Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feeling Better and Back Home Again!

The lady finally busted me outta that darn vet hospital. Was I ever glad to get home. I ran right to my favorite sleeping place and took a nice long nap, without a stupid IV in my leg. I do feel better, no more bad poop, and I am eating again. I even like my special low fat diet, yum, that food is so good I snaarf it up so fast.

Reilly said he missed me, even though he got to go to Mischa's house every day to play.

Well, gotta go, Mom's got my treat ready for me, it's a snap pea, man I love those snap peas...

Hey, good terr-vibes to Bogart's dad Klaus, to Poppy for her throat and Snickers, we want the seizure monster to GO AWAY!


Sophie Brador said...

Murphey, What a drag that you've not been feeling well. I am so glad your home and eating snap peas again. I like them too.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Murphey!
I am so happy you are at home and doing much better.
Glad you like your new food!
Have a nice sunday
Kisses and hugs

Asta said...

I am so sowwy I haven't checked on you fow so many wowwies and sick pups and hoomans..I am soooo vewy happy that you awe bettew and home and enjoying youw eatables..Reilly must have missed you tewwibly..Peez stay well
love and smoochie kisses

Snowball said...

I am glad that you are finally home. Get well soon, Murphey.


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Murph,
Sorry to hear that you haven't been well.. no wonder you haven't blogged for so long!!
Anyhowl, glad that you are back home now... nothing beats snuggling up into your fav. pillow or blankie!

Joe Stains said...

We are so glad you are home and feeling better. Glad the new food is tasty too!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Murphey,
We're glad you are home now & feeling better. It's good to hear you like your new food. You will feel much better eating the special diet. We sure hope you don't get anymore attacks now. Thanks for sending vibes to Snickers also. She's feeling better today, but is usually tired after having the seizures. We have to monitor her for about 6 months before doing the next step. If she continues to get many seizures, then they do a drug blood test. If the drug is at the correct level, then that means a second drug must be added to prevent the seizures. Some dogs just need both drugs for some reason. Mama was hoping this doesn't happen though, starts getting costly & she doesn't like us on drugs unless they are really needed. But preventing seizures is very important.
Luv & Wirey Hugs,
Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

Amber-Mae said...

Glad to know you're feeling a little better today...

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer

The Airechicks said...

Murphey -

So nice to see you home & in your favorite sleeping spot...

Lucky for you - the new food is good...Snap peas - oh your so right about them....Have you got your garden ready to plant??????

Joe & Tanner's Mom has some GREAT recipes on her blog....

Get plenty of rest....

Reilly do you still not like the new food????


Maggie and Mitch said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaa, we're so glad you're home, Murphey! Snap peas, huh? We've got to tell mom about these! We both like veges!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

the 4 Bs said...

hi Murphey, we're glad to hear that you are feeling better and back home again. you look pretty comfy all stretched out on your bed. we bet that Reilly was lonesome for you. no one is as good a friend to Reilly as you are.


Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

Good to hear that you feeling better. Rest more pal!!

slurpy licks,

Stanley said...

Hey, Murph!

Glad you're back in the saddle again, man. I was bummed to hear about the Pancreatitis, but stinkin' glad you like the new diet. I'm a snap pea fan myself. I also like the green beans & bananas a LOT!

Goober love,