Friday, January 16, 2009

Get it, GET IT!

Some nights when we are getting ready for sleepy time, something under the covers moves, and when it does it causes us to ATTACK!
Reilly goes crazy, as you will see from this video.
I mean the dude is a barking, scratching fool! I'm smart enough to do this:

I look under the covers to see what it is and it always turns out to be the same thing, the lady's legs!

Doesn't stop Reilly from trying to get 'em.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Car Rides

I love getting to go with the lady places, I really do. The only thing I don't like is long car rides. I don't like them because I get car sick. We were almost to Auntie's house and the lady moved us up to the front seat. Look how unhappy I am, and look how happy that fat head is behind me! He doesn't care that I feel like crap, in fact I think he was laughing at me. I would have given him a big old bite, but I felt too sick to do it.

Don't worry, the lady turned off the passenger side airbag and she had us in our doggie seat belts. Here I am really looking sick while Reilly is making fun of me.

Most of the ride Reilly does this, sleeps and snores.
See his big belly? The vet says fatty has to lose two pounds and you can really see it here.

For our last Christmas post, here is the photo the lady sent out with her cards, and maybe this is why we got a stick!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

How Good We Were

We went to Auntie and Uncle's house for Christmas. We had a really good time and the lady made us promise to be good. And we were, really, we were! Except for when we jumped on company, then we got put in the bedroom. But other than that we were good, well, except for when we barked at the neighbor kids and tried to play bitey face with them. Or when I stole a whole ball of cheese and hid it in a chair to snack on of the peeps found it when they sat down on it and felt a big old sticky mess. The peeps were happy I hadn't eaten the whole thing, something about trouble pooping I might have had if I had eaten it?! I say not my fault, don't leave it where I can get it. But that was it for the bad stuff, really. Umm, escept Reilly did pee on the carpet once, he insisted the carpet felt like grass, and he is sticking by his excuse.

We were perfect other than those things!

Yeah, just don't count the time that Reilly puked in the living room. The peeps shouted for the lady to come clean it up and when she got there Reilly hunched over and then pooped too! For his final offering he the peed in a big puddle right next to the puke and poop. That must have been Reilly's version of a Christmas gift, I don't think they appreciated it. We didn't take pictures, although I think it would have been a worthy Stain Award entry. We had just been out for a walk too, he was saving it up, and we found out he shouldn't eat people food.

But really, after that we were as good as two badly behaved dogs can be!

So we spent a lot of time here in the bedroom:

And I could hide on the rug on the bed cause I matched it perfectly.

You can see me better when my eyes are open.

But here was my favorite place, Auntie's lap.

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year'e Eve Celebration

We interupt our regullaryly scheduled review of the Christmas Vacation (and Reilly's poop and puke fest) to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here was our favorite New Year's Party visitor, GRACE!!!!
(oh, her dad is kind of cool too, but I love Grace).

Don't panic, it was sparkling apple cider, we don't give champagne to small children!

Perhaps the real reason I love Grace so much is that I get whatever she doesn't want to eat AND she had a cool stuffed reindeer that I kept trying to sneak away from her. I never did succeed, she kept that stuffie gripped tight in her hand.

Happy New Year!