Monday, January 08, 2007

Still Recovering From the Holidays

Sorry I haven't posted much lately, first of all not much has been happening, but more importantly, my lady and I have just been lazy bums. That's right, big old lazy couch laying bums (let's be super duper honest here, MY LADY IS THE BUM!)....I have been raring to go, but since I can't drive, open doors, or get on the computer myself, I'm kinda at my lady's mercy.

So here's what I did, I laid on my favorite spot, the coffee table, with an oh so sad look.

The I kind of went to sleep, but I was really daring and slept right on the end of the table.


Here's a close up of my sad face:

Then I said, talk to the butt, cause I ain't listening!

Then we had company! Yeah, I like company, see I went and sat between them on the couch, I love my Auntie and Uncle!

Then I dazzled them with my excellent bone chewing, I like to show off for company

I also like to try to help people when they go to the bathroom, but sometimes they don't want me in there, what's up with that? Every time one of them would go in there I would try to follow, then I would sit outside the door just in case. That was about as exciting as it got. Well, except for my great escape, but I'll tell you about that tomorrow!


Joe Stains said...

I can't believe you are allowed to lay on the coffee table, how cool!

doofus tries to go in the bathroom with my mom all the time.

Chelsea said...

Hey Murphey, do what I do.
When Mama goes to the bathroom and on the rare occasion when she closes the door....I just scratch at the door until she surrenders and lets me in.

Usually once I get in, I want out real fast. Stinky!!


T-man said...

Murph - That's a super duper sad face. You should be an actor! And you are dazzling chewing on that bone :)

I can't believe those visitors would ban you from the bathroom. They should have been honored!


fee said...

dear murphey,

i hope you didn't get so bored you decided to roll over on the coffee table. i rolled off the couch onto the floor and landed with a loud thud once. it was soooo embarrassing i had to go to another room to hide my face.


e said...

That's so cool. Your favourite spot being the coffee table!

Fu Fu said...

Poor Murphey, You really look so sad there. I should bring you out for a spin in my FufuMOBILE.
I think you have great chewing skills by the way

~ fufu

Boo said...

murphey, are you sure your auntie and uncle like your company? how come they sit so far apart from you and give that "gosh, that dog again" kind of expression? hehehe. just joking. i'm sure everybody love the cutie murphey. look at how cute you sleep on the coffee table. i wonder why your lady never kick you off! mom doesn't even let me paw paw the table side!

wet wet licks


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I see that big ole smile when you're chewing!

Bussie Kissies