Friday, August 24, 2007

What about me?

First of all, to those that want to try the great panty raid, GO FOR IT! It's really fun, but here is some advice, don't grab the bra, take it from me, your feet will get caught up in the straps, part of it will bounce up and whack you in the face, no good for running! So good luck to all that decide to try it!

Now listen, I mighta complained a little about all the flashies and snappies of the camera in my face, but lady, STOP taking pictures of the Reilly man, I'm starting to get mad here, in fact let me show you what I think of it....
I refuse to look at the camera while you are taking pictures of that stupid camera hogging puppy!

Yeah, yeah, you're cute you little SH*&! But me, I'm

HANDSOME! Oh my, not to brag or anything, but I am one good lookin' dog.

Oh and check out the newest cake my lady decorated. I tried to eat some, but I got stopped before I could lick. Bummer, maybe next week.

Almost there, maybe she won't stop me.....but she did.


Tofu Burger said...

Hi Murph!

It's undeniable! You are the good lookin' one :)

Hey doesn't your lady know that you can't have coco? How insensitive...when is she bringing home the strawberries and cream cake, I wanna come over!!


Sparky said...

You're definitely the best lookin', but Reilly is very cute too...

That cake looks soooo good!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Murphey.
Of course you are very handsome, but you have to admit that Reilly is very cute!!
That cake looks very good! Good luck next time!
Have a nice day

Freda said...

Hey Murphs,

You're better lookin' than Reillys, paws down, but I think maybe throw him a toy once in a whiles. Poor guy.

Cooools cakes! Does your mum do CHEESE cakes. Yummys!

I bet she'd make lots of monies if she decorated Panty Cakes! Arf! Arf!
(Watis! Panty cakes, Panty cakes, bakers man... No, that's not it.)

Keep the panty raids goin'! Never can have enoughs of those.



Boo said...

murphey, i think your lady decorating skills has improved from the last one!

wet wet licks


Asta said...

Oh my dog , don't you ever doubt that you're one gweat loooking doggie..your Mom needs to take lots mowe pictoowes of you ..suwe I think Reilly is a cutie,but absolutely not mowe cute than you
smoochie kisses
pee ess.good luck with the gowgeous lucious looking cake next time

Bella said...

oooohhhh yum would you look at that cake - fantastic - yum yum yum.
Hey Murphey don't let the little dude hog the limelight - push him oout the way :)

Joe Stains said...

your Mom does such an AWESOME job on her cakes. I don't like my pic taken either but I do admit that I would prefer MY picture over Tanners.

Chelsea said...

No need to worry.

We can all see that you are the photogenic one here.

I should know....takes one to know one.

nice cake by the way


Pacco de Mongrel said...

nice CAKE!!

is there any barkday aroun d corner??

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I think you're really handsome too Murphey. Oh what a pretty cake, maybe your lady can make a cake that you can eat the next time

~ Girl girl

Huskee Boy said...

Hello Murph,
Oh yeah.. you are Mr Handsome alright! (But Reilly does look so adorable!!)..
Oh and that's a cool cake!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Murph,

You are indeed very handsome :-)


Stanley said...

Murph Man!

Do not EVER doubt what a studly looking pup muffin you are! Yes, Reilly is cute, but cute is not the same as being a HOT LADIES MAN! That's what you are & don't you forget it.

About the cake, be careful of the chocolate, but whoa! I'd go for a cake like that anytime. Your lady is an artist!

Goober love,

Frasypoo said...

I think they use food as bait to get great pics!!

Jessie and Jake said...

Yummies those cakes look scrumpteous - you have to get higher heels or something to be able to grab it quicker.

As for the puppy grabbing the attention - what I do with Jake is take a toy (one of mine of course cause he doesn't care about his) and flop around with it and then he runs for it and I get to do whatever I want for a little while as it keeps him busy

Love Jessie :-)