Monday, January 08, 2007

The Great Escape

I was telling you how boring it was all weekend, and on Sunday I had enough, ENOUGH! I had dug some holes, chewed some bones and I was bored. Even running around the backyard just wasn't cutting it. I would have probably been fine, but my lady decided she needed to go to the store, WHOOO HOOOO, CAR RIDE! But then she left me home, nope, no way was I gonna tolerate that. So, first things first, I peed in the kitchen, TAKE THAT! Then I got creative, out the dog door I went, I wandered around a little, looked at the fence and found one spot, one tiny little spot, "Hey, I might fit!" So I squished and I squeezed and "pop" out the other side I went, FREEDOM!

Freedom, here is what it means to me, running up and down in front of my house, up, down, up, down....
hmmmm, hey a squirrel, I'm gonna get you sucker and the chase was on, right across the street to the neighbor's house where I got to see CATS! Oh my three cats, "hey cats, let's play!" So I squeezed in to the bushes after them and tried to play, yeah, they didn't want to. So I then got up on the chair on the porch and looked in the neighbors window, I'm a peeping Murphey! Here's the chair and the porch.

It was three in the afternoon and the lady I saw had her pajamas on, hee hee. Then she saw me, I tried to hide, it didn't work, then she tried to get me to come inside, listen I know all about that stranger danger stuff, no way was I going inside. Then she tried to catch me, a GAME! I would run right by her and just when she thought she had me, I would race off, HA! Then it was bribola time, out came the ham slices, but I was on to her tricks, never, ever accept ham from strangers! Then she called my name, hey, she knows me! Bam, I ran in that house so fast her head was spinning. If she knows my name, she's no stranger, so I ate the ham, yum....

It was kind of cool in her house, I checked out EVERYTHING! But what I didn't know is that she called my lady, oh my, was she ever upset! She had to leave the store and come get me, she looked really worried and then she found my place in the fence and she closed it off. No more great escapes for now I am home, safe and sound after visiting the neighbor!

One neighbor actually watched Murph run around in the front yard and didn't do anything about it, she told me she thought I meant to leave him out there. I was so mad I couldn't say anything to her! I sure did appreciate my other neighbor who rescued my Murph. My heart stopped when she called, but everything turned out okay and I have blocked off any potential great escape spots.

And yup, I let Murph on the coffee table, I know I shouldn't, but man, the first time he did it I laughed and laughed and took a picture....bad idea, now he thinks it's his.....bad, bad Kathleen.


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Oh man, that ham makes escape worthwhile!

Bussie Kissies

Joe Stains said...

oh man you got to run all over, AND you got some HAM!!! I wish there was a hole in my fence!

T-man said...

Oh Murph, your lady must have been SO worried!! Your adventure sounded like fun though, but you should be careful. It's a good thing you didn't go far. But playing peeping Murph was a good trick (hee hee!)

I wandered off once, and my mom went crazy with worry. A kind stranger rescued me from a busy road and called my mom. Mom is eternally grateful to him for that. But now I have NO freedom (rats!)

Boo said...

i'm glad murphey you are back home. don't ever scare your lady again by running away - even though i would love to do that one of these days.

wet wet licks


Huskee Boy said...

Oh Murph, your great escape sounded so exciting.. but you sure gave your lady a heart attack! Hmm.. I like the sound of your neighbour.. anyone who gives out ham must be nice!