Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Gift to the Lady (and a late Merry Christmas!)

Merry day after Christmas to all you dog bloggers!

I was so worried, I saw the suitcase and I thought that Reilly and I were gonna get left behind, again, but we didn't. We got to go to Tanta Janet's for Christmas. It was a blast, I'll fill ya in later on my cool time. The only bummer was that I got car sick, I puked up my guts, it was terrible! We were stuck in traffuic, it took one and a half hours to go ten miles. The lady had to show the police man my puke so we could get off the road, they had blocked all the exits!

Anyway, Here's what I got the lady for Christmas, a cool shirt from Pappy's Dog Blog Store!

See, I'm a mutt and darn proud of it and I decided that the lady needed a shirt to brag about my super-duper muttness. So I made her get out her magic money card, I pointed to the shirt and I made her order it. See, got her a gift, how cool am I?!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Her Name Was Claire

Just wanted to update, after a fun day of playing and chasing the lovely lady Claire pup, her owners saw the sign and came and got her! We were happy to see her with her peeps, but sad to see her go.

And it was totally pawsome how we found each other, it turns out Claire had wandered a long ways, more than a mile from where she got lost (her family was visiting someone and she got out...poor thing had no idea where she was). They had papered their area with signs, and we had papered ours with signs, but it wasn't the same area! The lady drove around but didn't quite go far enough south. So there we were just about to take Claire to the vet to see if she had a chip when the phone rang. It was a very nice lady saying, "Hey, I was driving down by Park and I saw a sign that said someone lost a little brown spotted, female dog, then I drove further and saw your sign that you had found a dog that sounds exactly like the one that was lost!" So we got the phone number of the lost dog and Yup it was the same dog.

So here's to all the good folks in the world that help us find our families when we get lost.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Found: One sweet, pretty, little girl dog.....She followed us on our walk, and the lady's soft heart couldn't leave her out by herself. She has a collar, NO TAG!, she's housebroken and just a love bug. We hope that her owners call soon, they must be missing her.

We weren't too sure at first how we felt about her, but after the meet and greet and obligatory butt sniff, we all got along.

Please send good thoughts that her owners see the signs we put up and call soon!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We're tired.....

We are all worn out from the holidays...too much eating, not enough sleeping, too many parties and sometimes we just say, can we go to sleep now?

We give our saddest, most tired look to the lady, PLEASE come to bed so we can sleep!

Then she gets a grin when she says YES, time for bed!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Little Roaching

After the walk I was cold and wet, so R-man and I jumped up on the couch to roach, GRRRR, my couch, GET OFF! We didn't even let the lady take off our leashes.

I really mean it, GET OFF!

That's better, my couch, MINE!

Yeah, get this side too....

A little bit of this side again, getting the tail dried off too!

Now, this face might not look like it, but I LOVE Drying off on the couch and I make really cool growling noises while it is happening. The lady calls it getting my freak on, whatever.

And listen, dogs and dogettes, you all are so good at letting us know you got our cards, THANKS. Once the lady has time she will get with it and drop you a line when we get/or got ours. I'm too lazy to actually do any work, I leave it all up to her!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Getting the Cards Done

The lady got all weird last weekend and told us we couldn't go out until the cards got done. No walkies, no treats, nada. She hasn't even opened any that we have received, she feels guilty about opening them when we haven't sent ours out.

"So get to it" I told her! So she did, printing, glueing, writing, folding, addressing, it was crazy, papers, cards, envelopes were everywhere. I helped by sneaking onto the table when she went to the bathroom and throwing her nice neat piles onto the floor. She didn't look to happy with that. I wonder why?!

So I told Reilly to get ready, cause the one way we could help was to lick the envelopes. Now look, you can see what naturals we would be at that.

I mean, look at that tongue!

That is one big tongue. He should be a natural at this envelope licking.

I decided it was important to get my tongue ready for the work,
So I stretched it, by doing some some curls, first to the center,

then to the side!

But ya know what I found out, that glue tastes terrible!

So I made the lady lick the envelopes.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007



Look at that shot of Reilly man, all four legs are in the air and you can see his shadow, COOL!

He is off and running to get Maggie and the Wubba......

Or perhaps not, he kinda got scared and ran away.....

Then Maggie passed him up and he took up the chase again, Go Reilly, GOOOOOO!

Then he really lucked out and got the Wubba, so Maggie had to chase him!

Actually, don't look too close cause he might be running, but Maggie ain't chasin'!

You might wonder what I was doing while all this was going on?

I was taking advantage of the little guy not jumping in on my time with the lady, so I was busy giving her


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bedtime or not....

After all that playing and general tearing it up dog action, like getting the house nice and muddy, we decided to relax in the leaves.

Except Reilly still wanted to play but he couldn't get Mischa or me to take him up on the offer. Look how disappointed he looks cause no one will play with him.

Since we were tired it seemed like a good time to bed and get some rest. But once we made it to bed, which the lady HAD NOT made that day (sheesh she is lazy), a dog fight seemed like more fun,


Look below, it's a blur of dog fight action, I can't tell where Mischa ends and Reilly begins, it was crazy. We took the little guy down!

So much for that unmade bed, we totally messed it up some more. Next time I'm thinking pillow fight!

