Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our gift, Mr. Pink BALL!

Can you believe the lady for got her camera for her trip?! She's waiting to get copies of pictures that the rest of the family took in Paris. She says she had fun and that she ate a lot of good food, it was probably better that the dog food I got at Judy's! But she did bring us a cool gift, a pink ball, Whoo Hoo, and I got it first. Look at me with the ball, mine, all mine!

Here I am holding it so Reilly can see it, but he can't get it, HA Ha HAAAAA!

The he came and sat by me, so I made sure he knew the ball was MINE! Get your own pink ball sucker! Look at him smiling like he doesn't care, oh but he does, he does care.

Then he went on the attack and grabbed that ball right out from under my neck.

Look at him taunting me with the ball now, man that guy makes me mad!

You can barely see the pink ball hidden in his big fat mouth.

Then he taunted me with the ball, oh he makes me mad.

(You never would know that they got three balls, but of course they both wanted the same one!)

Big Windstorm and a sad find

Gotta warn you now, don't look if you love birds.

We had a birds nest in our big pecan tree in the back yard, but then we had a really REALLY windy day and the nest was gone. Then we found this poor guy, he just had feathers on his wings, and he was still fuzzy everywhere else, and he was dead. He must have blown right out of his next. We just looked at him, but didn't do anything else, we felt sorry for the poor little thing....We never did find the nest, who knows how far it blew away.

Stupid wind!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Everybody does it different, I mean come on, I am glad to have the lady home, really glad, but this is how I show it......

I refuse to look at her, I want her to know that I am NOT HAPPY that she left us. Nope, not gonna look at you lady.

Here is how Reilly let's her know he missed her:

He gets right in her face, what a suck up!

Then he cuddles up on her lap and just keeps staring at her right in the old eyes (he gave her a few love licks too!)

Once again, me, letting her know I am very displeased that she left, even if I am happy she came home. And WHERE THE HE&* is my gift? She claims she hasn't unpacked it yet, we'll see, if I like it enough I might let her pet me....

Friday, June 06, 2008

We're Outta Here Til June 17th!

The lady leaves for almost two weeks and we won't get to blog....look how sad that makes us. We refuse to look happy even though we get to stay with Judy and her two pups! We'll catch up when we get back.

Murph and Reilly, over and out for a while.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Home Again and Look What We Found

The lady FINALLY came home and busted us outta Camp. We were so happy to see her! Johnny is doing better, he still has a hard road ahead, but he's no longer in ICU, so YEAH! Once we got home we had to check out the backyard and make sure no squirrels or possums had made a home in out there. We didn't find any, but we did find SOMETHING UNDER THE DECK!!!!!! We barked at it to tell it to come out right now!

And it did, man, what is that thing?

Reilly had to get a good look too, he even sniffed it.

I thought if I got closer to it I could figure out what is was and if it wanted to play...but it didn't!

Turns out big, old, fat frogs don't like to play, so we left it alone.

We're happy to be home and will have to catch up on everyone's blogs.

(Hey, I haven't told the boys yet, but I'm going on a real vacation this weekend, off to Paris for 10 days....they get to go to Judy's this time. We'll be reading like crazy before I go!)