Monday, February 26, 2007

Life is Good

It's great when my lady gets back from a trip, she always feels guilty so I get extra play time, Whoo HOOO! I was such a good boy at Judy's, I didn't pee inside, I didn't eat any thing I shouldn't, and I left Judy's shoes alone. What a Good Boy I am! Of course Audrey and I were outside except for when we were sleeping, but still, I was good! Judy called me a perfect gentleman, she don't know me very well!

So here I am burning off some extra energy, doing my favorite thing, RUNNING! Well, maybe my second favorite thing, my first favorite thing is tearing up my ladies underwear, but no underwear, so running it is.




Multi SHOTS, I am FAST!

I'm Gonna Catch you SUCKER!


My Lady loves it when my ears fly up while running, so here is a close up just for her!

That is it for now....


Maggie said...

You have my kind of energy Murphey!!! I love all of the pics of you running!

Love ya lots,

Schniblet said...

Hey Murphey!

We have sooo much in common! Running and undergarments! You don't happen to enjoy frisbee as well, do you?


PS: Thanks for visiting my blog!

Jessie and Jake said...

WOW! You are a fast runner!
Super duper pics!

We are glad your lady friend is home now!

Jasper said...

Hey Murphey!! I am glad your lady is back from Lost Wages...I hope she still has enough money to buy your bones, toys, and food!!!
WOW, you can run fast...we would have so much fun at the dog park!

Joe Stains said...

wow you ARE Fast! GO MURPHEY!

Boo said...


that's some nice fun time you got there. i love your park!

wet wet licks


Chelsea said...

I love women's undergarments as well!
I don't know why this irritates Mama so much.
I leave lots of tiny teethmarks in them so that she will think of me whenever she puts them on or takes them off.
I thought I was being thoughtful?


Fu Fu said...

Woh Murphey, you sure do run real fast.

~ fufu

The Airechicks said...


we agree with you Mom - Ears UP!!

You look like you having FUN...

Run Run Run ...Glad Judy gave you a GOOD Report to Mom...

Enjoy the sun !!!

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

it seems like both of u r having a fun time @ d park....

i do hope i had a companion too....mostly i chase my owner..