Friday, June 29, 2007

Terrier Death Shake and Big Hair

Sometimes I just can't help myself, I get a hold of something and I just have to SHAKE IT hard and BASH IT on the floor. Shake, shake, WHAP! Toys, bags, sticks, whatever strikes my fancy. One day I'd like to do it to one of those da*& squirrels, but I gotta catch one first. But once I'm done with my fabulous terrier death shake, my lady always laughs. Why you might ask? She laughs cause it gives me BIG HAIR! Big fluffy hair that she calls Texas Big Hair, umm, okay, whatever that means. Anyway, it's hard to see in a picture just how big and fluffy it gets, but here is a side shot.
See how every hair on the top of my head is sticking straight up? Personally I think it looks pretty good on me, handsome terr-mutt that I am.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A New Food Chiller

Panic set in last week, the food chiller DIED. DEADER THAN A DOORNAIL (not sure what that really means). Suddenly we had no wet food to mix with my kibble, Holy Mackerel, how can a pup eat dry kibble only? Get a new one for doG's sake lady!

So she did get on, I feel so much better now and look how big it is, it can hold a lot of wet food, yummy.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Fightin' and My Girl Sophie

Went to fun park and met Indy! He's a puppy like me, but he seems to be a bit larger than me, I wonder what kind of food he eats?

The chase is on, the tongue is out, the feets are running, perfect!

I like to play bitey face and here I am trying it out on Indy. Can you see how much bigger Indy is, I had to stand up on my back legs to get to his face.

Here I am with Indy's dog partner, Lady. Look how tiny she is! Big Indy and Little Lady, obviously she didn't eat the same food as Big Indy.

Lady might be small, but let me tell you, she is BOSSY! Indy is scared of her, and, well, I am too.

Here she is checking out the park to make sure everybody is behaving. Nobody gives Lady any sh&* cause she barks and snaps and scares us ALL. I mean, truly, we run from her. For some reason it makes the peeps laugh, but good doG she is scary. When I have scary nightmares they always involve Lady.

Look, it's Zack, he's kind of a scardey dog, he won't play and if you run by him too fast, his tail goes bam right between his legs and he runs to his owners. I kinda feel sorry for him cause he gets so scared. Here I am trying to be nice, and his tail actually stayed up, yippee. But the minute I started to jump, zippee, the tail goes between the old legs. Usually I leave him alone, since he won't play.

Ummm, here is a really crappy, um, I mean artistic photo of my face. I was looking admiringly at my girl.....

SOPHIE! We kind of look alike, but her hair is a lot longer, pretty Sophie.

Well, that's it for now, Murph signing off.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

On My Way

Driving in the neighborhood is always fun, My Lady rolls the window down just a little bit, I put my paws up on the door handle thingy and I poke my head out the top. Hello Neighbors, look at me!

Check out these cool artistic shots, me in the mirror, TWICE!

Yeah, I am happy.

You can't see the window in this shot for some reason, but it's there and my head just peaks out over the top when I am standing like this. Fun. It allows me to feel the wind blowing in my hair, bark at any dogs I might see.... I wish my lady would go REALLY fast, but she won't, something about the speed limit, my ears getting blown off, or some such other crap like that. When we go anywhere else, other than the neighborhood, she makes me wear a seatbelt and keeps the window closed, NO FAIR! A wild guy like me needs the wind in my face.The windblown look, I hear the ladies really like that. I wish we had a convertible, I would dig that, and I bet the chicks would too.....

Hey are we there yet? Wherever there might be. Yeah, driving in the 'hood is fun.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Can You Spot The Intruder?

My lady complains about the squirrels tearing the plants out of her flower pots in the back yard. She tells me to chase those squirrels away. At night she lets me out and I go outside and usually start barking, a lot. She looks and sees nothing, not one squirrel, so she tells me to come in and be quiet. She seems to think that I am barking at nothing, well let me tell you, she is WRONG!!!!!! And I have PROOF! And here it is, it ain't squirrels tearing up the flower bed..... Can you see what I am barking at, there in the bottom middle?

Yup, it's a big old fat frog. That is what I bark at every night.

And we have more than one! I love to bark at them and make them hop. Next time I'm out there barking at night my lady will know that I am barking at something, FROGS!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Trying to Drive

First I have to say to all that asked, yeah, my lady lets me on the coffee table. I am one lucky sun of a gun, or she's just a bad dog owner, but I think it's the first one!

