Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Flossie!

Well Toby, you said you loved your Flossies, so I decided to give them a try. After I had barked at that corkscrew thing for three days and it didn't do anything mean to me, I decided to listen to Toby and try it. He called it a Flossie (so did my lady) and he said he loved 'em, so here I am giving it a try. Careful, oh so careful, making sure it didn't bite me or anything.

Then I so carefully picked it up and let it hang out of my mouth for a while. It looks like it's hanging off of my collar, but it's not, I have it in my mouth, way in the back and I'm letting half of it hang out.

Look real close, it almost looks like it's growing out of my neck!

Then I just lay there with it in my mouth, no chewing, nope, nada, but I would not let my lady take it out of my mouth, I kinda liked just havin' it.
I even tried to take it to bed, but that's when she said "Give it up big guy." So I did.

Ha Ha Big Guy, I love it when she calls me that. All twelve pounds of me.

Then it was off to bed, without my Flossie, maybe she'll give it back tomorrow.
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Monday, January 29, 2007

How Does That Dog Do IT?!

Every night when we go to bed, I notice there is a dog that tries to get in the bedroom, and every night I bark at him and tell him to GO AWAY! He doesn't listen.....

I don't get it.......

Friday, January 26, 2007

What the HECK is that thing?

My lady came home and said she had something for me.....she said "Here it is, don't you want it?" Well, maybe, get it a little closer and let me see.....

Yummy, smells real tasty!

Well, now that it's down there, I'm not so sure........

Hey, I don't think I like that thing! Bark, BArk, BARKKKKKK!

Did I scare it?

Then take that, it's my evil eye after some loud barks!

I think I'll just watch it a while and see if it does anything.

(This went on all night, he would stare at it, bark at it, leave the room, go back and bark some more. He never did try to pick it up, and in the morning when he saw it was still on the floor, it started all over again! So much for the tasty treat.)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Big Old Kiss

You know, the only time I'm not movin' is when I am asleep, the rest of the time I can't seem to help it, I gotta move. My lady says "you're hyper" yeah whatever. So there we were getting some cuddle time, which involves my lady's firm grasp around my neck and body (to keep me from getting off the couch) and me squirmin' and wigglin' and all around being a big old moving pain in the a$%, and my lady decides to try to take some pictures. Hey, it's the camera!

And my lady is actually taking a picture of herself TOO! Wow, me and my lady, that deserves a big old kiss, here it comes....

I don't think she liked it very much, check out her face. Perhaps it is because I also tried to nip her chin, I mean come on, what's wrong with a little lick and nip action?

Then it was time for the grand finish, can you see her death grip on my neck? What did she think, I was gonna jump off the couch or something? Well, okay, I was gonna get off the couch, and she wouldn't let me.

A typical day of relaxing on the couch with my lady.

Monday, January 22, 2007

I do not have muddy feet, I DID NOT get up on the couch arms, and you have no proof of that accusation!

It's hard to find things to do when you are stuck inside all day long. Bored, Bored, Bored. I killed all my stuffies, chewed up everything I could find, then discovered under the couch. Hey, there are dust bunnies under here! Doesn't my lady EVER sweep under here?

Hey, wait a minute, I could hide under here. I wonder if she'll find me? I can't see her, so there is NO WAY she could know where I am. I am soooo smart. Haaaa HAAAAA.

Okay, that got boring really fast. Wish I could drive, I'd like to go and bring some of this snow to Huskee Boy and Opy. Then we could have a good chase. Well, I'm so bored I think I am gonna go lay down now.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Snow, Ice and Other Bad Weather

It has been CRAZYYYYYY here in the Big D (that stands for the big Dallas for all you non Texan pups). It started with wind and rain, then went to snow and ice and back to wind and rain....and more ice predicted, WOW! Check out the airechicks for their snow pics! Here I am checking out the weather....and sad faced cause it's still raining.

And here is what this weather means to me, no long morning walks cause my lady is a WIMP! I love the cold, I go outside and stay as long as I can, then I come bounding back inside and touch my lady with my cold nose and toes. It makes me laugh when she jumps up and yells "hey, that's cold!" But every morning instead of getting up and taking me for my favorite morning walk, she has been laying around in bed, sleeping in, and saying maybe when it warms up. Me sleeping

Head on the pillow, comfy!

But come on, enough sleeping already! Finally on the snow day I convinced her to go outside.
Check out that icy road!

Look, we're the first ones out in the snow!

Checking out where we've been.

But it was a short walk, big fat bummer. I did get to go on a drive later that night. When my lady got out to get something at the store I tried to figure out if I could drive, hmmm, what did she do with that key thing? At least I can see out the window! But I can't quite reach the pedals.

Then she came back and I acted like she had been gone forever (I was gone maybe five minutes!) So I tried to climb all over her, lick her face, give her some love, sneak the keys outta her pocket, and all she did was snap these terrible photogs! The look kinda like we're in a disco, bad lights, moving camera, oh well.

Here's me licking her face, love, love, love my lady!

Sitting on her lap, I kind of look like a ghost!

Anyway, even though I have been bored and really, really want to be outside, I've been pretty good. I hope it warms up soon so we can start our morning walks again.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Another Day, another visit to the Dog Park!

