Saturday, April 04, 2009


No, the lady wasn't on Spring Break since March 13th! When she got home she got sick. Really sick, first Strep Throat, then the flu, two ear infections, and to top it all off the medicine upset her tummy. I am not allowed to tell you what it did to her tummy, but in us pups they call it the poopies (heh, wadda ya mean I wasn't supposed to say that?!) Everybody laughed cause she got sick with things kids usually get, ear infections and strep throat, she does act like a kid most days, so I guess she deserves to get kid illness.

So she is finally feeling better and I made her, MADE HER, get on to our blog and then she shouted ARGHHHHHHH! We have over 400 hundred posts to read, that deserves another ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So we will be reading and soon actually posting. As you can imagine we have not been doing much with the lady so sick.