Monday, October 16, 2006

Things That Scare Me

I'm not really a nervous, scared dog but there are some things out there in the big, bad world that make me crazy with fear. Big Dogs, nah, Thunder, nope, Vacuums? not that either. Here is what scares the cr%# out of me, Filled Black Trash Bags! Oh my, once a month they leave those suckers out on the sidewalk for that big old noisy truck to pick up. And my lady expects me to walk by them, unhh, no WAY! I pull on the leash, I whine, I try to run into the street, I mean, heck, who knows what those nasty, big old things will do to me. And there they are, on the entire walk, in front of almost every house we walk by. My lady tried to get me to go up and sniff one, she even KICKED ONE! What is she, crazy, that thing could have attacked her or eaten her, or some other horrible thing. There is no way I am going to get near enough to sniff one of those things. So once a month we get to walk in the street, away from those trash bags, I feel safe there.

The second thing I am scared of, those tractor lawn watering things, whether they are squirting water out or not. Every morning we walk by one house that always has one on it's lawn. I would really like to grace that lawn with some of my precious pee, but I won't go near it when that scary lawn thing is on it. I see it, pull away and Bark, bark, bark, then a few growls to let it know that if it dares try to come near me, I'll take it down. I have to look back at it a few times to make sure it isn't following us. I sure hope that put that thing away when winter comes.

The last thing I am afraid of is the dog that seems to appear every night in my window. See me looking at him in my picture? I see the same dog in a mirror, Man, he drives me crazy. I can never hear him, but I can sure see him looking back at me, barking when I bark, shaking his head when I shake my head, so I stand there, look him right in the eye and Bark, bark, bark bark bark BARK BARK BARK. Then I get told to "Be Quiet". Be quiet? Doesn't she see that darn dog out there looking at me? Every night after dark he appears in the window, but he must be scared of me too, 'cause he has never tried to come in the house. It must be my manly BARK BARK that scares him off! Although he is rather a handsome dog, if I do say so myself, he kind of reminds me of me, but I still don't like seeing him out there, so BARK BARK BARRRRRRKKKKKK.

So, there it is, true confessions of what scares me, the usually fearless 11 pound terrier!


Sunshade said...

OH I know what you mean about the dog in the window at night....those are scaaaawie..... You know, you really shoudlnt' be afraid of those black garbage bags, tell you a secret, next time you see on, you should rip it open, and then you will see how un-scary it really is. I'm sure you will enjoy your finds...hehe!

BTW, come and check out if you would like to be in the X-mas card exchange ok??


Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

fee said...

o, murphey, isn't that doggie on the other side of the window just so dashing? i wish he would swing by to visit me too!


Hey Cheater! said...

It must be pretty cold at where you are now. It's warm and hazey here. How envious of me that you guys are in an environment with heaps of green and clean air!

T-man said...

Maybe your Mom can show you an empty garbage bag, and you can help her fill it up with stuff, so you can see how it works. I agree, they can look pretty scary when you suddendly find one of those big fat things sitting by the side of the road!

Jay said...

Hey... I agree with Sunshade... Rip the bag apart and you may have windfall!


Anonymous said...

Our neighbor across the street piles those bags in front of his house, too. I bark at them and growl, I even pee on them to show them I am boss and they better stay on their side of the street!

Bussie Kissies

Chelsea said...

I am not scared of the black bags but, cannot figure out why those big trucks come and the men take the bags and nobody bats an eyelash while I am doing my best guard dog imitation.

Humans are strange
as for the doggie in the window, I see one too but, it looks like me....quite beautiful so I don't mind.