Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Strut Your Mutt Part Two

Sorry, no photos of the man dressed up like a dog. Silly man.

Anyway, at the walk Reilly found someone he thought might be his brother.

Look at him yowling at the lady, "Doesn't he look like me?!"

Not that we could get a good shot of Hershey, they wouldn't stop wrestling!

Stop Wrestling, the strut is about to begin!

Ladies and Gentlemen, STRUT YOUR MUTTTTTT!

While we were strutting the paparazzi came up and wanted to take my picture and interview my lady, they said I was one good looking dog. (of course I am.) Then they found out that I didn't come from the SPCA so they decided not to interview us. Hey, I came from the city pound, doesn't that count? So it was an SPCA event, I coulda pretended I was from the SPCA. Oh well, an interview would have interfered with my strutting.

Hey, is that Toby, Little Dude? Nope, I guess not....

Me bumping Reilly so I can get to the Big Beautiful Lady Pup, "come here pretty girl!"

And finally a shot to show how many people were there, this is only a small portion of the people and pups walking. It was a great day.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Strut Your Mutt!

This weekend the lady got to strut her mutts, WHOO HOOO! It was a fund raiser for the SPCA
and she took Reilly and I. Our friend Judy and her mutt Mischa came too. When we first got their we were barking our fool heads off in the car, dogs, Dogs, DOGSSSSS!
Then we got out of the car and suddenly I didn't know what to do, Bark, Run, Jump or just stare at all the dogs....
So I kinda stood there and checked out the scene.

Reilly and I watched these two balls of fluff that were FREAKING OUT! Look at them wrassling each other, we tried to join in but they wouldn't let us.

Here's Mischa with her pretty patriotic bandanna checking out the little chihuahua. Mischa was obsessed with the little pup, I think she was envious of her pretty pink nail polish.

Check it out, doggie nail polish!

Then there was me, you know me and big beautiful lady dogs....I love 'em, the bigger the better.

Here I am letting one beautiful brown lady check me out. I asked her to meet me later for the walk, we'll see if she shows up.

Check out all those people and pups just waiting for the strut. It was awesome. And they gave away free stuff, man we made off with some really great things that I will tell you about later.

Now time to get ready for the walk. We were so excited we couldn't look at the camera, there was all this barking and craziness, and it was the funniest thing, this guy was dressed up in a dog suit and he pissed off all the dogs off around him. They were all barking and jumping and trying to bite him. So never dress up as a dog at a dog event!

More on the strut tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Did You Say TREAT?!

Wordless Wednesday....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Teaching Reilly to Play Fetch

So here I am teaching Reilly to play fetch. As it turns out, he's kind of a natural, in fact he plays fetch till the lady's arm hurts and she has to yell "No MORE!"

Look at him though, great fetch form, running right towards the lady, ears back, feet up, ball in mouth, with an intent stare right into her eyes that says, "Here I come!"

A little later it was ears both ears up making it look like he could fly like Dumbo. Fly Reilly, FLYYYY!

"Look Ma, No FEET!"

Airborne Reilly.

One more time for Happy Happy Reilly!

Please, one more, ONE MORE!
Maybe I shouldn't have taught him.....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Rejected Photos

For every good, or at least okay, photo, there are at least 15 like the ones shown here....

I think that is my tail in the lower left corner, I think!

Reilly and his headless horseman impression.


and our personal favorites, nice dogless shots of the yard!

That is why we love digital cameras!

Happy Valentine's Day

To all you lovely lady pups and lady peeps,
Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, Murphey

Monday, February 11, 2008

Helping the lady clean

Sundays are clean the house day here. Reilly and I like to be REAAAAALLLLLLY helpful.

First Reilly gets on the couch and tries to help put the clean sheet on, yeah, really, he's helping!

What?! He's not in the way, he's just helping, getting that sheet just right on the couch.

(K here: yeah, what he was doing was playing and biting the sheet like it was a game, that kind of help I can do without!)
Here's me helping dust the floor, in one spot, one dog shaped spot.... We are so helpful.

Friday, February 08, 2008


I laughed my tail off, Reilly had to go to the groomers and I didn't! He got a girly red bow and everything. Look how sad he looks, all that brushing, nail trimming and bathing really bummed him out. I even sat behind him and made fun of his sad face look! But man, I shouldn't ahve made fun of him.
Cause here is what I found out about him getting a hair cut.....

He can run faster now without all that hair causing wind resistance and he can actually SEE where he is going! Crap, now he can almost catch me when we play chase.

And look, the chicks LOVE his new looks, he gets lots of huggin' and kissin' from the Nana Berta.

Look at what he did to me after the lovin'...

He stuck his TONGUE out at me!

So maybe going to the groomers ain't all bad, but I refused to let him know it bothered me, so I got up on the couch and did my famous impression of the Sphinx in Egypt. Hmph.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Audrey, The Grand Old Dog

Mischa lives with Audrey. Audrey is 14 years old and she is quite the lady. Look at that beautiful fur coat she wears, brown, black and red. The lady loves to pet her, she says Auds has soft, fluffy fur, not wirey like mine.

I like Audrey, she used to let me jump at her face and play LANDSHARK when I was but a wee pup. (The wee is for you Marvin!)
When she comes to visit I even let her sleep in my bed!

Although she doesn't quite fit and her head hangs over the edge, but she doesn't seem to mind. She is one grand old lady dog!

Friday, February 01, 2008

I've Been Cranky

We had company, and I was kind of cranky, so I refused to play. But Reilly, man, he was a wild man.

Tug of war with poor Mr. Purple Dino! Mischa might be big, but Reilly is one determined terrier, and he WON!

After a big wrestling match, he got her down for the count, then very smartly ran away!
Those two can play for hours.....

Me, I'm busy hanging with the lady and barking at them whenever they come near.