Friday, September 15, 2006

Been Sick

I've been sick, I even went into my crate by myself and slept. Mom got so worried she took me to the vet. I wish I had a vote in that, and my vote would be "No"! He poked me in the behind, WHOA there Mr. Vet Man, warn me when you're gonna do that!, gave me a shot, yeah I can scream, and took some x-rays.....and after all that he thinks it's because I'm teething, oh, and maybe I ate something I wasn't supposed to. There are things I"m not supposed to eat? Really?! I had no idea.

After the shot I felt better, and back at home I found a great use for my crate, if I get up on it I can see outside. There is so much to see and bark about out there, people walking, cars driving by, dogs, cats, squirrels, trees, grass, man, I can just sit up here and bark all day. Then I got told to "Be Quiet!", then I was told something about "You're not the alpha dog, blah, blah, blah." I think Mom's been reading some dumb book again about training me, pack status, and all that other cr*&. Right, keep on reading, I'm sure that will do it.

Speaking of training, I went to my first puppy class, and guess what?! I was the most well-behaved guy there. No, truly! I can already walk on a leash without pulling (most days), I know my name, and when you tell me to sit, I sit (well, most times). There were eight other dogs, barking, pulling, jumping, and I just sat and listened to the instructor talk, on and on and on. The instructor kept using me as a good example, Look at him sit, look at him walk, Look at him turn when you say his name. I really didn't care, but Mom kept saying, "Good Dog Murphey, extra treats tonight." I think her head might have gotten a little big, so next week I might have to pop it, well see. We didn't get much time to play, that kind of bummed me out. There were two little Malti-poos that I wanted to play with, but their owners kept saying, "Oh no, he might hurt them." Hurt them, I just wanted to sniff them a little and then bat at them with my paws, I would never hurt them, they were just so darn cute. I tried to set up a date, but no chance, we terrmutts (my designer name for a terrier mutt mix dog) aren't quite cool enough for the small Malti-Poo members of my class. But that lab, man, he and I could really have some fun.

Saturday I get to go to the dog park, I can't wait, hope I'm still feeling better. Hey, thanks to everyone for checking in, I've been cruising your sites, wish I could visit in person!


e said...

oh Murphey, gave me a scare there. Hope you are feeling much better. Teething sucks. But you'll get nice new strong ones at the end of it all.
Hey good stuff about puppy class. When do you go again? Have fun and be good!

Fei & E

Murphey said...

Hey e,
Gave my Mom a scare too! I would have laughed about it, but I felt too bad. Puppy school is next Tuesday, I've been practicing.
: ) k and Murph

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

You could be a Mutt-terr. Your take is better!

Bussie Kissies

T-man said...

Murphey, you look so quiet in that cage, I didn't recognize you. I hope you're back in action soon.

trulykdub said...

Murphey - it was so great to meet you yesterday. You are a peach of a guy. I'm looking forward to seeing you and your mom again soon. Have a great week! : )