Friday, March 30, 2007


I was so excited, my lady told me we were going to have COMPANY!!!! Maggie gets to stay for a whole week, Woof Woof. Man, when she got here I was so happy I went right for the ears, the universal terrier pup greeting, HaLLLO and let me bite your ear. She is a tad bit taller than me so I really have to streeeeetch.

Hey now, wait a minute, you are not supposed to bite me back!

That's it, no more Mr. Nice Guy. I'm gonna get you sucker.

Umm, why are you just laying around? I guess she was tired after all that fightin', so I laid down with her and just touched her paw while staring adoringly into her eyes. Perhaps after a few light touches of my manly paw she will decide to get up and play some more......

Nope, that didn't work, she just moved. Sheesh lady, do ya have to take a picture of everything?

Apparently you do, Ha Ha, Maggie sure ruined that photo, way to go Maggie.

Hey, wait a minute, what are you doing eating MY Food? That wasn't part of the deal. Can we send her home now?

I'm not sure how this is going, once she started eating my food and laying in my bed, I started to get a little cranky. Maybe company isn't so great. I'll have to let you know how it goes.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So much for the BIG PLAN. There I was getting all ready to finish off my plans with Maggie and Joe and schedule delivery of Tanner and Mitch to my house. It woulda been the all boys club at my house, what fun, bachelor dogs living the high life, but, my lady found out my plans. Wowie, she said "No WAY!". She said a few other things, but all I heard was Blah, Blah, Blah, and No. Which is pretty much all I hear anyway!

Silly lady, she has no idea what she is missing out on. So I moped around the house, looked really sad.

Then she tried to make me feel better with a bribe, she got me my very first, my one and only, new CUZ! But hey, I was playing hard to get. Yeah, more dogs or a CUZ, I gotta think about that..... So I refused to look at it.

Then I had to sniff at it for a while.....

Then I decided to play with it. But I gotta tell ya, I didn't want her to think it cheered me up, so I didn't look to happy while I played with it. But I will tell you what DID make me happy...

No picture of this, but imagine, this morning, really, really early I snuck outta bed, got my squeaky CUZ, sneakily climbed onto my lady's bed, wiggled up to her ear and then SQUEAKED THE BEJEEPERS OUTTA MY CUZ! Right in her ear, Oh my doG, she jumped so high and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. Then I ran away going like this, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak until I made sure she was wide awake, way before wake up time. That'll teach her to ruin my plans.

(Hey Huskee, I'm still trying to figure out if she'd notice if you sent me your two hamsterrier sisters, I'll let ya know....)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Been Thinkin'

Man, I was just laying around the house, feeling kinda bored and I started thinking...

I thought long and hard, even when I was at the dog park. I didn't even run, I was thinking so hard.

Then it came to me, a Brilliant idea! I mean, it was so amazing it made me smile with glee!

So here it is, Ready?!

I've noticed lately that some of my dog blog buddies have had new arrivals in their houses, and to put it mildly, they don't seem to happy about it (Ahem Ms. Sunshade)

So, here it is!!!!

Send Me Your Unwanted New Arrival!!!!!!!!!

I mean, come on, it's perfect, you get rid of the unwanted new addition and I get a bunch of playmates. Pups to run with, fight with, and hang out with. OMG I am so smart. But listen, this is really important, DON' TELL MY LADY. She keeps talking about not being able to get another dog cause of the dog sitter, and her trips outta town and one flippin' hyper terrier is enough, blah, blah, blah (I stop listening after a while). But I figure, once those dogs start showing up in the mail, what can she do about it, man I am good, Whaaa HAAA HAAAAAA!

And don't tell your own peeps either, cause they might try to stop you.

I gotta go rest up and get ready for all my new house mates. I'll be waiting for the mailman.

Hey, who took that x-rated shot?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Group Photo!

Group Photo! Slater, Coco and me.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Break Part 3

Oh, did I mention there was running and chasing on the beach? Yeah, maybe I did......

Then I found this cool stick to sniff, I tried to pee on it but I got told, No!

