Monday, December 25, 2006

Feets don't fail me now!

Look ma, no feet!

Can you tell I like to run?

How about now?

Do you believe me yet?

I think I"m flying!!!!!

And it didn't even take a dog treat to get me going.

Two days in a row at the dog park, Merry Christmas to me, the running dog! Hey, and Merry Christmas to everybody out there!
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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Did I hear the word Treat?

I think I did, so here I come!

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Gimme the TREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!Posted by Picasa

Me and my Presents

Auntie's presents! This is my summer jacket.
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Too Cool For Words

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Back in Action

I have to point out these are my cards.....

and these are my lady's cards.....
Yeah, so who's more poopular? That would be ME!!!! The mailman stopped and told me I had more cards than ANYONE on his route...I'm super cool, the coolest in the neighborhood, WHOOO HOOOOOO!

My lady said I'm getting a big head after all the cards, WHAT?! I just pointed to her two cards and said she was just jealous, so there.

I finally got to the dog park again, time to run!

Time to play!
just cause he's so darn cute! (my lady made me do it!)

Back home where Maggie came to visit, what's she doing down there?

Hey she got out ALL my toys, stop that!

Hanging out on the couch with Kim!

I like when we have company!

I also like it right now, my lady isn't working so I am getting spoiled, sleeping in, long walks, lots of tummy rubs, yeah, life is pretty good right now.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Flippin" %^$&& (oh and feeling better)

First things first, I am FINE! Just as my lady was getting ready to load me up and take me to the vet, it happened, and it wasn't pretty! But it looked like all the sweater came out, big, old hunks of it. Okay, I'll stop right there before you get too gross of a visual in your head. Once it happened, the first thing I went for was the sweater, can't say I'm too smart sometimes....but my lady threw it away.

So on to the flippin' part of the was all I heard from my lady, flippin' internet, flippin' firewall, flippin' computer......Whooo, she sounded mad. I kind of left the room and let her go at it. But apparently when she tried to log me on so I could tell everyone I was okay, she got blocked, her firewall told her that blogger beta was A SEX SITE! Umm, I know that every now and then a dog might show off a little underside action, and I know there might be some looooooove connections out there, oh yeah, and some card lickin' and sniffin' that goes on, but really, a sex site? I don't think so.

That problem solved and the next one popped up, yeah, the computer won't let her download her pictures, nope, not a one, not even an attempt at a download, it just won't acknowledge the hardware at all, this is when I heard a really loud FLIPPIN' Computer. Umm, okay, time for me to calm my lady down.

How did Itry to calm her down you might ask? Well, I love my squeaky pig, so I figured a few squeaky choruses would make her feel better, squeak, squeak, squeak, real load and fast for about five minutes, yeah, that didn't work, Mr. Piggy got put away, Hey I was just trying to help. If she can ever figure out how to put videos on her site, she could show you how good I am at squeaking Mr. Piggy.

Then I decided if I jumped real high all around her while barking, she would cheer up, well, that didn't work either, instead she sent me outside.

A hole, yeah, that's it, I dug the biggest hole right by the pecan tree, that should have cheered her up. Yeah, no so much, instead of her being happy I ended up getting my feet washed. Bummer.

So here's what I say, too darn bad about all the flippin' bad stuff, but lady, cheer yourself up!

So hopefully pictures tommorrow.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Worried Lady

Well, no pictures to post cause my lady is worried...I managed to get her black sweater when she wasn't looking...then I chewed on it and, well, ate some of it. Okay, I ate a LOT of it and now I don't want food and I haven't pooped today. She's actually following me outside to see if I'm "doing my big business", it's driving me crazy. I heard her say if nothing happens soon that we have to go to the vet, so I'm hoping something happens soon.

No more sweaters for me...

Monday, December 11, 2006

And the Defense Rests....

Thanks to all my pals that stood by my when I was unfairly accused of digging in the dirt. And I used every bit of defense you offered, the wind, running in to the door, the neighbor dog threw it at me to get me in trouble, Yup, used 'em all! So the judge decreed, INNOCENT!

And Mackie, Yeah, if I DID dig, my Mom would hate it, but as I've proven, I don't.....

And Sunshade, it must be a terrier thing that dirt just sticks to us. : ) Also, thanks, I think I make a mighty fine looking dancing elf! My lady laughed really hard and showed it to all her friends.

Boo, thanks, I am going to save the CSI team for when I really need them!

Murph the Innocent Dog!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Prove It!

I was not digging in the dare you accuse me of that?!

Monday, December 04, 2006

My Thanksgiving Holiday

Here's what I did for Thanksgiving......first I begged....It smelled so good!

Then I got some treats, yummy,

Then a whole Bowl full of Turkey, I like the Turkey

Then it was time to fight! Or play fight, check out how nice Maggie and I played, she actually showed me her belly and didn't really use her teeth while "fighting". Maybe she was scared of me.....

Then it was time to sleep, everywhere in the house.

Here was my favorite place to sleep, my lady's lap. I know that doesn't look comfortable, but it was, I slept there for almost an hour. My lady's lap is SOOOOOO COMFY!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Where Am I?

What is this stuff?

It looks kind of familiar, it looks like SNOW! Am I in...........

Sunshade's backyard? It sure looks the snow Sunshade was playing with.

Or perhaps I have dropped in to T-man's world, he had some of this stuff too!

Wait, I don't remember any pink flamingos in their world....Maybe I am in Florida visiting Isabella? No, actually, can you believe it, I'm in DALLAS TEXAS! We got snow! I love Snow, it sure tastes good.

Now stop laughing all you snow bound pups. I know this might not look like much to you, but for us dogs here in Dallas, this is a pretty cool event, and we consider this to be some serious snow action. I know it must be a big deal cause last night I was taking my nightly nap before bedtime and the old TV was on and all they could talk about was THE BIG WINTER STORM. People were rushing out to buy supplies, you know, food and water and stuff, seriously, the stores were running out of stuff. (I made sure we had enough kibble). Apparently people are afraid that THE BIG WINTER STORM might keep them stuck in their houses for a day or two......

Okay, now REALLY STOP LAUGHING YOU SNOWBOUND PUPS! This is the big time out here, those Dallasites don't know how to drive on this stuff, and at night it turns in to ice and then they really get in trouble, four wheel drive does not work on ice, but try telling that to some big old truck driving fool, at least one of them ends up in someones front yard every ice storm.

I heard my lady talking to her friends and she said that schools shut down, businesses close early and the town goes crazy at the threat of snow and ice. Not her though, she knows that in two days or less the ice will melt and it will warm up, so she doesn't panic, plus she lived in real snowbound places, so she's cool with it. But I did like having her come home early when her office closed down. It meant more time to play in the SNOW! YEE HAW

Gotta go, must play in the snow before it all melts!