Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hey, my name is Murphey. I'm about twelve weeks old, or so they say, and until last Thursday I was living at the pound.

Last Thursday started like any other day, me and six other puppies were hanging in our kennel when this tall blond lady came by. Now, all my puppy friends were jumping and barking and jumping and barking and I thought, heck no, not me. So I stretched, waded my way through the other puppies, lifted up my paw and looked that lady RIGHT IN THE EYE. The right in the eye thing was really important cause I was trying out that mind control thing, you know, the one where you stare at someone really hard and think something you want them to do, and they do it? So, there I was, staring her right in the eye and thinking come on sucker, "Take me Home. Me, not them, Me, you want a puppy, Take ME HOME!" Then she walked away. Darn it, it didn't work, or so I thought.

It turns out she went to ask about me, she tracked down the main person to find out if I was available. Of course I was! So they came and took me to a meet and great area where I tried out some other skills, you know, the ones where you convince the person you have chosen that you are the perfect dog? Kind of like first dates, where you don't eat too much, you say all the right things and act real nice, before the real you comes out? Well, that is what I did. I jumped up on her lap, licked her face, then curled up in a calm little ball. Yeah, I sold her a bill of goods, tee hee.

So, the next thing I knew I was in her car going HOME! But wait, I had to, well, I had to, well, POOP! Where?! oh no, where?! Hey, how about on that big white bag, yeah, that's it, the big white bag, how was I to know it was her purse and my poop would be runny. Jeez, she about crashed the car. What did she expect, I'm a puppy, I've been pooping in a cage, what's the big deal. But we made it home.

Once home I decided that walking wasn't for me, nope, running, that's right, running really, really fast, all over, then some jumping, really, really high jumping, oh and some chewing, yeah, on anything I could find, oh that chewing feels good. Too late for her to reconsider, the real me is here to stay. So, I am getting my new owner trained and I figure life will be pretty good for me. Keep checking in, I'll let you know how things go.

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Jules said...

I LOVE IT! He is FREAKY cute.... the Romano's are totally jealous!