Monday, November 27, 2006

Ready for my WALK!

Posted by PicasaBack from Thanksgiving, and I have some fun pictures and will be able to tell you all about it....once my lady gets her camera that she left in Austin!

But this was me on my first walk when I got home, YEAH!

Hurry, HURRY!


Off and running, or pulling! Posted by Picasa

Checking the mail

Lots of pee-mail to sniff. Things are happening in the 'hood! Posted by Picasa

Leavin' some mail of my own

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Hurry Audrey! Come Walk!

Have to give Audrey the famous jump in your face greeting.

After the Morning Walk

I love my morning walks, and afterwards, me and sockie taking a nap.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Waiting To Go To Auntie's House

I get to go to Austin with my lady for Thanksgiving! Whooo HOOOOO. But first I had to go to the office with her. I was so excited, there were so many people all lovin' on me, and I deserve it, yes I do! After meeting all her co-workers it was off to her office, where I immediately went to work.
Since my lady works, I decided I had better work while I was there. And was there ever a lot of work for me to do, first was cleaning off the floor, they might have a cleaning crew, but they don't do a very good job, I found pretzels, peanuts, and small bits of popcorn, Yummy, I like the job of cleaning up.

After I was done cleaning up the floor, I decided it was time to start checking out the goods around the office. There might be some items just waiting for me to play with them. One shelf had lots of tempting things, I just could not decided what to pull off and destroy.

Then it was into the bag, isn't it lunch time yet? I mean come on, we've been here at least an hour and I'm hungry. So I helped myself to the yummy treats I found in there. I like this working stuff

Then I noticed the computer! Hey, I could blog while I am here, cool, I just have to get up on this seat, and I can get right to work


So much to say, so little time to type...


Don't disturb me, this writing is hard work!

I think I like the office, I hope I get to go back. Well, I like everything except when my lady left me in her office while she went to the bathroom....Then I howled so loud that people came to make sure I wasn't hurt. That will show her, after that she had to take me everywhere with her....hee hee, I am one smart puppy! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 20, 2006

After the surgery

I've been trying to rest after my surgery, but it's hard, I feel FINE I tell you. I think I could run, I could play at the dog park, but NOOOOOOOO, I'm supposed to rest, yeah, okay, bored is more like it. So here are some pictures of me "resting."

I do have to admit that laying in the sun did feel mighty nice, I snoozed for quite some time, and I kept curling up more and more as the sunny area got smaller, just trying to keep that sun on me.

I have this big, brown, round dog bed that I love. My lady thinks it is ugly, but I love it. When we don't have company my big old brown bed gets to hang out in the living room. When we do have company my lady actually hides the big old brown bed and brings out "the company dog bed" that matches the blue walls and yellow couch, but I refuse to lay on it. Why she even brings it out is beyond me, but people are strange that way. So there I was looking around cause I didn't like where the bed was! . Hmmmmmm, I started pulling it, pushing it, I even tried to throw it around. Now, it might have looked like I was just playing with it, but I had a purpose, I wanted it over by the couch where my lady was sitting!
Can you see me, sitting on the bed where I moved it to? Right next to the couch, in front of the hallway so I can keep out intruders, and I can see the front door, the window and the TV all at the same time! Hootie HOOOOOO, what more could a dog want? actually I could want a lot more, but hey, I take what I can get.

My lady said to tell you, don't look at the sheet on the couch in the picture, that's the dog dirt protector (what DIRT?!), and it gets taken off when company comes over. So, if you ever knock and want to come in, You'll hear my lady say, "Just a minute!" And then she will run around like a whirling dervish and tear the sheets off the couches, grab the ugly dog bed, fling it in to her bedroom, grab the pretty bed, kick the toys into the corner, and throw open the door with a smile on her face. Once again, people are weird.

Gotta go rest.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back Home and A-Okay

I'm home, and I was so glad to get out of the hospital that I didn't even try to make my lady feel guilty. If forgot to ignore her and I even wagged my tail and licked her face, them I remembered she was the one who dropped me off for the torture. I am sure I can come up with some other way to pay her back, and as soon as the pain meds are stopped and I am not so goofy, I'll come up with the appropriate payback. Hee Hee.

No pictures of the great homecoming because my lady can't get them to download. She said lots of bad words when she was trying to get them to download from her camera to her computer, I had to go in the other room so she wouldn't see me laughing at her.

Just wanted to let everyone know that everything came off alright. And I am going to go lay down now.

More later.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Message From Murph's Lady

Normally I wouldn't hijack Murph's blog, but he's not home right now, so I decided to take over for an entry! Mr. Murph hit six months last week, and as part of my adoption agreement, it's time for the surgery, you know, "getting fixed." Poor guy was so happy to see the vet, he loves the vet, and he had no idea what he was in for. I hope he forgives me when I pick him up on Saturday since they like to keep them overnight after surgery.

Right now the house is really quiet, I'm not chasing him around like a madwoman trying to keep him out of trouble and I can leave my shoes on the floor! But it is too quiet without him around, and I guess I'll have to set an alarm since he won't be there to wake me up.

We'll update with how he's doing once I pick him up. By the by, have you ever heard of neuticles? Murph's not getting them, but check out this blog about them.... neuticles. I just hope he doesn't feel like less of a man 'cause I didn't spring for them.

