Thursday, March 08, 2007


It's good to know we all have the same opinion about CLEANING! I think we should band together and protest! I just had to respond to everyone's thoughts and comments!

Joe, I love it that Tanner attacks the vacuum, I gotta try that~ and Maggie likes that approach too, hmmm. Sweets, maybe you should try it too?

Chelsea, my lady uses bad words too, but they usually end up something like this "%^^$ shedding dog!" Why is it my fault?

Freda, Little Freda's, ah man that is funny!

Boo, they make you "stay" while they clean, sheesh, I like to run through the kitchen after she mops, Hee Hee, little dog prints left on the clean floor.....

Marvin, I leave brown fur piles in the corner, under the couch, on my lady's clothes. I really laugh when she just finishes cleaning, she comes in the living room and yells "when did that pile of fur show up?" HA HA! But saving the fur to make another dog, not funny, silly peeps.


Casey said...

Sorry for posting in your comments section but I couldn't find an email address for you. Can you contact me via email? It's about your blog being listed on our site. Thanks in advance.

Again, sorry if leaving this message here is annoying to anyone reading these comments.

Joe Stains said...

the doof has never WON against the vacuum, so don't feel bad if you are not successful. BUT it certainly annoys mom!

Jasper said...

I don't even shed...and Momma stills finds a need to use that dag-burned thang!! why???? sheesh.
You look so comfy lying in your bed...and it does not matter if it is a little tattered....that makes it HOME!

T-man said...

What is cleaning? Is it when Mom bends over picking up my messes and turns on that noisy roaring machine? That's so annoying when she moves my stuff!!


Fu Fu said...

Hee Murphey, you're such a funny doggie. So I guess you dont help out during the cleaning?

~ fufu

Maggie said...

Attacking that vacuum always speeds the housecleaning chores up around here! Yup, you need to take action!

Love ya lots,

Marvin The Dog said...

Hey, the same thing happens here Murphey.....she cleans everywhere and then I come in and within a few minutes another pile of black fur.

This dog she is making out of it better be good!

Schniblet said...

I'm in agreement with Maggie! I always have the urge to ATTACK that evil monster mum calls the vacuum cleaner! It makes her move much faster through the whole process!

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Hey Murphey, I agree with Schniblet...Dogs UNITE. Maybe we should send around a pet-ition or something.