Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What we do.

Life around here had been EXCITING! Everybody was worried that I would get tired of having company, well, NO WAY! Except for late at night....but that is another story that I will share later. For now I've been teaching him to not hog the bed.

You can see how well that lesson went.....Him inside the bed and me outside, and with MY TOY TOO! Turkey head....... Sharing doesn't seem to be his thing.

I got tired and had to hide under the couch, man that little dude has energy to burn.

Then it was on to the great outdoors, he did better at these lessons.

First I told him that ya gotta wander around a bit, pee, poop, all that jazz. See, he's really listening to me.

Then I grabbed a toy and said FOLLLOW MEEEEE~

And so he did. He runs kinda slow though. But even with him running slow my lady still takes crappy pictures! (K: Hey, take that back!)

Look he's following me. What fun it is to run with a buddy.

Finally, one tuckered out little dude. And he is little, look at him compared to those shoes! Mr. Reilly is a Schnorkie, a Schnauzer Yorkie mix and he's not supposed to gt any bigger than me. Right now he weighs six pounds, he is eleven inches from the top of his shoulders down to the ground and his body is 10 inches from his shoulders to his tail. Like I said, Little Dude.


Joe Stains said...

you need to get control of that bed! Other than that it looks like youare having some fun!!!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Murphey.
I am so glad that you two are getting along so well and having lots of fun!
I am sure you will be a good teacher!
Have a good night

Bella said...

Kewl running - looks like you are having lots of fun

Sparky said...

I loved the pictures, even if your humans takes crappy ones! Hehe.


fee said...

reilly is so tiny he can be your hug-to-sleep toy! we know you're going to be busy but do try to keep us updated!


Maggie said...

Pups never share - trust me on this one! Mitch is still just as stingy as ever and he's almost 8 months old!

Love ya lots,

Asta said...

What fun..I wish I had a pawmenent fwiend to wun awound with..Reilly looks like fun..he's got spunk too, just like you..it wouldn't be fun to have adoggie bwother who just acted like a doowstop, heheheh,

I think you would look pawsome in a leather jacket on a Vespa..talk your Mommi into getting you one, maybe with a sidecaw for Reilly
smoochie kisses

Stanley said...

Murph Man!

You got yourself one cool little brother, man! Run like the wind, Murphey! Run like the WIIIIIND!

One piece of advice - get that bed thing under control, buddy. I dog's gotta have a safe place to lay his head without threat of landshark attacks.

Goob love to you & Reilly,