Friday, October 20, 2006

Day of Destruction

Oh, I had the best day ever yesterday, I got let out at lunch for my constipootional and constipeetional yesterday, and when I got put back, the crate door wasn't locked shut....Whaaaa Haaa HAAAAAAA (evil laugh). Smarty pants that I am I laid down like I was going to go back to sleep, but as soon as the front door shut, I got busy. Where to start, what to start with.....

First stop, the wood window sill, so good for chewing, can you see what a good job I did. After chewing on that for a while, I decided there must be bigger and better things to chew on - AH HA! My leather leash, ummmm, it feels so good to chew on that, let's just pull it up on the couch and work at it for a while, oops, what just happened? The handle feel off, wonder why, sure couldn't have been because I chewed through it, nah, must have been Mr. Piggy fault. I had better squeak him for a while to teach him a lesson, see me squeaking Mr. Piggy, too bad there's no sound, I love to squeak Mr. Piggy, really LOUDLY, especially when my lady watches TV.

Hmmmm, now what, hey, what's that up on the dresser, SLIPPERS?! Oh my goodness, slippers, hmmm, always wanted to kill me a pair of those, good thing I can jump high enough to grab one and pull it off. Kill the slippers, kill, kill! I tore the guts right out of thatdarn thing, flung it"s guts all around and then blessed it with some kleenex I found and tore up. Hmmm, better put Mr. Bear next to it so my lady will think Mr. Bear did it.

After all that it was time to rest, so I there I am, on top of my crate, when I hear my lady's car, I looked out (I hope she didn't see me), I jumped down and got in my crate and pretended I had never, ever left, all day, see how good I was, see how bad Mr. Piggy and Mr. Bear were? Maybe my lady will put them in the crate next time, and leave me out. We"ll see.....


Anonymous said...

Such destructive animals! Us dogs would never do that.

Bussie Kissies

T-man said...

It's a good thing your mama didn't actually see you doing all that stuff. Now she can't prove for certain that you actually did it. (Unless she reads this blog!) :)