Monday, March 05, 2007

Good Host/Bad Host

We had company this weekend, Maggie dog came to stay with us. I think I was a really good host, although my lady says I was a bad host...all I can say is YOU DECIDE!!!! I personally believe that it is my responsibility to provide entertainment for our dog guests, and there are two types of entertainment I try to provide, a good game of chase or a good wrestling match. The visit started off in the backyard, can you see me following Maggie around?

Hey, what you doing over there? Don't ya want to play?


Alright, look, you are here and I have to provide you with entertainment, all good hosts do, so lean down here and let me tell you about the activities I have planned.

Alright, that's it, since you won't listen I'm gonna have to jump on up and tell you that you are supposed to chase me!
Well, that didn't work to well, so when we were inside I decided to try again. Okay Maggie Dog, I'm looking at you and I am ready to wrestle!

That's it, show some TEETH! Ohh and some growling, yeah, that's the way to play!

Hey, wait a minute, how did I end up down here? And upside down even? That's not the way the game is played.

Wait one stinkin' minute, now you are just laying on my head to keep me from getting up? I don't think I like playing with you, you're kinda boring....

All these great activities I had planned......

So, you call it, am I a good host? And Maggie is just a bad guest? (Vote for that!!!!!)

Or, am I just a little pain in Maggie's butt, making me a bad host? (No Way!!!!!)

After Maggie left I was all worn out, it's hard to be entertaining. Look at my tired eyes, and my flipped back ear, it does that all the time.

I think I had better rest my head now. Yeah, that knee is pretty comfortable.

Ummm, so sleepy my head hung off the couch and I didn't even care. I hope Maggie comes and visits again real soon. Sweet doggie Dreams!


Schniblet said...

I'd say that you were a MOST gracious host! I mean, who wouldn't want to come over and play with YOU!? All that running, chasin and wrestlin' is the best!

Fu Fu said...

Murphey, you were a great host. And you sure do look tired after hosting Maggie doggie the whole day.

~ fufu

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Wow Murphey, you had an exciting day, didn't you? I don't think you were a bad host at all. You showed Maggie the best kind of entertainment. Don't let anyone tell you that you were a bad host. You are fabulous!


Joe Stains said...

you were a GREAT host! just because maggie was BOOORING does not mean you are a bad host!!

Jasper said...

You were a very good host...GOOD JOB...YAY!!!
Those photos are FUNNY!
Hope you got rested up,

Maggie said...

I say she'll be back cause she had lots of fun! That means you were the bestest host!

Love ya lots,

Boo said...

ah, murphey you are such an active dog! you sleep funny too.

ok, i dogsonally think you are a good host. who will want their guest to be bored rite? you been keeping your guest entertain through their stay!

wet wet licks


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I hoped you barked in her face a lot, guests usually love that!

Bussie Kissies

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Murph,
You are a very good host.. can I come over and play someday?

Marvin The Dog said...

Murphey! You were a good host just like I was last week to my Paying Guest, but it all gets pretty tiresome don't it!

They say visitors are like fish, after 3 days they go off! More like 3 hours in my case!

love and lotsa Licks Marvin xxxx

Belly said...

I'm a big fan of upside down. That's my favorite of so many great photos. LOL