Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Can you beleive it?

Look at how big those dogs are, and then look at how little that dog door is....and yet, they both managed to squeeze through that door and get into the house, AMAZING!

Hanging in the backyard, where Reilly stayed safely on Sophie's lap. He would bark and then run away and jump on Sophie's lap.

I decided to try it out on Joey's lap, hmm, comfy.

Oh, a little back rub and perhaps a nap.

This is the life!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sophie and Joey

Joey, the tree climbing biped.

Sophie, and of course, ME!

Hey, no fair I wanna play!

Hey, what is this game we are playing? And how can I operate the controls with no thumb?

Here's what we were playing, it was COOL!

Then it was nap time.

Or at least lay down and quit barking time, for all of us!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Which one is Which

Despite the pain and sorrow, I have decided to let Murph keep posting about the visit we had last week with Sophie, Joey and their doodle dogs (labradoodles). Although Sophie and Joey are back in Houston, the doodles are still with us, hanging out and having a barking good time.

So! Meet Coco, isn't she pretty?!

Don't confuse her with her brother, Slater! He has the bad perm, or curly hair look.

Slater and Coco together, can you see it? Curly and not curly.

Me telling Coco that I think she is beautifullllllll!

Notice you don't see Reilly? He kept trying to write checks he couldn't cash, ya know, barking and snapping at Slater and Coco, when they could eat him in one quick bite, Crazy dog...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heavy Heart

I hate to hijack Murph's blog, but I will for this one post. My friends who were staying with me after Hurricane Ike had another son, a wonderful, crazy, loving son who was battling leukemia. Today I found out that he lost his battle and passed away. My heart is breaking for the family and words can't express how I feel. Someone I know once wrote :

"There just aren't any words. There's just love. And prayers. And more love."

And love there is. Johnny Romano, I love you and may you now be at peace.

We're Kinda Back

It has been a busy week and a half. We had lots of company, four bipeds and two dog pals. Here is a photo of Slater and Coco (and Sophie too!) Look how big those pups are, WOW!

For me to even pretend to be as tall as them I had to stand on the couch arm. And Reilly, the big chicken, more on that later, stood on the table.

I enjoy playing with other dogs, but man, Coco and Slater are so big and I ain't no dummy, so I decided to play it safe at first. I went right to the old hidey hole.

Nope, not gonna come out and play, not today!

I finally did get out and play, and we had fun, those big dogs can RUNNNNNNN! More later.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We're Okay

Nothing really happened here with Ike, it moved west of us. But we do know some of our friends in Galveston and Houston aren't doing as well. We might not be blogging too much in the near future, it looks like we are gonna have some company for a while.

We'll keep ya updated.

Friday, September 12, 2008

We Don't Like IKE

To any of our friends out there that might be in the path of Ike, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Here in Dallas we might get some rain and high winds, but nothing like what might be going on down south in Houston and Galveston.


All I have done this week is sleep, and in all sorts of different positions.

Trying to hide my head from the stupid flashy light.

Not working!

Now I am comfortable.

The lady said I was snoring, I don't believe her.

What?! Stupid camera woke me up again.

What's a guy to do? All I want is sleep, sheesh.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Don't Bug Me

So there was Reilly eating his food and I decided to bug him. Do you see my nose? He's looking at me and doing his best cat imitation, arched up back, lowered head and I swear, SWEAR he was hissing at me. Okay, it was really a growl to let me know to stay away from his food.

This was the first time I ever finished eating first so I just had to bug him!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Wordless Wednesday...