And now I have to go figure out what Murph and I are doing for our DWB card.....

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Chew Toy

Well, if you leave me home and go on a trip, what do you expect? I mean, really, I was good at Judy's, and I had fun with Audrey, running, and playing, but it wasn't Austin with my lady. So when she got back from her trip I decided to show her a thing or two. First I snuck off with the new leather leash, YUMMY! I didn't get to chew on it for long before I got caught, too bad. Then I found a really cool hard chew toy, my lady called it a Blackberry, but I called it MINE! When she wasn't looking I grabbed it off the table and sneaked under the bed. Crunch, crunch, CRUNCH. I broke off the back, chewed on the screen, and nibbled on all four sides of my new chew toy. If someone hadn't called and made the darn thing ring, I would NEVER have been caught with it.

Hey Sunshade, nice chew work on those shoes, I think we should have a chew toy competition!

Here's my theory, I shouldn't be in trouble, if you leave something out, anywhere I can get it, it it mine. Accessible? MINE! Jump Up and Pull It Down? MINE! On a Table? MINE! If my mouth can get to it, MINE! I am not sure my lady sees it that way.....but she's learning.

And she owes Judy two rolls of papertowels, I found 'em, so they became MINE. WHee they tore up mighty fine and I threw them all over Judy's house, a little paper decoration!

Note from Murph's lady.....I don't think there will be any decorating for Christmas this year, it would be too tempting for the Murphinator to chew them up!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Going Away Again?

Not much to report, excpet my lady is goign away again! I heard her talking about a trip, A TRIP?! I love trips, I started thinking about what I needed to pack, how much food, what squeaky toy should I take, and how many chew bones, Oh, and treats, better not forget the treats. And I figured we could leave the crate behind, as long as we remembered my leash. Then, in the middle of my plans I heard my lady say that I did't get to go, WHAT!? WHAAAAAT?! Staying with Judy, WHAAAAAAAA. I hate trips, I hate them, I never seem to get to go. And since it is happening over the weekend, no dog park for me. I am such a sad, sad puppy right now.

And apparently I've been really bad, too, or so I've been told. Sometimes it just seems like too much trouble to go pee pee outside, so I've been peeing on the curtains in the bedroom when my lady isn't looking. I don't know how she figured it out, except I did hear her muttering about and saying, "why is my room so stinky?" I guess she noticed the yellow spots and that gave it away. Hey, I was really good for two months, but lately I just haven't felt like going outside. And that time I peed on the couch, what was the big fuss? These people are really picky sometimes. So now I get no free time, I'm being watched everywhere I go and I can't get away with anything! Double WHAAAAAAAA.

To top it all off, I heard my lady making a vet appointment for next Friday, something that's supposed to happen when I'm six months old, wonder what it could be? I hope it's something fun to make up for not getting to go on the trip, evne though I don't really like the vet.

Monday, November 06, 2006

A Dog Park Love Triangle

Monday night and I got to go to the Dog Park. It was a blast, Sophie wasn't there, so I got to hang with my bud Kramer. We had so much fun wrestling, barking, play fighting, and I even tried to get in some humping action. It was really fun until Daphne showed up. I guess she had a crush on me or something cause she would not leave me alone, can you see her in every picture following Kramer and I around? My lady thought Daphne was a cute black and white English Bulldog, but I just thought she was a pain in the butt. I kept having to turn around and let her know in no uncertain terms to LEAVE ME ALONE. But she didn't! I was so glad my love Sophie wasn't there, she would have been so jealous.
Finally I had to rest, I was jut plum worn out.

My tongue was hanging about a mile out of my mouth!

When it was time to go, I ran away from my lady, so she had to pick me up and carry me out of there. An hour just isn't enough time. But I sure did sleep good in the car on the way home.

By the by, my lady thinks I look so much better since she brushed me, but I can't see any difference in these pictures. Maybe she will give up and never, ever, EVER brush me again. What a cool dog dream.

murph the dog, who's about to get left home again while my lady goes on a work trip...

Brushed For The First Time!

Well, my lady said I looked messy and was losing my puppy fur and needed to be brushed. Brushed, wonder what that is...Ohhh, I just knew I would like it when I heard the treat door opened, brushing must be a fancy word for treats!

Was I ever wrong, instead my lady got out two torture items, she called them brushes, whatever! So there I was, forced to sit while she ran one of those torture devices down my body, on my legs, even my HEAD! Ohh, I squirmed, I wiggled, I tried to bite those darn things. Then I lay down on my side try to worm my way off the couch, but she kept following me. This seemed to go on forever, then she flipped me on my other side and did it all over again. I finally got away when she went after my bottom, I mean really, enough is enough. After all the torture I tried to run outside to roll in the dirt, but I was foiled, the dog door was down and I couldn't get out. Then all she did was chase me around with a camera telling me how good I looked. Yeah, right, all that torture was not worth it, and look how much hair she got from the brushing, it's amazing I even have any hair left.

I looked so sad I finally got a treat and then our friend Kim came over and called me a handsome boy, A HANDSOME BOY, Ladies, watch OUT. So maybe the brushing wasn't so bad, I even decided to smile for the camera.

But I gotta tell you, the next time those brushes come my way I am going to hide.