Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lazy Pup

Reilly is so lazy sometimes...So lazy he won't even stand up to eat, look at him laying there and eating out of his bowl.

So lazy he piled up some food in front of his face so he didn't even have to move his head over to the bowl.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I convinced the lady to let me go to Asta's party, without the little guy! I told her he was too young to see some of the things that might happen at the big shindig (that's Texan for party)! Then she told me that if I went by myself I had to dress up......WHAT?! I don't dress up. Then she brought out the boots....

Umm, I don't think so,
I tried hiding under the bed, but she said, NO BOOTS?! NO GO!

Fine, I tried them on....can you see how umm, "happy" I am?

Asta I sure hope you appreciate that fact that I wore these crappy, umm, cool boots.

But man, it was worth it. I had a lot of fun, I danced the night away (don't tell the lady but those boots came off the minute I started to dance, no boot scooting for me.)

When I got home I was so tired I collapsed right where I was...

Just in case you can't see how uncomfortable that position looks, here it is from another angle,

Butt up, head down and sound asleep. Man it was a good time! Happy Barkday Asta!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Look, He's GROWN!

I would like to thank everyone for their sympathy over Mr. Eggplant's death. I am busy looking sad in hopes that I will get more toys to destroy. I think it's working, I heard the lady talking about heading off to Petsmart, WHOO HOO!

But, I found out something really, really bad today. It looks like Reilly man is going to be bigger than ME! What kind of crap is that? He was supposed to be about 9 to 11 pounds, and he weighs 15!!!!!!! And the little poop head is still growing! That is completely unacceptable. I told the lady to stop feeding him so he won't grow anymore, but no luck.

So you can see how much he has grown,

Looking at his bed he came with....

Me telling him to get out, he doesn't fit anymore.

Just to prove he doesn't fit, look, LOOK! Man, I am so outta luck, he's gonna be bigger than me. I think more food and toys would make me feel better (ya hear that lady!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Death of an Eggplant

Apparently angry about Mr. Eggplants part in teaching him to jump, Reilly man killed him.

Ripped out his stuffing, tore off his arm and

chewed his nose off. And the cow noise...Mr. Eggplant moos no more. I am saddened beyond belief.

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Little Tug O War

Hanging on the couch with Mr. Eggplant, and I am happy about it. Chilling with the 'plant and here comes the Reilly, and what does he see, MY DINOSAUR!
He grabbed it, I grabbed it, he tried to pull it off the couch,

I got down for some better tug action, cause it's all about the feel placement and the proper mouth hold.

Yeah, I won, so up on Auntie's lap to taunt the little guy some more. I love tug o war, especially when I win.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Reilly's Turn - Part Two!

So it was back to the lessons. There I was cheering him on and throwing out advice. My first piece of advice was throw your legs out, not up, that should propel you forward. GO MAN GO!

Here his form was better, but not quite good enough.

Here is the second attempt at forward and not just up. I decided his problem was he had no forward momentum.

So here it is, the big moment. I gave him all the advice I had

1 run really fast

2 jump throwing your legs back instead of just up

3 imitate Superman

4 land comfortably on the couch

Here it is, our first ever video action shot, where my lady was lucky enough to catch his first success ON VIDEO. I warn you to turn down your sound due to the loud excited yelling and shouting that goes. No really, it's loud and obnoxious! You'd think we won the lottery or something, but anyway, here it is REILLY"S FIRST JUMP!

Here it is in stop action shots, look at his form in the second shot, WOW!

Getting his hugs after his second successful attempt from the Uncle! Never underestimate the power of Mr. Eggplant.

Hey, where is my hug you fools! I'm the one that taught the little sh*& how to jump, don't I deserve a hug?!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Reilly's Turn - Part One

It's time to get serious here, the Reilly man can't jump. Now he can kinda jump, but he doesn't really get anywhere, little tiny bunny hops that go up then back down. When he wants to get on the couch he stands there and bounces up and down, only about five inches up then back down. Sometimes his chest makes it up on the couch but never his back legs.

