Monday, October 29, 2007

Paper Trails And Doggie Wrestling

I love paper, and apparently, so does Reilly. Look what he found, tissue paper!!!!!! OMG, I love tissue paper.

I watched him with envy in my eyes, look at him tearing it up, my mouth is watering just to get some of that action, mmmmmm, tissue paper.

Hey, you'll share won't you?

His exact words, "HELL NO!"

My response? "TAKE THAT! and I'll wrestle ya for it, winner takes all"

Then he went for it, totally took me down.

I was down for the count, "One, Two, Three...." the winner is

REILLY! Celebrating with a paper beard.

Look at that face, happy as all get out with the victory paper shredding all showing up behind him. I learned to never come between a pup and his tissue paper!

I'd like to say that no paper was harmed in the making of this blog, but that would be a lie, it was harmed Big Time! And yes, those are my lady's sponge bob pajama bottoms!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Wild Kingdom

Sometimes our backyard turns into the Serengeti of the dog world. Here's how it starts, me and Reilly, a face off,

the challenge presented, "Hey, you, Reilly man, CAN'T CATCH THIS!"

Challenge refused, in fact, the Reilly man takes off in fear!

Who would want to see this coming up behind them, me running fast, leaping high and ready to BRING YOU DOWN!
Part two of my plan, bump from behind and make you fly in the air!

Oh crap, what just happened, why are you behind me?!!!!!

Hey, NO TEETH! Good Gracious, he looks like those lions bringing down prey! Who knew the little guy had it in him.

Turn around is fair play, take THAT! A big old bite on the butt, works every time.

Then for the final take down, go for the front legs!

Hey, wait a freakin' minute, no fair turning it back on me, I am the ALPHA DOG, NOT YOU!

And so it ends, with some tongues hanging out and laying down in the grass. Nothing like a good chase to finish off a perfect day.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Even though we live together, Reilly still does this -------

And I still do this-----

Why?! Because we're dogs and that's what dogs do.

Friday, October 19, 2007

No Privacy for the Big Pup

When I want to be left alone, I go to my place. I know I have shown you my favorite spot before, but really, it's where I go when I want to be LEFT ALONE!

LEFT ALONE BY PEOPLE AND OTHER DOGS! (that might mean you lady, and you Reilly, not to name names or anything.)

So the other night I got angry, Reilly wouldn't leave me alone, jump in my face, jump in my face, jump in my I snapped at him and ran to MY PLACE,
Ahhhhhh, my place, all mine. Archie Bunker had his chair and I have my spot under the bed.
So there I was, minding my own business when the da*% flashing thing got stuck under the bed with me and started flashing,

Hey Paparazzi, LEAVE ME ALONE! (you lady, YOU)!
Now I've heard about all those stars getting in trouble for breaking the cameras of the paparazzi, so I did this instead....

Gave 'em my best scary tooth growl,

and another one!
Then I tried my teeth showing, stick destroying look you right in the face look.

When none of it worked I decided to sulk. I refused, REFUSED to come out. What the heck does a pup have to do to get some private time around here?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Back From Jail!!!!!!

Wow, it seems like the lady was gone forever! Now I like Camp Bow Wow, I get to play and run and be with other dogs...but after a while I just wanna go home. The lady finally came and got us and I told her she was a

for leaving us there so long. I'm not supposed to say the word a&*, so I thought I'd show you one, hee hee. Look he has a leaf stuck to his butt, silly Reilly!

Anyway, I convinced her that the only thing that would make us feel better about being left in jail for so long was a trip to the dog park. We haven't been since we got Reilly, and I missed it.

Reilly wasn't too sure what he thought about the park, so he hid under the chair for a while.

Me, I did what I always do and ran!

Look at him sitting with my girl Sophie!

He had better not try to steal her...

Then he got picked up and cuddled by Nancy, Sadie's mom....maybe he's onto something here, hanging with the chicks at the dog park. He can have 'em, as long as I get to run! Glad to be back.

We'll be catching up with our buds this week.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Vacation! But not for us.

So there we were, doing what we do so well,

Running and chasing and
tug o' war and even more tuggin',

some toy taunting, and the lady yells, Murphey, Reilly COME!
and look at that stupid boy,
He went to her, and look at me in the back!
Am I listening?! Nope.

And he keeps going towards the lady, but not me....

And finally he gets to her, but he didn't know what I knew! I saw the old orange suitcase come out and I knew that meant only one thing, VACATION, but only for the lady. We haveta go to Camp Bow Wow, so I wasn't gonna be like that stupid little fart and run to her when she called! Sheesh Reilly man, she's only gonna throw you in the car and take you to camp while she goes on vacation. But he didn't listen to me, but she caught me too, with the old treat trick. Bummer.

So we'll see ya in a week or so, the lady goes to Oregon and we go to jail, um, I mean frickin' fair is that.