Maybe I can pick it up...I don't think so.

Then it was back home for a bath, something about getting all that sand off of me, WHAT SAND? After the bath I dried off on the couch (where else would you dry off?)

The it was time for a nap, we were all tuckered out after the beach.

More naps....
Then my lady took a nap! I couldn't believe it! Take a picture, hurry, hurry before she wakes up and hides from the camera!!!!! Then it was time for a cuddle nap....this feels so good.

And right before we went home I convinced my lady to go to the beach one more time with Maggie, here we are walking to the beach, Hurry, Hurrrrrry!

Me showing Maggie how to run at the beach.

I sure had fun on my spring break, I hope we get to go back in the summer!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Break Part Two

Here is my favorite part of the trip, the running at the beach. Here is me RUNNNNNNNING

and running (right by my bud Joey, the Joey the peep, not Joe Stains the dog!)

and running

and guess what MORE RUNNING!

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then finally some running with my dog bud Slater! And his sis Coco is just ignoring the two of us!


Check out the close up of my teeth, nice!

Yikes, I think he's poking me in the chest!

Wow, scary looking Slater!

Look, two on one and they're pushing me into the water!

Wow, I need to rest after all that, look how wet and sandy I am.....

More posted on the vacation Monday, cause I gotta go plaYYYYY!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Break Vacation

Man, there my lady was pulling out her suitcase, packing up some clothes and measuring out some food. I knew what that meant, she was going away AGAIN! Now, I like staying with Judy, but come on, quit leaving me at home. I was kinda mad, so I kept pulling out her socks and hiding them in the couch (not in my famous "spot"). Then I climbed into her suitcase as squished all her clothes, serves her right.

Then I heard a car honking, it was her friend Kim and I got put in the car, OH NOOOO, not the PEE PEE MOTEL!? Please, let me stay at Judy's, please, oohhhhhh please. Then suddenly I realized we were driving a long time, what's up with that? Then the long time got longer, I got bored it took so long. We even stopped once so I could pee, that's how long we drove. But I realized that meant one thing, I was going too! And where did we go you might wonder? To the BEACHHHHHHHHHH. My lady has friends that live at the beach and we were gonna stay with them, and their three kids, two dogs and a bunny! It was one full house, four big peeps, three little peeps, four dogs and a bunny. They used to have birds, man that might have been too much.

So here is some of what I did, met some big dogs called "The Doodles" better known as Slater and Coco. Hi Guys!

Met the rabbit, not too sure what I think about Buttercup.

Maybe she wants to play? Actually at first she kinda scared me, but I got over it real quick. Every chance I got I would go into her room and try to get her to come out of her cage and play, She never did. My lady said I had a crush on the rabbit, whatever lady! Then she would start saying something like "It's just a harmless bunny! " And then laugh really hard. I don't get her some times.

Then I met one of the small peeps named Sophia, here she is giving me the rules of the house, see how well I look like I am listening!

No peeing on the floor, check (well, I did once, I couldn't help myself)

No pooping in the house, check (well, I did that once too....)

No getting on the furniture (well you can see how well that worked out, cause I was already on the furniture)

No biting or fighting (okay, that one didn't work out to well either)

And the last rule was to accept any and all kisses and hugs Sophia wanted to give me, looks like that one I can handle!

Later I'll let you know about some of the fun activities we did, but right now I gotta go I think the bunny is calling my name, which means the silly peeps left the door open so I gotta go run and go stare at the bunny in her cage, here I come Bunny!

Hey Fufu, I still can't find you in that picture AWESOME HIDING SPOT! Yeah, me and Tanner sure can yell. : )

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hiding Out

Ya know, every pup should have a good hiding place. Somewhere they can go where they can't be found. I have one of those, and it's so good my lady has NO IDEA I'm there. See how good it is?

I mean, I am freakin' invisible, even when you get close you can't see me! I wish you all luck in finding a spot as good as mine.

He sure thinks he's invisible....

Thursday, March 08, 2007


It's good to know we all have the same opinion about CLEANING! I think we should band together and protest! I just had to respond to everyone's thoughts and comments!

