Thursday, May 29, 2008

Big sorry and Prayers Needed

Hey, it's Kathleen here.  Sorry we and the boys haven't blogged lately but one of my best friends sons had a relapse of leukemia.  So the boys are at doggie day camp and I'm down in Galveston helping out.  Their son Johnny has had a rough ride and we'll take any good thoughts and prayers.  If you want to check out his blog check him out here on Blogger: J-Grom's blog.

We promise to be back and check up on everybody and let you know how it's going.

Monday, May 12, 2008

That Was FUN!

On Saturday the lady was cleaning the house, a BIG cleaning. She took the covers off the couches and washed them, mopped, vacuumed, dusted and really scrubbed. Then the neighbor came and knocked on our door, so the lady went outside to look at her new plants. What was really cool was that she left a really fun, big, fluffy PLAY TOY out! Reilly and I had a blast, we ripped, and tugged, and tore that toy up, pulled off stuffy type white stuff, chewed up that yellow squishy stuff, WE HAD A BLAST! Look how happy and proud we are of our work!
For some reason the lady didn't look so happy with us, she was muttering something about us destroying the couch bottom pillow?! What, destroyed? Nope, we gave it some stuffie love.
Here's Reilly trying to keep me from interfering with his play time. He preferred to dig in that white stuff.

Then the lady took away our fun toy and all that was there was left overs...

It was fun while it lasted!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you for all agreeing that the mud did not come from us! The lady just needs to get over it.

Anyway, I promised to show you Reilly's new walking collar, it's called a Gentle Leader. See, it goes around his nose and if he pulls on the leash (which he loves to do) it pulls on his nose and stops him. The lady LOVES it, it keeps him from pulling her arm out of her socket, Reilly HATES it, he tries dragging his nose on the ground to get it off. I think the lady is going to win this contest.

Here's a closer shot of it going around his neck, then around his nose and you attach the leash to the blue hook hanging below his red collar.

I'm just glad I don't have to have one, I promised not to pull the lady's arm too hard, so I don't have to wear one, Na Na Na Reilly!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Why Us?!

Everytime there is mud in the house, we pups get in trouble! WHY BLAME US?!

The lady takes pictures like this because she thinks it proves it was us, I say I don't know what that is on my feet and in my beard, but it ain't mud.

Nope, still not mud.
And that, that is just some dirty water that got on my fur, and those big brown pawprint shaped spots on the kitchen floor and rug, not from me!
Look, I see no mud. (Kathleen here: nope, he rubbed it all off on my pants when he jumped on me!)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bee Stings Suck!

After our walk I was waiting at the door to be let in and this DA*& thing stung me, OUCH!

Can you see it? It was a bee and it really hurt. I started licking and nipping at my foot and then I ran inside and kept running around with my one paw held up. When the lady sat down I jumped up on her and begged her to make it STOP hurting. She tried, she really did, she looked for the stinger (I think I pulled it out when I was licking and biting), then she washed it in a baking soda and water paste, she gave me a benedryl to help prevent an allergic reaction, and then she tried to put an ice pack on it.....tried, but I wouldn't let her.

She had to call work and say "I have to stay home and watch and make sure Murph doesn't have an allergic reaction to the be sting." (Is that like the dog ate my homework?)

She stayed home all morning and all I did was this:

That Benedryl makes me sleep every time. But when I woke up my leg didn't hurt any more and I was just fine.

Let me tell you, bee stings really suck!