Friday, January 19, 2007

Snow, Ice and Other Bad Weather

It has been CRAZYYYYYY here in the Big D (that stands for the big Dallas for all you non Texan pups). It started with wind and rain, then went to snow and ice and back to wind and rain....and more ice predicted, WOW! Check out the airechicks for their snow pics! Here I am checking out the weather....and sad faced cause it's still raining.

And here is what this weather means to me, no long morning walks cause my lady is a WIMP! I love the cold, I go outside and stay as long as I can, then I come bounding back inside and touch my lady with my cold nose and toes. It makes me laugh when she jumps up and yells "hey, that's cold!" But every morning instead of getting up and taking me for my favorite morning walk, she has been laying around in bed, sleeping in, and saying maybe when it warms up. Me sleeping

Head on the pillow, comfy!

But come on, enough sleeping already! Finally on the snow day I convinced her to go outside.
Check out that icy road!

Look, we're the first ones out in the snow!

Checking out where we've been.

But it was a short walk, big fat bummer. I did get to go on a drive later that night. When my lady got out to get something at the store I tried to figure out if I could drive, hmmm, what did she do with that key thing? At least I can see out the window! But I can't quite reach the pedals.

Then she came back and I acted like she had been gone forever (I was gone maybe five minutes!) So I tried to climb all over her, lick her face, give her some love, sneak the keys outta her pocket, and all she did was snap these terrible photogs! The look kinda like we're in a disco, bad lights, moving camera, oh well.

Here's me licking her face, love, love, love my lady!

Sitting on her lap, I kind of look like a ghost!

Anyway, even though I have been bored and really, really want to be outside, I've been pretty good. I hope it warms up soon so we can start our morning walks again.


Joe Stains said...

it looks SO COLD, you sure are brave. lucky your lady didnt fall down trying to walk you. of course if that happened, you'd have to figure out how to use the camera and snap a photo ;)

Boo said...

oh murphey,

that picture of you on the steerling wheel really look like you are the driver! LOL

wet wet licks


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...


Bussie Kissies

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Murphey,

Can you please send some of that cold weather our way ? We are melting out here in Oz !


Chelsea said...

Wow Murphey!

You look like a natural behind the wheel of that car but, please be careful on those icy roads!

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Murph,
Brrr... it sure looks real cold!! Since you can drive, can you send over some of the snow to me??

Sunshade said...

WOW! Snowy in Texas!!! I saw the Airechick's yard, you must be loving it. You're just like me Murph, I love the cold, I dont' mind the rain, I love to stay out.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

T-man said...

Hey Bad Boy Murph,
Did you find any chicks while you were out cruising? Just be careful of that ice. It's the worst!! Plus it looks uncool when you're slip and fall on your be-hind!