Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back From the Kennel

What a week I had. First of all, Judy rescued me from the kennel after only one day. So I had a chance to redeem myself while staying with her, and I DID! I did not pee or poop in her house, and I only ate up two toys that she so foolishly left on the floor. Hey, if it's on the floor, it's mine. She was so nice she even gave them to me to take home. I like Judy's better than the stinky old kennel. They have play time, but I couldn't join in 'cause I haven't had my third shot. STUPID RULES!

When I finally got home, I freaked out, I decided to hide all of my toys in the couch. I don't want to share my toys with any old dog that might come visit. I shoved my squeaky toys and chew toys into the corner of the couch and I tried to shove my blanket in there, but it wouldn't fit. Then I had to nap, I was TIRED, it took me a long time to hide all that stuff. Then when I woke up I realized that I had to pull it all back out if I wanted to play with it. Not one of my better ideas.

Then I decided it was time for Mom to clean out her closet, she has some terribly un-fashionable stuff in there. Judy is quite the fashionista and I listened closely to what she had to say and I heard her say that big, square, clunky heels are OUT! So, while checking out the closet that someone forgot to close, I saw some really big, clunky, square heels. So I did what any fashion minded dog would do and chewed them up. I can't wait to get back in there and see what else I can help get rid of, when I get the chance. WELCOME HOME!
(Note from Kathleen, that will teach me to leave the closet door open!)

Tonight I have class, I didn't practice so I hope they don't give me a test, I think I might fail......


T-man said...

Murphey - Welcome back home!! I see you've keeping very busy and are back to your old tricks ;) You must try not to chew your mom's shoes though -- chunky heels may be back in style this fall! I like to hide my toys too sometimes and have lots on the couch too.

Anonymous said...

A pup with fashion sense! terrier/fashionista?

Bussie Kissies

Jules said...

Welcome home Murph! Glad Judy sprung you from the slammer -- you don't want to get kennel cough! Come play with us soon --
the Doodles

Murphey said...

Hey Jules, We can't wait to visit! Murph wants to play with the Doodles so badly! Oh, and hang with the kids too....
Hey Buster, what do you think? My own TV show, fashion by murph....I like it.
t-man, according to Judy, no chance for the big heels, but I know Mom won't lsiten, she has a few pairs hdden in teh back of the closet to be worn when Judy won't see her. She gripes about the fashion police down the street, whatev' I say! And I try to stay away from those shoes, but goodness they taste good!