Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Which one am I?

Well after three hours THREE HOURS! I finally got this post to work, but I'm not bitter, no, not me.....dang blogger.
But on to the fun stuff! I went to the dog park and what did I see? A dog that looked just like ME! Well, pretty darn close doncha think? Which one am I?

Her name is Tobi and she looked so sad when I wasn't playing with her!

Don't be sad Tobi, come over here and we'll play!

Really that's Tobi, not me!

She made me laugh, when she got tired, she would sit in a chair just like a person! She is one lucky dog. And a pretty labradoodle, my lady said she will get LOTS bigger than me, Really?!

After pretty Tobi left, I decided to turn in to A RABBIT! Don't I look like a rabbit?

Okay maybe not.

(wow that was a pretty pitiful post after all that hard work).


Jasper said...

Hi Murphey! Thanks for the comment; I wish I could see the photos on your blog, they are just an empty box with a red X. :(
Slobbery licks,

T-man said...

Wow, that Tobi does look just like you! Do you feel like you're looking in the mirror? Maybe she's a long-lost twin sister??


Joe Stains said...

you really DO look like a rabbit. looks like fun!

Boo said...

oh murphey,

tobi looks so like you. i thought you were the on sitting on the chair. been trying to find out if you have yellowish back fur and she's not. but nope. you two have the same fur!

wet wet licks


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Murph,
You've found your twin??!
Heheh.. so you've morphed into Murphey the 'Dog-bbit'...

Fu Fu said...

Murphey, are you the doggie on the left in the first pic? Woh you really can run fast like a rabbit...

~ fufu

Chelsea said...

Tobi looks so thin!
And sad...the poor dear.

You Murphey are on the left in the first photo.

I think