Friday, April 27, 2007

Where do I sleep now?

Warning!!!!X-rated doggie shot at the end of post.....

Now that I have destroyed my bed, you might wonder where I sleep...

Well, I sleep on the floor and hold up the wall with my ear.

The power of the ear, pressed tightly against the wall to keep it from collapsing. Then when i get tired of the floor I sneak up onto the bed!

Nice comfy bed......
And a real soft pillow to lean on too, I don't miss my stinkin' bed one bit....

Monday, April 23, 2007


Thanks to all who recognized my masterful chewing ability. Later in the week I'll show you my Cuz, I tore that suckers legs off, ate 'em, then pooped 'em out. Pretty green lumps in my poop, my lady didn't think it was so funny. Bummer.

Well, I wish I had a photo, but our camera died at a moment of one of my greatest triumphs, and one of the stupidest things I have ever done, all in one. Ya see, I finally did it, I destroyed my bed. Earlier I showed some photos of the beginning of the bed destruction, which was all payback for my lady leaving me behind. This weekend I finally finished the job. Yup, I threw the entire insides out, tore up the outside real good, so it couldn't be fixed, then left the pieces all over the bedroom. It was super dooper destructorama. I was so proud! Well, until that night, I was really tired and went to lay on my bed and all that was there was an empty brown furry sack.....NO BED?! What was I supposed to do, I whined, I snuffled around, I even tried to scratch it into a comfortable pile, and it just didn't work. And my lady just said "You wrecked your bed, now you have to face the consequences."

Umm, whatever. I gotta figure out how to get her magic card out of her wallet and order me a new bed on the computttterer. That will teach her.

Master Bed Destructor Murphey, that's me.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

What I like


Here I am admiring my latest offering, in the remains of a previously well-loved stick.

After careful consideration, I gently place the stick in my mouth.

Then I tilt my head to the correct angle to get maximum stick chewing capability, then I....

.....chew the living bejeebers out of it.

As you can see by the little pieces, I am pretty good at stick chewing. Oh, and pretty good at toy chewing too! See all those little blue pieces from my toy? I wonder why no one will sit on the couch with me?

Okay, this flower has nothing to do with sticks, but my lady planted this bulb and she was so impressed by the pretty flower, she made me show you!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Left AGAIN!!!!!!

Okay, I could not believe it, she left me again, AGAIN!!!!! Something about meeting up with her college buddies and having a reunion. Like I care, I am keeping track and I will make her pay!

Although I did have fun with Audrey, but I never ever tell my lady that.

When she got back I was so happy I would not leave her alone. First I helped her unpack, hmm wonder what this is?

Hey, a sock, I know exactly what to do with this, bury it!

Is it time to change the sheets?

Here I am trying to get the bottom sheet on, I ended up needing help.

The sheets are on, are we done yet? Helping out is hard.

Now time for the blanket.....

That was it, unpacking and making the bed, I had to go take a nap. I'm just glad the lady is back.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Phase One Operation Payback


Big Old Bite of Stuffing.

Proud to be a Terrier and showin' off my work.

That's what I call tearin' it UP.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Back in Action

Can you believe my lady went away for almost a week and didn't warn me, which means I wasn't able to let everyone know I wouldn't be posting? Sheesh, and I tried to sneak onto Judy's computer, but she keeps it locked up where I can't get it. What a bummer.

So this is what my lady did, she went to California to the beach. I wanna go to the beach! Look how pretty.

Hey, that guy brought his dog, why couldn't my lady bring me?

My ladies old stomping grounds when she was growing up. She told me all of her friends used to meet at the beach at Avenue H.

Then she left the beach and went to the mountains, once again, WITHOUT ME!

Now she's home and I plan on making her pay for leaving me behind, whaaaa haaa haaaa!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Big Old Fight....

Everyone wanted to know how the rest of the visit went? Well it sucked for me. On Saturday I was watching Maggie eat MY FOOD, MINE, MINE, MINE!!!!!!!!!! I mean, I had already finished and didn't want anymore, but just in case I haven't made it clear, IT WAS MINE! I was just watching though, but man, she turned around and let me have it, growl, bark, snap and RIIIIIPPPPPPP my collar flew right off. Being the big boy that I am, I screamed like a girl and ran right into the bedroom under the bed. Dang she scared the crap outta me.

(Kathleen here: I have to say I was home and saw the whole thing, it was scary, I was screaming like a girl too! Maggie just went after the little guy, he was at least three feet away just whining that she was eating his food, and Whammo. Scared the bejeepers outta me and Murph. Thank goodness he didn't get hurt.)

So I curled up on my lady's lap and would not leave her alone.

I left that Maggie in the other room while I milked the sympathy outta my lady. "Hey a treat for me? Whoo Hoo!

See how happy I am after the treat. Yummy, and I got to eat it on her lap in the living room, which is usually a No No. It almost, ALMOST made up for the attack.

(Sheesh, I hope I didn't start any bad habits with that one.....)

Then I had to get checked out for Boo Boos, I tried to smile to let her know I was okay, but she didn't believe me and she looked all over, moving my fur around, touching my neck, looking in my mouth, and pretty much just bugging me. (I was just trying to make sure he wasn't bleeding)

After all that I decided that I was not gonna leave my lady alone, I refused to get back on the floor with Maggie, instead I climbed my lady like a mountain. Look at me, King of the Couch!

Hey, what is that down there? Is it another treat?

Nope, just the top of my lady's head, which I promptly leaned on until she finally told me to stop. Something about her head was getting hot and her neck was cramping from me leaning on it, whatever.

So, Maggie went home and I think I have joined the ranks of the no dog visitors club, except for Audrey!

(I would have to agree, he and Audrey get along great, he grew up with her, but I don't think I trust any other dogs right now.)