Thursday, January 03, 2008

Auntie and Uncle's House

So we went to Austin, Texas for Christmas. We stayed at Auntie and Uncle's house. The lady made us promise to be good, and we did try, really we did. When we were bad we had to go stay in our bedroom, mainly cause we wanted to bark at people when the came to visit. Oh, um we did try to jump on poeple sometimes too....then there was that time that Reilly decided to pee in the living room, he though the carpet felt like grass.... then one night Reilly decided he didn't feel too good so he puked three times and then pooped in the family room, man that was stinky! (the lady was happy it was tile, so much easier to clean up)...well, once I stole a whole ball of cheese off the table when no one was looking and everyone was really worried that I ate the whole thing, but it turns out I had just hid it for later in the sunroom chair, where someone found it before I could eat it....other than that we were really good, really, we were......

Here we are in our room, where we spent a lot of time on time outs, can you see me?

Maybe now that my eyes are open and I am saying NO MORE PICTURES you can see me! See Reilly in his sweater?

We had fun, we hope we get invited back after all of our "goodness".

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