Thursday, February 01, 2007

Is that you Joe?

Hey, look at our glowing eyes, we must be possessed by the running demon, it makes our eyes GLOWWWWWW. Hey, wait a minute, is that perhaps Joe chasing me?

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Let me find out if it is Joe, I will use my super-dooper, fool-proof, butt sniff detection system!

Sniff, check, re-sniff, check and it is.......


Actually, I'm feeling kind of foolish, cause this guy ain't nearly as handsome as Joe. Not sure how I could have even thought it was Joe, blame it on the fact that I was tired and there was just too much dog action happening today!


Boo said...

oh murphey,

i think you miss joe too much! well, he didn't post for a day and you already mistaken someone else as him. oh, are you having a joe fever??

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

Hey that is ok, the fact that you thought of me is very important. I am a lot more black than that guy is, although he is very handsome. He sure is no DOOFUS face!

Chelsea said...

I have the glowing eyes too.

All of us gorgeous doggies have the curse ....hee hee


T-man said...

Hee hee, in that second pic, you almost look like one dog with a Joey front half and a Murph back half.

Jasper said...

Glowing eyes can be fixed with that new-fangled photo editing thingy on the computer; my Momma uses it all the time to fix mine.
slobbery licks,