Our Thanksgiving

I was so excited about Thanksgiving. Last year I got turkey and stuffing and lots of love and attention. It was totally PAWSOME! So this year I got all duded up, brushed my fur, stretched my belly and woke up to this terrible sight:

Reilly "greeting" some company. Hey, Reilly man, get off our company! (plus she's a little tall for you, but go ahead, dream big.) Our friend Mischa came by to stay with us, COOLS!

Once she got rid of Reilly we went outside where she tried to, well, umm, yeah, you can see what she tried to do to me. Hey, do it to Reilly, not ME! So I showed her who was boss!
GRRRRR, If I could only get to her face! (if only the lady could take better pictures!)

That's better, at least in this one Mischa isn't headless.

Then it was time for the two on one attack. I guess they went after me cause I'm so handsome.

YIKES, TWO ON ONE AGAIN! Holy cripes those guys are mean, but I'm giving it back, look closely at my face:

Then a little chase

But I noticed something, no turkey smell, no pie, no people, WHAT THE HE&%? Then the lady left and I realized that I wasn't going to Thanksgiving dinner, so we did this in retaliation

A little rain, a few trips outside, some rubbing on the couch,

And back and forth in the kitchen leaving a lovely mess for the lady. Too bad you can't see the mud we splattered on the cabinets and walls when we wrassled, or the mud we left on the walls from looking out the window. It was a lovely muddy mess.

I think we taught her a lesson, never, EVER, leave us home on Thanksgiving, our revenge is down and dirty.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Our Third Favorite Activity

So we loves to wrassle, that would be fav activity number one! We love to run, that would be number two, but third, we love to do this:

Patrol the neighborhood from our front window. I'm barking at something I see out there, a cat, a neighbor, a squirrel, a leaf falling, something. I just like to look and bark.

You might wonder what we are standing on...

Can you see it?
A dirty old stool, covered in mud and stuff from our feet! Reilly patrols one side of the block and I patrol the other. Visitors come over and try to sit on our stool and the lady won't let them, OUR STOOL! OURS!

Once we fell off the stool at the same time, the lady thought it was funny, and we didn't. So far it has only happened once!

Sometimes we see something and we both have to look the same way. I must warn you, the next photo might be disturbing for you bird lovers out there...

Do you see the shadow over my head? That is the dust left behind from where a bird flew INTO THE WINDOW! You can see his body and his wings. Holy crap it was loud and caused us to bark like maniacs! The lady ran outside, but couldn't find the bird, so we hope it was okay.

we'll have our Thanksgiving update later, the camera is giving the lady fits and won't download.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mine - And Happy American Thanksgiving

I might not be playing with it, but you can't have it.

I protect what's MINE!

And Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, hope you get some tasty turkey.

Monday, November 19, 2007

So Happy To Be Home

Had fun with Audrey and Mischa, but man, I was confused! Every night the lady would come and walk me, then she would leave me with Judy.....WHY?! I really wanted to go home, I would stare out the window with the saddest look ever while she walked away. But finally, FINALLY, after three days I got to go home.

I was so happy to see Reilly I greeted him like this:

Really, it was just a love bite...

Then we went outside so that we could do this!


Then a nice rest in the sun, so good to be home.

Oh, and I know you only care about me, but as you can see Reilly is doing really well.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Reilly's Home!

The lady brought the Reilly man home today. She said he had to stay calm, um, how's that gonna work out lady? She put him in the crate where he "calmly" proceeded to whine, scream, scratch, jump up and freak out. He usually does just fine in the crate, but today, not so much.

Then when she took him outside to pee, on his leash, he tried to run and then JUMP off the deck. Then he jumped up and attacked me for a good old wrasslin match, yeah calm....

I think I get to go stay with Audrey and Mischa for a few days cause the lady says with me around NO WAY will he be calm. Oh, it looks like he'll have to wear the collar too, he already tried to lick....

Reilly calm, that cracks me up.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today is the day

I got left home alone today and I found out it is because the Reilly man is getting his boy bits removed......Ouch! Look how happy he is getting out of the car, he has no idea...

I'll update tomorrow to let you know how he is doing...and then later, some photogs of company we had this weekend.

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Big Midnight Bark Fest Over WHAT?!

Last night, just after the lady fell asleep, I decided I needed to go outside and do some business. Out the dog door I went, onto the grass, when I saw something! So I did what any self respecting dog does, I started Barking, A LOT and really LOUD!
Look who came out to bark with me, Reilly man!
I barked and scratched at the fence, while Reilly kept a safe distance away from THE THING!
After a few minutes of barking, out came the lady, PJs, robe and a really mad look on her face, (sorry, no photos of that, but let me tell you, she looked scary!)

Uh Oh, I think I'm in trouble for I went to the corner to show her,
It's not a squirrel, it's not a frog (which I have been known to bark at late at night) it's...

.... one of these ugly things! What is it, WHAT IS IT?! And why won't it go away when I bark!? Look at that face, the lady tried to scare it away and she finally had to wave a towel at it, it wasn't afraid at all. Later she told me it was an opossum. Whatever, the da*& thing needs to stay out of my backyard and off my fence.

k here: guess this means the dog door will have to get shut at night, those late night bark fests really ruin a good nights sleep!