over the place. A little bit of redecorating, Murphey style. Maybe I could get my own TV show, "Get Murph'ed" I would take stuff you forgot you had, maybe even use some trash and leave it in decorative places all over the place. And if you gave me some paper towels, or toilet paper, I could even make it snow, which I demonstrated at Judy's.

It seemed like I spent a lot of time in my crate while visiting, so I had to make the best of it when I was out. I don't know that Judy felt the same way, I heard her call Kathleen on Monday morning and she said, "You can come get him, he's ready to go home now." Wow, kicked out after only two days!

But it sure was fun, and just to show Kathleen I had no hard feelings about being left behind, I peed on her bathroom rug too! I know what the bathroom is for, and I proved it. Tomorrow I show you a picture if me resting after my wild weekend away from home.