Friday, December 01, 2006

Where Am I?

What is this stuff?

It looks kind of familiar, it looks like SNOW! Am I in...........

Sunshade's backyard? It sure looks the snow Sunshade was playing with.

Or perhaps I have dropped in to T-man's world, he had some of this stuff too!

Wait, I don't remember any pink flamingos in their world....Maybe I am in Florida visiting Isabella? No, actually, can you believe it, I'm in DALLAS TEXAS! We got snow! I love Snow, it sure tastes good.

Now stop laughing all you snow bound pups. I know this might not look like much to you, but for us dogs here in Dallas, this is a pretty cool event, and we consider this to be some serious snow action. I know it must be a big deal cause last night I was taking my nightly nap before bedtime and the old TV was on and all they could talk about was THE BIG WINTER STORM. People were rushing out to buy supplies, you know, food and water and stuff, seriously, the stores were running out of stuff. (I made sure we had enough kibble). Apparently people are afraid that THE BIG WINTER STORM might keep them stuck in their houses for a day or two......

Okay, now REALLY STOP LAUGHING YOU SNOWBOUND PUPS! This is the big time out here, those Dallasites don't know how to drive on this stuff, and at night it turns in to ice and then they really get in trouble, four wheel drive does not work on ice, but try telling that to some big old truck driving fool, at least one of them ends up in someones front yard every ice storm.

I heard my lady talking to her friends and she said that schools shut down, businesses close early and the town goes crazy at the threat of snow and ice. Not her though, she knows that in two days or less the ice will melt and it will warm up, so she doesn't panic, plus she lived in real snowbound places, so she's cool with it. But I did like having her come home early when her office closed down. It meant more time to play in the SNOW! YEE HAW

Gotta go, must play in the snow before it all melts!


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

What a cute lil snowy face! We don;t get that stuff here in Jupiter.

Bussie Kissies

Boo said...

hi murphey,

since i'm not from your part of the world, i really no idea how texas looks like during winter time. no snow but what about the weather temperature? is it cold or still warm?

wet wet licks


Chelsea said...

You have way more snow that us considering we have NONE....And I am in Canada.



Ivy said...

ha ha ha ha!! im sorry murphey i just cuddent stop laffing! of corse i didnt get any snow here at all which is just terrible. everydog needs snow! it looks like you enjoyed yours very much!

even if it is funny to shut everything down becuz of a little dusting i gess it is pretty cool that your mom got to stay home wif you!

T-man said...

I LOVE your cute little snowy face. You're a real charmer! And you're not doing anything naughty this time...I almost didn't recognize you :) I guess you're having too much fun.

My mom is so surprised to hear of snow in Dallas. That would be a shock for the residents. That's funny that Dallas is snowier than Toronto now. What's the world coming to??

Freda said...

Hey Murphey and Kathleen,

I just received your reeeallys cooools card. Thank you. A dog of many bodies. Arf! Arf!

Snow in Dallas? Cooools. The humans here say that we get snow about every one two one two (10-15) years. It is in the one twos one twos(30s) here at darks.

We moved from Colorado to the let coast several years ago. Mom and Dad got reeeeallys tired of the snow. Then of course, their son moved out here earliers.

I like snows too. I love plowin' through it with my nose.

Thanks again for the great card. We wish you a wonderful holiday season.


Huskee Boy said...

Ohhh.. you look so adorable, oops, sorry, I mean handsome in that last picture with the snow on your muzzle! I haven't seen/ played in snow ever in my life.. is it nice??

Sunshade said...

So you guys got unexpected snow too!! Vancouver rains, rarely snows, and never in November, but we got them! Have fun while you can Murph... our snow has been melting for a couple of days now, and I am already starting to miss that powdery stuff!!

ps. that snow is yummy eh? Your face looked just like mine after eating the snow!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Fu Fu said...

Hey Murphey.. You look so cute and happy in the last pic. I wish we get some snow in hot hot Singapore too. :)

~ fufu

fee said...

no snow here either... is it like ice cream?