Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ode to Boo

Kathleen's Ode to Boo

Her name was Boo

and she was my pet

we spent a lot of time at the vet

she had a bad back

low thyroid too

allergies and dry eye

ate special food

she hated other dogs

we called her the queen

she like to sail

to cuddle

and eat

I had to say goodbye

last July

Boo, I miss you still

Thanks for teaching me how wonderful it is to share my life with canine companions, otherwise known as DOGS!

The Chasing Lesson

As all you pups out there know, I like to run, I like to be chased, I like to jump and twist and taunt other dogs with my super speedy feets. So it was time for the Reilly man to learn his number one job around here, to chase me. A good chase always starts with a taunt, so I grab the first thing that looks super tempting a super noisy water bottle. (k here: yeah, he grabbed my water bottle, he loves those things) I grabbed that bottle and then ran supper close to the Reilly man.

Oh yeah, we're off! Look at him leaping after me, he sure can jump with those short legs!

Wow, you almost caught me, airborne Reilly! (Not aireborne, 'cuase we ain't Airedales!)
Wow, getting kinda close there.

Hey, whoa, don't just run around, chase me! Do you see me way in the top of the photo, towards the left? I'm watching him run AWAY from me. Doesn't he get it the game is chase, not run away!

Hey, nice form, crappy picture though!
Hey look, he can jump tall buildings with a single bound! Or at least jump up onto a deck 12 inches off the ground, GREAT JOB REILLY. Keep practicing and you'll be able to jump up on the couch in no time. Well, he mighta missed out on the part where he was supposed to be CHASING ME, but he sure does have good running form.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Relaxing with the Lady

Hey, thanks to everyone for their suggestions about giving Reilly the toys I don't want and then hiding the ones I want, then begging for MORE TOYS. It just might work, for now though I am looking oh so sad when Reilly takes a toy from me, then my lady gives me some lovin' and a treat, telling me "Good Murph". Thanks Joe for that suggestion, I get called Good Murphey, which didn't used to happen so much in the past....

One thing the lady and I used to do was have cuddle time every night on the couch. She laid down, I'd jump up and curl up and get some belly rubbin' time. Last night we decided to try it with the Reilly dog.

See how cute we are sitting on the lady's lap, happy, happy cuddle time-----

Hey, where you going little guy, lay down and relax!

Forget relaxin', it's FIGHT TIME! See the black and white, that's my ladies lap we are fightin' on. Cuddle time lasted about three seconds.
We got tired of fightin' each other so it was time to attack the lady's nose, HERE WE COME LADY!

Funny, after the attempt on my lady's nose cuddle time ended with us getting put off the couch, I don't get it!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Toy Time

After the walk I was feeling pretty confident about my dogness lessons. Today we took on the big one, TOYS and PROPER PLAY! But here is what I found out......Maggie was right, puppies DON"T SHARE! Even when it was my toy, well, let me just show you how it went.

Look how well it started.

Aren't we cute?

Then I decided it was time to switch toys, and look at the little sh*&. He grabbed my CUZ, and then wouldn't let go of the ball, DUDE SHARE!

And then, as if Mr. Greedy Pants didn't have enough of MY TOYS, he tried to grab my shake and bash toy, that was just too much and I refused to let him have it.

So we fought and pulled, man he's lucky that thing didn't break, or I would have bit his little butt right off that couch.
I decided we had better take it outside, you know, man to man where I could really show him who the boss is when it comes to the toys.
He did it again, grabbed it while it was IN MY MOUTH!

Then he tried to tug it away,

I don't think so. (K here: you will notice no pictures of Murphey winning and keeping the toy, somehow Reilly manages to get it from Murph every time, so I'm not sure if the right lesson is getting taught!)

But I am smarter than that. I got up on the couch with the toy and his legs are too short to get up here and steal it from me, Whaaa Haaa HAAAAA!

Teaching the Little Dude

I've been real busy lately with teaching the little dude how to be the bestest dog ever.

The first lesson was how to take a walk. Too bad no pictures of him jumping around like a jumping bean when we first put the harness on him, I laughed so hard at my lady trying to control the little guy and the little guy acting like he was getting hurt. It was pretty darn funny. Finally though,

I told him to stand there really nice and get the harness on, so he did.

Off we went, and I had to tell him to LEAVE MY LEASH ALONE! You're not walking me, my lady is! Sheesh.

Showing him the cats that live across the street. One day I'm gonna break free and go eat one of them cats....

Reilly in his proper place, walking behind me. Good job on the walking. After the walk it was time to rest. I had a real problem with where his bed was.

Get outta that bed and watch this....

Yeah, that's right, grab it with your teeth and then....

Get it right where you want it, next to my big bed!

Then, after all that hard work, refuse to sleep in your bed, instead get on your lady and say

NIGHT NIGHT! That is it for now, nap time.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Interview of My Lady

Before we got the little dude, following in all those pup reporters paws out there I interviewed my lady. So without further delay here it is.

