Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Break Vacation

Man, there my lady was pulling out her suitcase, packing up some clothes and measuring out some food. I knew what that meant, she was going away AGAIN! Now, I like staying with Judy, but come on, quit leaving me at home. I was kinda mad, so I kept pulling out her socks and hiding them in the couch (not in my famous "spot"). Then I climbed into her suitcase as squished all her clothes, serves her right.

Then I heard a car honking, it was her friend Kim and I got put in the car, OH NOOOO, not the PEE PEE MOTEL!? Please, let me stay at Judy's, please, oohhhhhh please. Then suddenly I realized we were driving a long time, what's up with that? Then the long time got longer, I got bored it took so long. We even stopped once so I could pee, that's how long we drove. But I realized that meant one thing, I was going too! And where did we go you might wonder? To the BEACHHHHHHHHHH. My lady has friends that live at the beach and we were gonna stay with them, and their three kids, two dogs and a bunny! It was one full house, four big peeps, three little peeps, four dogs and a bunny. They used to have birds, man that might have been too much.

So here is some of what I did, met some big dogs called "The Doodles" better known as Slater and Coco. Hi Guys!

Met the rabbit, not too sure what I think about Buttercup.

Maybe she wants to play? Actually at first she kinda scared me, but I got over it real quick. Every chance I got I would go into her room and try to get her to come out of her cage and play, She never did. My lady said I had a crush on the rabbit, whatever lady! Then she would start saying something like "It's just a harmless bunny! " And then laugh really hard. I don't get her some times.

Then I met one of the small peeps named Sophia, here she is giving me the rules of the house, see how well I look like I am listening!

No peeing on the floor, check (well, I did once, I couldn't help myself)

No pooping in the house, check (well, I did that once too....)

No getting on the furniture (well you can see how well that worked out, cause I was already on the furniture)

No biting or fighting (okay, that one didn't work out to well either)

And the last rule was to accept any and all kisses and hugs Sophia wanted to give me, looks like that one I can handle!

Later I'll let you know about some of the fun activities we did, but right now I gotta go I think the bunny is calling my name, which means the silly peeps left the door open so I gotta go run and go stare at the bunny in her cage, here I come Bunny!

Hey Fufu, I still can't find you in that picture AWESOME HIDING SPOT! Yeah, me and Tanner sure can yell. : )


Liberty Doo Dah said...

Way to go Murphey!
Gotta let everyone know when Murph's in the H O U S E!
The beach rocks! Tell your mum to take lots of pictures!

Maggie said...

I'm glad you and the bunny got along. I would have chased her white fluffy bunny tail! hehehehe

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

tanner is using your hiding trick to try and get out of his surgery!!!

Boo said...

wow murphey, you sure have lots of fun! beach but how come no photos of the beach. instead, photos of you and doggies and rabbits!

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Hey Murphey, looks like you got along well with the bunny. Will you bring the bunny home with you?

Glad you think I found a good hiding spot. I learnt from you. :)

~ fufu

Jasper said...

Hey Hey Hey Murphey!! You SCORED....beach time is F U N time for sure!!! Can't wait to see pics of you on the sand!!

T-man said...

Hee hee, peeing and pooping in the house?? It sounds like you're really relaxing on your vacation!! :) That's something I'd like to do too!

Post some beach pictures too! I'm so jealous...that sounds like fun!