We'll we had company and we decided it was time for the big jumping lesson. Here I am whispering a few secrets of jumping into his ear, well I mighta actually been biting his ear, but I coulda been whispering advice.

So first I got up on the couch to try to entice him up, see his back legs only go up that far and then he falls back down again, Sheesh! Man, he almost made it this time, but he just can't seem to get his back legs up.So now the uncle decided to try the toy enticement, she him shaking the favorite eggplant toy? It kinda moos like I cow, we LOVEEEEEE ITTTT!

And look, he made it up, almost, almost, but not quite ON to the couch, no success...

Perhaps if the toy is closer to his face he can make it, umm NOPE, that is it, as far as his feet went, then back on to the floor for him.

Here he is looking over at the lady, begging to be helped up onto the couch. Tough Love little guy, ya gotta do it yourself.

Then he tried the pleading barking approach, see him barking? Looking right at uncle with a begging, pleading, howling bark. Let me uppppppppppppp! To which Uncle said, no way PUUUUPPPPPPP, do it yourself.

Then he tried the stretch approach, trying to stretch up to get Mr. Eggplant, Nope, that didn't work either.

Man, this went on forever, up, down, up, down, beg, bark, and one more attempt and ALMOST! but not quite.
He's not very good at this jumping thing, later we'll show you our next attempt where we tried the running approach, he might be more successful with that one!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The lady had some people over for dinner and she made Reilly and I STAY OUTSIDE! I am so mad about that. They were having chicken and potatoes and it smelled yummy and I wanted to beg and jump and get me some. I have NO IDEA why she made us stay outside. So this is what I did the whole night while Reilly howled.....

Look in the middle lower window, that's my eyes peering in the window and it looks like I'm standing up, but I am not, I am JUMPING, up and down and up and down over and over trying to look at those peeps eating that good food.

Here's another shot.Kinda looks like I am sitting on something just looking in the window, but nope, still jumping!

Action SHOT!Here you can see the whole door to know how far I jumped. Man was I ever tired after all that jumping. And I didn't even get any chicken, my lady can be so mean. Now you might be wondering why you can't see Reilly jumping, cause normally he copies everything I do. The truth is the guy can't jump. Later this week I will show you some photos of the Little guy trying, and failing to get on the couch. What a dork he is.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I've taken up a new hobby, landscaping the backyard! First I look around and make sure the lady isn't watching, cause if she is she yells "STOP THAT!"

Then if she isn't looking I DIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

Look, even the Reilly man is getting in on the action.

Hey Reilly, STOP, the lady is coming, time to look innocent.

Um, us, digging? No way, it must have been those cicadas. I haven't a clue where those five holes came from.

Don't tell the lady what the new hobby is!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Texas Cicadas

Man, the end of summer is here in Dallas, but it is still hot, not as hot as Joe's place, but hot. One thing I looooove about this time of year is the Cicadas. At night I go out and they fly around and I bark and I bark and I try to catch them, fun times, especially at midnight. For some reason my lady always comes out yelling, WTF, get in here and stop barking, sheesh.

Yesterday one got in the house, it was so funny, the lady heard us making a lot of noise in the bedroom and she came in to see what the he*& we were up to. She was mumbling something about "must be causing trouble when I can't see them..." Whatever that means! Anyway, she found us here in corner, and what were we doing?
Chasing the cicada!

Hey, so it flew around and we caught it here,
Then it tried to hide! But we found it!!!!!

And then somehow we killed it....

Look, deader than a doornail!

Hey, this part is really cool, one thing they do is grow and then when they get too big for the shell body thing they are in (hey, I am not some smart bug guy, I just call it like I see it) they attach to something and then they break out, leaving their old shell body behind. We found some attached to our tree, COOL!

See, look below, there is no bug in that body, just a hole in the shell where it came out, bigger and better and ready to fly in our house so I can play with it!

I love cicada season!