Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh Happy Day

I got tested today, I was left on my own, outside of the crate for a little while, and happy day! I passed the test, I didn't tear anything up, in fact I just sat on my crate and looked out the window, can you see me behind the glass? Then when Mom came back in I just stayed on the top of my crate until she told me to come over and see her. Ah, sweet freedom. Then we got to go outside and play with my favorite airplane toy, see me chasing it while it is flying in the air?

What I can't figure out is why Mom is always yelling "Darn it!!!" when trying to take my picture, I look all cute, pose for her, run for her, something fun, then she tries to take my picture and she starts yelling at the camera, something about taking the picture too slow, so she usually ends up with a great shot of my butt while I am running away. I think it's a cute butt, although she apparently doesn't want a lot of pictures of it. Look, I try to hold my position as long as I can, but a dog can only hold still for so long. Maybe she needs a new camera for Christmas, I'll have to put the idea in a few family members heads.

Puppy class was fun, me and the two labradoodles ignored the teacher and kept trying to play, BARK BARK, look at me! (I'm practicing with those Doodles for when I go visit Julie's Doodles at the beach.) PULL PULL on the leash going this way and that, IGNORE IGNORE when I heard stupid commands like "Sit" and "Come". Listen people, I got better things to do than listen and obey you, I have other puppies to play with! PUPPIES TO PLAY WITH! Are you listening, I want to PLAY, play until I pass out. Maybe when I am older I will want to listen, but I don't really think so, the teacher says I have selective hearing, and I say, yes, why yes I do, I listen when I feel like it, and I don't really feel like it most of the time. And once I am

Hey, I've been checking out some other dog blogs and I have got to figure out how to get some of that people food you all talk about. Kibble is fine, but man, that people food sounds good, and I know it smells good. And that Tigersan, he even gets his picture taken with food, how unfair is that? I stare and stare at Mom, but the old mind meld thing doesn't seem to work, she won't give in, YET! I am going to keep working on it.

Time for our morning walk, WALK, I have to goooooooooooo! : )


Anonymous said...

When your you-man is sitting and eating, reach up with your paw and grab their upper arm right where it is soft and PULL. It always works.

Bussie Kissies

T-man said...

Keep pretending to be good when they're watching, and pretty soon you'll have the run of the place!! Works everytime :)

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Yipee for Murphey - what a good boy. Now that you have passed the test, your human will leave you alone for longer - that's when you can get into some real mischief :-)


Liberty said...

O Murphy! How I wish my Hooman would leave me at home alone outside of the crate! There's a really nice couch in the living room that is just calling my name!
Tell your mum to give you a greenbean or 2!
Airedale Kisses!
Liberty Greenbean