Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Flossie!

Well Toby, you said you loved your Flossies, so I decided to give them a try. After I had barked at that corkscrew thing for three days and it didn't do anything mean to me, I decided to listen to Toby and try it. He called it a Flossie (so did my lady) and he said he loved 'em, so here I am giving it a try. Careful, oh so careful, making sure it didn't bite me or anything.

Then I so carefully picked it up and let it hang out of my mouth for a while. It looks like it's hanging off of my collar, but it's not, I have it in my mouth, way in the back and I'm letting half of it hang out.

Look real close, it almost looks like it's growing out of my neck!

Then I just lay there with it in my mouth, no chewing, nope, nada, but I would not let my lady take it out of my mouth, I kinda liked just havin' it.
I even tried to take it to bed, but that's when she said "Give it up big guy." So I did.

Ha Ha Big Guy, I love it when she calls me that. All twelve pounds of me.

Then it was off to bed, without my Flossie, maybe she'll give it back tomorrow.
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