Thursday, October 12, 2006

DOG PARK!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, finally had our first visit to the dog park, and I LOVED IT! Oh my, I ran, I fought, I played, I plain old had a blast. Can you see me fighting with my new friend Joey? He's a terr-mutt like me, and did he ever like to play. See my teeth, grhhhhhhh!

Then we heard another car and we had to go look and see who was coming in, and it was Sophie! Sophie the Westie and she likes to run, ME TOO! See us running? I won every time, I am fast, fast, fast.

Then this really strange lady came by, she and her dog came in and she wouldn't take her dog off the leash. Poor thing, he looked like he wanted to play and run, but he couldn't. So I went by to visit, and she started yelling at me, "Get Away, GET AWAY!" This made all my dog buddies come to see what was happening and soon she and her dog were surrounded by three terriers and a beautiful golden, all trying to say "hello" with the doggie butt sniff. Then she really started screaming, "Help, Help, they're killing my dog!" WHAT THE!??? We were just sniffing, and saying "Hi". And Lady, "It's a DOG PARK!" What did she expect. So she gathered up her dog, ran out and yelled at our people that they all had "really badly behaved dogs." Ummm, whatever, she hasn't seen bad behavior. It sure was strange, and it gave our people something to talk about while we dogs did our dog things.

It was a very eventful trip and I plan on going again soon, wish I could drive myself there!


Anonymous said...

I love the dog park!!!! We need to go more often!

Bussie Kissies

fee said...

dear murphey,

i'm glad to meet you! i'm a terrier too and just as cute!

welcome to bloggerland!


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Murph,

Congrats on your first visit to the doggie park - sounds like you had a really fun time :-)


T-man said...

You've got a great set of teeth! Glad you enjoyed your day at the doggie park!