M: So, lady, what time is dinner?

K: As soon as we finish this interview.

M: What are we having, is it good?

K: Murph, you get the same thing every night, kibble, yogurt and veggies.

M: I do? Why is that?

K: Is this really what people want to know?

M: I don't really care what the pups out there want to know, I want to know! Just answer the question, or I'm gonna throw the book at you.

K: What book, what are you talking about? How much TV do you watch when I am at work?

M: I'm asking the questions here. So, what took you so long to bust me outta the pound?

K; Murph, you had only been there three days before I adopted you.

M: Three long, miserable, cold, lonely, snowy, icy days. It felt like forever you big slow poke!

K: I think that might be a slight exaggeration, it was August in Dallas, I doubt you were cold or that there was snow or ice.

M: Why are you so hostile, I thought Texans were nice people.

K: Well, actually, I'm not a Texan. I'm a third generation Californian, I moved to Dallas because of my job.

M: Are you saying Californians aren't nice?

K: No, don't put words in my mouth. I'm just saying where I came from.

M: What do you do at work all day?

K: I work for an airline, and I makes sure we comply to all security regulations.

M: YAWNNNN, Boring. Are you married?

K: You know I'm not married, you live with me, do you see a husband around?

M: Hey sassy pants, no need to get snappy with me, or I'm gonna bust out the tough questions and really make you look bad.

K: Do you want to eat tonight? If so you had better not be to tough on me.

M: Well, that's all folks, she's as boring as she sounds! I'm off to eat dinner.

That's it for now, more Murph and Reilly shots to come.

What we do.

Life around here had been EXCITING! Everybody was worried that I would get tired of having company, well, NO WAY! Except for late at night....but that is another story that I will share later. For now I've been teaching him to not hog the bed.

You can see how well that lesson went.....Him inside the bed and me outside, and with MY TOY TOO! Turkey head....... Sharing doesn't seem to be his thing.

I got tired and had to hide under the couch, man that little dude has energy to burn.

Then it was on to the great outdoors, he did better at these lessons.

First I told him that ya gotta wander around a bit, pee, poop, all that jazz. See, he's really listening to me.

Then I grabbed a toy and said FOLLLOW MEEEEE~

And so he did. He runs kinda slow though. But even with him running slow my lady still takes crappy pictures! (K: Hey, take that back!)

Look he's following me. What fun it is to run with a buddy.

Finally, one tuckered out little dude. And he is little, look at him compared to those shoes! Mr. Reilly is a Schnorkie, a Schnauzer Yorkie mix and he's not supposed to gt any bigger than me. Right now he weighs six pounds, he is eleven inches from the top of his shoulders down to the ground and his body is 10 inches from his shoulders to his tail. Like I said, Little Dude.

Friday, July 13, 2007


I gots me a brother, WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOO! Last night my lady came home with Riley, which she promptly changed to Reilly. We have got the Celtic/Irish theme going on, Murphey means "sea warrior"(maybe that should be Pee Warrior, I crack my self up!) and Reilly means "valiant." So together we are a valiant pee, I mean SEA warrior team! Umm, not that we live near the sea or anything.....And not that I like to reallly fight.

But I do like to play, see us playing? I LET him take me down.
Here is what happened, he is just a young guy, he won't even be eight weeks old until July 15th, and he really needed a big brother who could play with him, teach him, and be his bud. Also he needs me so he won't feel so lonely at night, or during the day when the lady goes and makes the puppy chow money. So we offered to take him cause it was really hard on his former owners. Their dog didn't really want to play with Reilly, and she was just plain miserable with Reilly around, but me, I LURVE HIM!
But I do gotta say he is loud at night, YOWLLLLLLLL, WHINNNNNEEEEEE, BARK! It was tough, my lady and I lay there and felt sorry for him, but after a few minutes he quieted down and went to sleep.

Anyway, here is a photo of us sharing some water, NOT FOOD! I might share the water, but heck no on the food. I might not be posting a whole lot over the next few weeks, I have a feeling this little guy is gonna take up a lot of my time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Company!

Some of you pups wanted to know where Mr. Riley came from, he belongs to friends and neighbors of my lady. I will get to see him a lot, whoo hoo!

But before I met Riley, we had other company, one little peep pup and two big peeps. My lady went to the water park with Alyssa, she's ten. After the trip to the park they came to visit me. Here we are, Alyssa and I.

Me in the back yard showing off for the pretty little lady. I wanted her to see how fast I could run.

Then I showed her my jumping onto the deck skills, LOOK AT ME!

Finally I showed her my jumping OFF the deck skills. You have to look really close since my lady is a really crappy photo taker (K here; WHAT?!) But there I am, the big brown blur on the right that blends in with the brown wall behind me, just over the wrapped up green hose on the ground, or to the left of the green hose in the hose holder.

Let me tell you, she was so impressed with my skills that she let me sleep on the couch with her, she even let me wake her up at 6:30 am with my usual big old am face lick. She only stayed for one night, but we had a good time.