Take me to the Dog Park!

Here we are!!!!!!

Please excuse the next picture, any young pups out there might want to cover your eyes with your paws....but welcome to the DOG PARK! Let me just say I am enamored of that big beautiful black dog, she is so pretty I can't stop staring at her.......sighhhhh

Then it was chase time, man that big, beautiful girl can run, I like being chased by a pretty lady! Hee Hee, I think I'm growing up fast. Maybe I should have let her catch me....

Hey, you're my size!

I'm thirsty, bartender bring on the beverages! One large green bowl o' water, just for me!

Hey, check out my new friend Izzy!
I am not hiding from the other dogs, I'm just tired. It was a fun filled day at the park.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Destructive Love

Apparently I suffer from something my lady calls destructive love. It all started with Bear, my squeaky, let's get this straight, I love Bear. I love to squeak Bear, I love to run with Bear, sleep with Bear, just plain be with Bear. When I stay with Judy, Bear goes too, and Audrey can't get near Bear. Unhealthy? Not yet.

Lately I have developed a new way to love Bear, and it involved chewing on Bear. POP, off came one of Bear's legs, then a couple of days later, POP off came another leg. My lady sewed up the holes and I stopped chewing and went back to lovin' Bear in other ways. (get your mind outta the gutter) Then one night I discovered that Bear was filled with really lovely, soft, white stuff. And I could pull that lovely, white stuff out with my teeth (once I ripped open the really bad sewing job). So I pulled and pulled and pulled and apparently killed Bear.

Destructive Love, I loved him to death. Here is Bear in all his destroyed glory.

I'm gonna miss you Bear, and I promise to wait at least one day before I replace you with Piggy.....

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Great Escape

I was telling you how boring it was all weekend, and on Sunday I had enough, ENOUGH! I had dug some holes, chewed some bones and I was bored. Even running around the backyard just wasn't cutting it. I would have probably been fine, but my lady decided she needed to go to the store, WHOOO HOOOO, CAR RIDE! But then she left me home, nope, no way was I gonna tolerate that. So, first things first, I peed in the kitchen, TAKE THAT! Then I got creative, out the dog door I went, I wandered around a little, looked at the fence and found one spot, one tiny little spot, "Hey, I might fit!" So I squished and I squeezed and "pop" out the other side I went, FREEDOM!

Freedom, here is what it means to me, running up and down in front of my house, up, down, up, down....
hmmmm, hey a squirrel, I'm gonna get you sucker and the chase was on, right across the street to the neighbor's house where I got to see CATS! Oh my three cats, "hey cats, let's play!" So I squeezed in to the bushes after them and tried to play, yeah, they didn't want to. So I then got up on the chair on the porch and looked in the neighbors window, I'm a peeping Murphey! Here's the chair and the porch.

It was three in the afternoon and the lady I saw had her pajamas on, hee hee. Then she saw me, I tried to hide, it didn't work, then she tried to get me to come inside, listen I know all about that stranger danger stuff, no way was I going inside. Then she tried to catch me, a GAME! I would run right by her and just when she thought she had me, I would race off, HA! Then it was bribola time, out came the ham slices, but I was on to her tricks, never, ever accept ham from strangers! Then she called my name, hey, she knows me! Bam, I ran in that house so fast her head was spinning. If she knows my name, she's no stranger, so I ate the ham, yum....

It was kind of cool in her house, I checked out EVERYTHING! But what I didn't know is that she called my lady, oh my, was she ever upset! She had to leave the store and come get me, she looked really worried and then she found my place in the fence and she closed it off. No more great escapes for now I am home, safe and sound after visiting the neighbor!

One neighbor actually watched Murph run around in the front yard and didn't do anything about it, she told me she thought I meant to leave him out there. I was so mad I couldn't say anything to her! I sure did appreciate my other neighbor who rescued my Murph. My heart stopped when she called, but everything turned out okay and I have blocked off any potential great escape spots.

And yup, I let Murph on the coffee table, I know I shouldn't, but man, the first time he did it I laughed and laughed and took a picture....bad idea, now he thinks it's his.....bad, bad Kathleen.

Still Recovering From the Holidays

Sorry I haven't posted much lately, first of all not much has been happening, but more importantly, my lady and I have just been lazy bums. That's right, big old lazy couch laying bums (let's be super duper honest here, MY LADY IS THE BUM!)....I have been raring to go, but since I can't drive, open doors, or get on the computer myself, I'm kinda at my lady's mercy.

So here's what I did, I laid on my favorite spot, the coffee table, with an oh so sad look.

The I kind of went to sleep, but I was really daring and slept right on the end of the table.


Here's a close up of my sad face:

Then I said, talk to the butt, cause I ain't listening!

Then we had company! Yeah, I like company, see I went and sat between them on the couch, I love my Auntie and Uncle!

Then I dazzled them with my excellent bone chewing, I like to show off for company

I also like to try to help people when they go to the bathroom, but sometimes they don't want me in there, what's up with that? Every time one of them would go in there I would try to follow, then I would sit outside the door just in case. That was about as exciting as it got. Well, except for my great escape, but I'll tell you about that tomorrow!