Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not Only a Stick...

Okay, so we didn't get only a stick for Christmas, that was just my lady's stupid way to tease us. We did get Christmas sweatshirts. They were red with a Christmas tree on the back. Look very closely at me in this sweatshirt. You will never see me in it again, NEVER!

Here is a close up of my face, I am NOT HAPPY! I froze like a statue and just stood there. Even when they held a treat up I refused to move.

Here is Reilly, he also looks unhappy, but later he decided he love that darn sweatshirt and he wore it for days.

This is what we wanted to take home with us from our Auntie Janet's house, her rug in the kitchen. We both loved sitting on it in front of the stove. It keep our little behinds warm and it was so much better than the cold tile. I told Reilly to pee or poop on it so we could take it home, but when he finally did poop inside it wasn't on the rug! More on that excitement in a later post.

After I kicked the chubby, red sweat shirted pup off the rug, I sat on it for a while. Notice that I am now no longer wearing the dreaded sweatshirt?!

More later.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas, is that our New Toy?!

Hope Everyone had a Merry Christmas!
So the lady read that there was a new toy inducted into the Toy Museum Hall of Fame and we were so excited becasue she said she was going to get us one for Christmas. What was the toy you ask? A Stick, that's right, a stick. WTF, what kind of bleeping gift is that? Here is the article: And here we are with our stick...not even two sticks, but we have to share?! Double WTF.
Then the fight was on for the worst Christmas gift ever, um, I mean the awesome stick.

Um, yeah, how much fun does that look like?!

Not much. Stupid Stick.

We got cheated, I don't care what they say at the Toy Museum Hall of Fame.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

MFing Opossum!

Last night I did my favorite thing in the world, and the lady's least favorite thing. I went out our dog door to take care of some peeing business and I saw a freaking opossum, and it was on MY FENCE! So I started barking and Reilly came out and joined me in the 2 am in the morning bark fest. Barking wasn't enough so I started doing this:
Yup, jumping up to try to get that stupid possum, his tail, his foot, anything! Jump, Bark, Jump Bark, Jump, Bark, and the lady telling us to stop barking. Is she crazy, doesn't she see that ugly a&* opossum on OUR FENCE!

Reilly can't jump, but he sure was trying to climb that fence. Then some more barks.

And more jumps. Man, I almost got that thing's tail before the lady grabbed us and made us come inside. I was so proud of myself, look at me smile.

One day I am going to catch that darn thing and teach it a lesson or two.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yummy Bread

Mitch and Maggie posted a recipe for cheese bread and the lady just to make it. It sure smelled good while it was cooking.
And look how awesome it looks! See, the lady cut some and took a bite, she even showed the piece with small bites out of it. Nope, those aren't our bites, we didn't get any.
Reilly and I are kinda bummed out, but the lady sure is happy, she's been eating that bread like crazy. Thanks Maggie and Mitch's Mom!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yeah, Boring.

The lady has been busy going to parties, working and leaving us home. Some Holiday Season, bleh.
We did have company and I let them know that their job was to let me lay on them and for them to rub me till I fell asleep.

Look, it worked, those people are sure easy to train.

Yup, I fell asleep. I do like company.

If you wonder why there aren't so many pictures or Reilly on my blog, this is why, most of them look like this:

He sees the camera and he runs up and tries to lick it!