Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So Happy!

This is how happy I was that my lady came back from Oregon. I enjoyed being at Judy's, but nothing feels quite like home. Audrey treated me real nice this time, she actually played with me outside, chasing me and barking at me. She runs real slow, but I don't mind! At night she would come sleep in front of my crate so I didn't feel lonely. She even let me lay on top of her when I needed to nap after all the running.. I like that Audrey.

But when the lady got home, watch out. I ran all throughout the house, barking and jumping like a wild thing, then I went out the dog door and ran throughout the whole back yard, I had to let all those squirrels know I was home, grhhh, I hate squirrels.

Hey, I think I'm getting my winter coat, so thick and warm, except it isn't cold here yet. I look almost twice the size I am, that is how big my coat is. Not as big as Audrey's coat, though. Her fur makes her look HUGE. I'll try to get my lady to post a picture of Audrey, she looks like she weighs a hundred pounds, but she's really skinny under all her fur. I keep hearing my lady say, I hope that doesn't mean we're going to have a really cold winter.

Well, I had to steal some time for the computer. I post more later, I've got lots to do today.

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T-man said...

I'm glad you have a good friend so stay with when your mom is away. That's really important.