Friday, March 28, 2008

He Doesn't Care!

Yup, you all guessed it, Reilly was getting his clipper haircut and he decided he was done and he wiggled and the clippers went "zip" and off came a big old hunk of hair right in the middle of his tummy, all the way down to his skin. The silly guy doesn't even care how funny his side looks, he's all smiley and stuff, what a goof.
I told the lady it would have looked really cool if he could have a design shaved into his fur, but she said No Way. Oh well.

Hey, we just found out we got nominated for Photo of the Month with Dogs With Blogs, COOL! It was Reilly's superman shot, how awesome. There are some really neat shots to vote from, we feel lucky to be included with everybody.

Even though I was excited, a guy has to do his job and here I am doing mine. What is my job you might ask? Making sure no darn squirrels or birds come into my yard!

And i know that looks like green, green grass, but it's really green, green weeds, sigh......

Thursday, March 20, 2008


The lady came home from training and I gotta say, she doesn't seem any better trained than when she left! I gave her the give me a treat command and she ignored it...then I gave her the rub my belly command and she ignored that too! What did they teach her there? She tells me it was work related, whatever?!

Hey, check out how I like to sit on the couch!

Yup, I sit there and can stare at whatever the lady is doing. It looks like I am climbing up, or down, or about to fall off, but I'm not!

Check out what it looks like from behind:

While I'm hanging out, Reilly man just sits next to the couch and looks like this:

It's his sad face look, but don't let that fool you, he practices!

We have to get busy and catch up on everyone's posts.

P.S. I was very good while the lady was away, I only peed in Judy's house three times....

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Snow and Ice Cream

Look at this, WE GOT SNOW! (Stop laughing snowbound pups) For us, this is SNOWWWWW. The best part is that it snowed late at night and the lady didn't shut the dog door. So I went out and rolled in it, then came back in, jumped in the bed and tapped the lady twice on her shoulder. That tells her to lift up the covers so I can crawl in next to her, and when she did, SURPRISE! She got shocked with a cold, wet dog snuggling up to her. You could have heard her shout of surprise a mile away. HA HA!

you can even see my paw prints tracking through the snow. Then later that night the lady brought us a special treat, one we had never had before:

ICE CREAM! ON A CONE! It must be for Joeypaloozza!

Ummm, Yummy, my tongue loved that cold yummy goodness.

Some even got on my nose and I had to lick it off, we really like ice cream and we didn't even mind sharing. But then I found out the truth, it wasn't for Joey Paloozza, it was a treat to get us all happy so we wouldn't get mad when the lady said she would be gone ALL WEEK! She has to go to some training class. TRAINING?! For what, we have her good and trained, she knows when to feed us, she lets me into the bed when I tap her twice, she rubs our belly's when we collapse next to her with our paws up in the air! What are they gonna teach her, how to fetch? Sit on command? Maybe they will teach her how to give us treats whenever we want. I guess I should be happy it's not me going to training.... Anyway, no posts for the week. We'll miss all you pups!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Texas Two Step

The lady got home really, really late Tuesday night, it was almost 11 pm. Why?! I wanted to know as I jumped up and down in front of her (I never actually touch her, so I wasn't jumping ON her). She explained she had to do the Texas Two Step and go caucus for the Democratic Presidential nominee. Here she is with neighbor Judy and our buddy Baby Grace!

I wondered why I couldn't go if Baby Grace could...hmm I sense a conspiracy. And for those of you that want to know what the Texas Two Step is, this is all I can explain, cause it is strange. The Democrats go and vote for who they want to be the Democratic Presidential Candidate, and from that vote a set number of delegates are awarded to each candidate. Then they go back that night and caucus, meaning a bunch of people sit in a room, write down who they want and then they send people to the county caucus, then the state caucus and then more delegates are awarded to each Democratic candidate. (Okay, like i said, I don't get it, but the lady kept saying she got to legally vote twice!) Whatever, all I know is she wasn't home.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Busy Lady

The lady has been super busy and she has ignored my blog. I was so mad I peed on the couch, got it really good too, one big old spot where she lays her head when she reads, TAKE THAT!
She was busy going to work functions, to some silly political caucus, and having dinner without US! Finally she realized we were more important than anything and she stayed home. So on to the good stuff, we got some really neat things at the Mutt Strut. We got TWO cookies!
You only see one here because Reilly and I have already eaten one, yum for the tum. Can't wait to eat this one. Then there is that cool red ball. That red ball LIGHTS UP!

It lights up and hangs on our leashes! Why does it light up? So people can see us when we walk at night.

Look at us, ready for our night time walk.

The lights are so cool cause this is what you see in the dark when we are walking at night:

You might not be able to see us, but you can see our red lights that tell people, DOGS WALKING HERE! So SLOW DOWN! We love our lights, but we think the lady needs to wear one too., but she says they don't make them for people.