Anyhow, yesterday it was time to go to the dog park, I got put in the back of the truck, as usual, but I had some better plans. Now, listen,


I am a trained pain in the butt, danger loving, trouble causing pup, and this was performed in a parking lot with no other cars, and much preparation went into this trick. So once again,


(Serious note from Kathleen. We were just entering the parking lot for the dog park and my friend unbuckled Murph's seat belt. Murph then got up and started looking over my shoulder, my friend snapped a picture, we started laughing and kept driving in a slow circle around the empty parking lot and snapped the following pictures. Just wanted to make sure you knew we weren't driving around on the streets of Dallas with Mr. Murph doing all that because that would be very dangerous!)

Okay, now that all that legal mumbo jumbo is out of the way, here I go.

There we were driving along and I decided that this was my perfect chance to figure out how to drive. So, here is my lady driving along, do you see me?! Nope...

But let's look at it from another angle, Yup, THERE I AM!

My lady looks so worried, she takes this driving very, very seriously, but me, I think it's kind of fun.

That's better, smile for the camera.

Now look to the left and see if there are any cars over there. Let me get a closer look.

Now, exactly what are you doing with those pedals down there? And if I push on your arm, what exactly happens?

Let me try to see it close up.....What?! You can't see around me, why not!?

How about here, is that better, I mean this way I can see the pedals, the steering wheel and the other cars. This is a great spot to learn to drive.
Hmmm, maybe I will do down there and try out those pedals you push with your feet.

Here I come, pedals watch out, I am going to try to push you and figure out which one makes the car go and which one makes it stop.

This looks harder than I thought it would be. Maybe I had better give up on this idea of driving.... I think I'll just go to the dog park and run instead.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What the heck, LET"S WALK!

Every morning my lady and I take a walk, I get so freaking excited that I jump up and down when I see the leash come out. Well this morning I got all excited, on went the harness, on went the leash and out the door we went. WALKIES!!!! But then, no walking down the stairs, no heading for the sidewalk, I got hooked to the door and left outside, WHAT?! Here I am staring off in the direction I should be WALKING.

All I heard was my lady saying something about mosquitos the size of a blimp and needing to put on bug spray. Next time do it before you put my leash on, sheesh.
Hey, do you see my cool new harness? I love it, I don't get all choked on my neck when I walk now.
I finally did get my walk, and it was grand. When I came home from the walk it was time for

Animal Planet on TV! I love Animal Planet, turn it up.
Every morning that's what I do, walk and watch TV, cool!

The Chew Toy

I really like my green and white chew toy. I chew on it all the time, but I have one favorite place to chew on my toy......ON MY LADY! That's right, I like to jump up on her and press my sharp chewed up toy on some part of her body and start chewing. On her arm, on her neck, or if she's watching TV, on her belly! Usually she stops me cause I am pressing it right into her flesh, whatever lady, toughen up!

But here I am in prime chewing position.....Laying on her belly, Yup! Toy in mouth, Yup!
Get ready and.....

Press the pokiest part into the tummy, place paws around the chew toy and begin chewing and pressing the toy really hard into my lady, I need traction!

If the position isn't quite right, it is time to readjust, how about here?

See how happy it makes me?! Wish I could get a picture of me pressing it into her neck to chew, although she always makes me stop when I do that, I wonder why?

(Perhaps because the sharp edges poke me and hurt? I had to buy him another one because he chewed the first one into a shank and he actually cut me with it! Whenever he chews it he tries to get it very close to my face, almost as if he is trying to share his chew toy with me, and all I can say to that is GROSS!)

Monday, June 04, 2007

A Guy Who Knows His Place

This weekend Audrey came to stay with us. She is, and always will be, ALPHA DOG! It doesn't matter that she's 14 years old, it doesn't matter that she walks really slow and it doesn't matter that I could probably beat the bejeepers outta her. Nope, the first time I met her she put me in my place with a growl, bark and a nip on the neck. I didn't get hurt, but it taught me a big lesson, don't mess with Audrey.

I enjoyed having her visit, I follow her around like a shadow, "Whatcha Doing? Huh, can I join in?" She lays down, so I lay down, she gets up, so I get up, she barks, so I bark, this goes on all day long. The only time I won't do exactly what she is doing is when she eats. ALPHA DOG = Eats first. So I sit in the corner and watch her eat, and I wait to eat my food.....even though we have separate bowls, far away from each other, I won't eat till she is done....but then that big old meany comes and eats my food too! What's a guy to do? This happened twice, no food for Murph. It was a big fat bummer.

Finally my lady figured out that I had to have my bowl of food in another room, away from Audrey, so for three days I got to eat my food in the bathroom. At least I got to eat.

Audrey is home now and I can eat in the kitchen again, I am so happy!