Joe, I love it that Tanner attacks the vacuum, I gotta try that~ and Maggie likes that approach too, hmmm. Sweets, maybe you should try it too?

Chelsea, my lady uses bad words too, but they usually end up something like this "%^^$ shedding dog!" Why is it my fault?

Freda, Little Freda's, ah man that is funny!

Boo, they make you "stay" while they clean, sheesh, I like to run through the kitchen after she mops, Hee Hee, little dog prints left on the clean floor.....

Marvin, I leave brown fur piles in the corner, under the couch, on my lady's clothes. I really laugh when she just finishes cleaning, she comes in the living room and yells "when did that pile of fur show up?" HA HA! But saving the fur to make another dog, not funny, silly peeps.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Still Worn Out

Wow, thanks to everyone that agreed I was a GOOD HOST! And Buster, how did you know I barked in Maggie's face, a lot.....I thought it would get her going, and it never did. Actually it just got the two of us put in the backyard cause my lady couldn't get me to shut up (her words, not mine).

I guess Marvin and I had better give up on being full time dog hosts.....

So anyway, after our company, my lady decided it was time to clean house. I hate when she does that, she brings out all sorts of torture devices, vacuums, brooms, mops, spray bottles. And every time I try to get away, I swear she follows me with those darn torture devices. But this time she did something really cool....she put my bed up on her bed while she vacuumed the bedroom! Man, it was perfect, I got up there and decided to take a nap.

Now don't look too closely at the tears in the bed, or the stuffing coming out. I can't seem to help tearing holes in the bed when I am moving it around the house, getting it in just the right spot. But I gotta say, up on the bed is the perfect spot. Wonder if I could get it up there myself. I might have to try.

Can you see how sleepy I was from having company? Even the stooooopid camera didn't bother me.

After all the torture tools came out, even worse stuff happening, my lady got out these really stinky sprays that she kept spraying everywhere, in the sinks, on the floors, mirrors, tables. Yuck, my little bitty sensitive nose just couldn't take it. I was forced, FORCED to go lay outside and sleep. At least it was sunny out there. It was a great place to take a nap.

I don't really like cleaning day, but it sure was a good day to rest!

Kathleen here, I don't really like cleaning day either, but with the shedding, messy fool of a dogmeister running around the house I find I have to clean a lot!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Good Host/Bad Host

We had company this weekend, Maggie dog came to stay with us. I think I was a really good host, although my lady says I was a bad host...all I can say is YOU DECIDE!!!! I personally believe that it is my responsibility to provide entertainment for our dog guests, and there are two types of entertainment I try to provide, a good game of chase or a good wrestling match. The visit started off in the backyard, can you see me following Maggie around?

Hey, what you doing over there? Don't ya want to play?


Alright, look, you are here and I have to provide you with entertainment, all good hosts do, so lean down here and let me tell you about the activities I have planned.

Alright, that's it, since you won't listen I'm gonna have to jump on up and tell you that you are supposed to chase me!
Well, that didn't work to well, so when we were inside I decided to try again. Okay Maggie Dog, I'm looking at you and I am ready to wrestle!

That's it, show some TEETH! Ohh and some growling, yeah, that's the way to play!

Hey, wait a minute, how did I end up down here? And upside down even? That's not the way the game is played.

Wait one stinkin' minute, now you are just laying on my head to keep me from getting up? I don't think I like playing with you, you're kinda boring....

All these great activities I had planned......

So, you call it, am I a good host? And Maggie is just a bad guest? (Vote for that!!!!!)

Or, am I just a little pain in Maggie's butt, making me a bad host? (No Way!!!!!)

After Maggie left I was all worn out, it's hard to be entertaining. Look at my tired eyes, and my flipped back ear, it does that all the time.

I think I had better rest my head now. Yeah, that knee is pretty comfortable.

Ummm, so sleepy my head hung off the couch and I didn't even care. I hope Maggie comes and visits again real soon. Sweet doggie Dreams!