Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Trying to be good

It turns out Mr. Piggy"s picture didn't get added, so here it is now! I love Mr. Piggy, I carry him around all day.

After day o' destruction (Mr. Piggy and Mr. Bear's fault), I decided I had better be good, so I listened, sat when I was told to sit, tried to stay when I was told to stay. I was doing really good, till we went to the dog park. Why was that dumb man sitting on the ground at a dog park? How was I to know I wasn't supposed to pee on his back?! I mean, really, his back was just there waiting for me, so I lifted the old leg and let 'er rip. Then I heard my lady yelling "NOOOOOOOO" and then she was running towards me and the guy started to panic, all he saw was some crazy person (Hee HEE, she looked really funny!) running right at him and yelling, he didn't know what I was doing behind his back, and that she was trying to get me to stop. Silly Lady! If she had just ignored it, he never would have known I marked him.....so then we had to leave the dog park, I heard her muttering about "being embarrassed and hoping never to see him again,". Why was she embarrassed? A dogs gotta do what a dogs gotta do!

So the next day we went to another dog park! YEAH! Sniff, sniff, sniff, lift the old leg and pee on a guy's shoe and leg, I got told to stop AGAIN! What's with that, how come I'm not supposed to pee on people? I don't get it. Sheesh, what a bunch of party poopers, or party pee'ers.

So, here are some photogs of me chewing on my leather strap and resting after all that peeing.

Murph the pee dog


e said...

Murph the PEE dog
Why do you look cuter each time I check back on your blog???

See ya around
Fei & E

Anonymous said...

Um, lil guy, sounds like you wanna be the dominant male

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Murph!! I loved that line you left on my blog "I think I'm always in trouble....."

Well little man, that's just a given when you have even just a hint of terrier in ya!

Hehehehe...I can picture exactly what your mom must have looked like chasing you yelling NOOOOOO at the same time. How I can picture it?? Well my mum has done it a few times herself too when I decided to pee in some lady's open purse, or somebody's kite that was on the ground, or someone's packpack they left leaning beside a bench, or...the list goes on and on!

Yes I'm a girl, doesn't mean I can't lift my leg. I'm a terrier girl.

ps. I'll be linking you up to my blog, you are one COOOL terrier deserving to be recognized!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

T-man said...

Murphey - You've earned my respect, little guy. I'm an older dog, but have never peed on a human yet. You're giving me a new way to look at things :)

Chelsea said...

Humans have a saying that goes "Piss on you"
They use it when they don't like somebody.

Maybe you are just communicating that?

Maybe you are part human?

Just a thought...


Toby said...

Hi Murphy!~ Wow, you are really good! I didn't know we were suppose to pee on people...but now that I know, I'm gonna find some humans to mark. Oh, Mommy thinks your adorable!~