Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Gift to the Lady (and a late Merry Christmas!)

Merry day after Christmas to all you dog bloggers!

I was so worried, I saw the suitcase and I thought that Reilly and I were gonna get left behind, again, but we didn't. We got to go to Tanta Janet's for Christmas. It was a blast, I'll fill ya in later on my cool time. The only bummer was that I got car sick, I puked up my guts, it was terrible! We were stuck in traffuic, it took one and a half hours to go ten miles. The lady had to show the police man my puke so we could get off the road, they had blocked all the exits!

Anyway, Here's what I got the lady for Christmas, a cool shirt from Pappy's Dog Blog Store!

See, I'm a mutt and darn proud of it and I decided that the lady needed a shirt to brag about my super-duper muttness. So I made her get out her magic money card, I pointed to the shirt and I made her order it. See, got her a gift, how cool am I?!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Her Name Was Claire

Just wanted to update, after a fun day of playing and chasing the lovely lady Claire pup, her owners saw the sign and came and got her! We were happy to see her with her peeps, but sad to see her go.

And it was totally pawsome how we found each other, it turns out Claire had wandered a long ways, more than a mile from where she got lost (her family was visiting someone and she got out...poor thing had no idea where she was). They had papered their area with signs, and we had papered ours with signs, but it wasn't the same area! The lady drove around but didn't quite go far enough south. So there we were just about to take Claire to the vet to see if she had a chip when the phone rang. It was a very nice lady saying, "Hey, I was driving down by Park and I saw a sign that said someone lost a little brown spotted, female dog, then I drove further and saw your sign that you had found a dog that sounds exactly like the one that was lost!" So we got the phone number of the lost dog and Yup it was the same dog.

So here's to all the good folks in the world that help us find our families when we get lost.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Found: One sweet, pretty, little girl dog.....She followed us on our walk, and the lady's soft heart couldn't leave her out by herself. She has a collar, NO TAG!, she's housebroken and just a love bug. We hope that her owners call soon, they must be missing her.

We weren't too sure at first how we felt about her, but after the meet and greet and obligatory butt sniff, we all got along.

Please send good thoughts that her owners see the signs we put up and call soon!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We're tired.....

We are all worn out from the holidays...too much eating, not enough sleeping, too many parties and sometimes we just say, can we go to sleep now?

We give our saddest, most tired look to the lady, PLEASE come to bed so we can sleep!

Then she gets a grin when she says YES, time for bed!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Little Roaching

After the walk I was cold and wet, so R-man and I jumped up on the couch to roach, GRRRR, my couch, GET OFF! We didn't even let the lady take off our leashes.

I really mean it, GET OFF!

That's better, my couch, MINE!

Yeah, get this side too....

A little bit of this side again, getting the tail dried off too!

Now, this face might not look like it, but I LOVE Drying off on the couch and I make really cool growling noises while it is happening. The lady calls it getting my freak on, whatever.

And listen, dogs and dogettes, you all are so good at letting us know you got our cards, THANKS. Once the lady has time she will get with it and drop you a line when we get/or got ours. I'm too lazy to actually do any work, I leave it all up to her!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Getting the Cards Done

The lady got all weird last weekend and told us we couldn't go out until the cards got done. No walkies, no treats, nada. She hasn't even opened any that we have received, she feels guilty about opening them when we haven't sent ours out.

"So get to it" I told her! So she did, printing, glueing, writing, folding, addressing, it was crazy, papers, cards, envelopes were everywhere. I helped by sneaking onto the table when she went to the bathroom and throwing her nice neat piles onto the floor. She didn't look to happy with that. I wonder why?!

So I told Reilly to get ready, cause the one way we could help was to lick the envelopes. Now look, you can see what naturals we would be at that.

I mean, look at that tongue!

That is one big tongue. He should be a natural at this envelope licking.

I decided it was important to get my tongue ready for the work,
So I stretched it, by doing some some curls, first to the center,

then to the side!

But ya know what I found out, that glue tastes terrible!

So I made the lady lick the envelopes.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007



Look at that shot of Reilly man, all four legs are in the air and you can see his shadow, COOL!

He is off and running to get Maggie and the Wubba......

Or perhaps not, he kinda got scared and ran away.....

Then Maggie passed him up and he took up the chase again, Go Reilly, GOOOOOO!

Then he really lucked out and got the Wubba, so Maggie had to chase him!

Actually, don't look too close cause he might be running, but Maggie ain't chasin'!

You might wonder what I was doing while all this was going on?

I was taking advantage of the little guy not jumping in on my time with the lady, so I was busy giving her