Monday, October 30, 2006

Hey, this boat is cool! Let me check it out and make sure everything is ship shape. Yep, that looks pretty good over there.

Yep, looks good that way too. The wind seems just right, so get my life jacket and let's go!

Hey, what are you doing with that tape? What do you mean we aren't going sailing, this is a working weekend? Man, what a bummer, I was really looking forward to my first sailing trip and I couldn't wait to wear my too cool bright yellow life jacket with the handle, just in case I fall in they can pull me out by grabbing it. Not that I plan on falling in, but a guy's gotta be prepared.

So instead of sailing, it was work, work work, and once they started I couldn't even get on the boat anymore cause they thought I might get hair in the varnish, Sheesh.

I had fun anyway. Tomorrow I'll have some pictures of me hanging out on the dock, and one or two of the people "working."

Murph the Lake Dog

P.S. I only peed on the bed this trip, no on any people, I think I'm doing pretty good! Posted by Picasa


e said...

MURPH!! you look so cute. Sorry you were sick but you got to go on a boat and see the lake?!!
How cool is that?

Fei & E

T-man said...

You look like you were made for sailing standing on that deck!