Sunday, January 27, 2008

This one is for you Joe!

Here it is, me eating under the Hoosier. Why it is called a Hoosier, I don't know! When the lady bought it there was a sign on it that said "Hoosier." So that's what she calls it.

See, only my head and neck stick out.

Here's what the lady sees when she is standing up, my head and the bowl of food.
No one knows why I do it, and I'm not barking as to why.

Hey, the lady goes to Mexico this week, so we'll be back to blogging later, Nana Berta will be taking care of us, we can't wait to make her crazy, um, I mean have some fun!

(okay, actually she is back already...the lady wrote the post, then forgot to post it! She was on vacation in her mind I guess!)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Reilly and the Mess

Okay, the lady is gonna try to get a photo of me eating under the Hoosier. She gets mad cause whenever she tries to take one I go back underneath and refuse to eat. Hey, we pups deserve to not have the paparazzi taking photos while we eat! A guy deserves some privacy. But if I let her take one, we'll post it!

On to the MESSSSSS! Yeah, the house had been filled with dead grass strands, all over. In the kitchen, the living room, on the couch, and even in the bed, YUCK! The lady gripes us out and brushes us every time we come in. I hate that, and I say, BRUSH REILLY! Look, he's the one bringing in the crap, NOT ME. and here is my proof:

Look at him covered in CRAP! And he brings it in, NOT ME. Look, do you see any on me?!:

Nope, you don't, so I rest my case, I am not the one bringing in the crap, so STOP BRUSHING ME!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Seven Weird Things

We've been tagged by Keeley to share 7 weird things about Me and Reilly.

Here are the rules:Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each dog know they have been tagged by leaving a notification on their blog.

So I am gonna spilt these up, four about me and three about Reilly!

1. I have the lady trained! At night, if I get cold I tap the lady twice on her shoulder and she lifts up the sheets and blankets and I get under them, crawl down to her feet and curl up and sleep.

2. I have magic fur, no matter how dirty my fur gets, fifteen minutes later it looks clean! Dirt and stuff just falls right off!

3. I'm funny about where I eat breakfast or dinner. I crawl under the Hoosier (a cabinet) in the kitchen and the bowl has to be placed just outside the Hoosier. Then I stick only my head out to eat out of the bowl, my body stays under the Hoosier. If the bowl is too far away, I just stare at it until the lady moves it closer.

4. I don't bark when people come to the door, I wait until they come in the house, then I go crazy and bark like a maniac!

Now about Reilly!

1. Reilly wants to be in the bathroom whenever anyone is in there. When we have company and they get up at night to go to the bathroom, Reilly will wake up, run and try to sneak in the bathroom with them. All I can say is, company beware!

2. Reilly STINKS! I mean it, he stinks like fritos, all the time! No matter what he gets bathed with, five minutes later he stinks again.

3. Reilly is afraid of squeaky toys, if one squeaks he runs away. Murph figured this out really quick, so he chases Reilly all over the house with a squeaker toy. (When we have one that hasn't been destroyed!)

Now I know we are supposed to tag people, but we gotta go figure out who hasn't been tagged yet, so we will let them know in comments!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mr. Fancy Pants

Sometimes the lady calls Reilly Mr. Fancy Pants. See, I am the rough and tumble, running, rolling in the dirt, jumping in the leaves, digging muddy holes kinda guy. Reilly, not so much...If he gets a leaf stuck in his fur, he freaks out, he'll walk a step, then try to get the leaf out, then he sits and refuses to go any further until it gets removed from his fur.

On our walks if he wants to do his business and there is a leaf anywhere nearby, he stops and moves to a different spot. Muddy feet? He hates 'em. Puddles? Rain? Leaves? Dirt? Nope, not for Reilly. But the habit that really makes the lady and I laugh is this one:

He almost ALWAYS eats with one leg up in the air. He musta read somewhere that fancy pants people stick their little finger out when they drink tea, and since he doesn't have a little finger to stick out, he sticks out his leg!

Mr. Fancy Pants!

And he likes his food bowl on a towel, I guess he thinks it's a placemat or something, what a goose.

And even though he drives me crazy, for some lap time with the lady, I'll share.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

While the Peeps Were Partying....

While the Peeps were having a party, we got stuck in JAIL!

Look at us, stuck behind that jail door and all we got was bread and water. Hmmph.

Reilly let 'em have it, he stood up and let out his famous schnauzer/yorkie mix YOWL!
And let me tell you, his yowl hurts my ears it is so high pitched and LOUD, take that people!

But it didn't help, they just shut the door, even after Reilly tried his sad face look.

Fine, we decided to go into our crates and sleep, look at us, sleeping together and NOT FIGHTING! Take a picture, TAKE A PICTURE to prove we can get along (oh yeah, the lady did...)

But I did curl up as far away from the little guy as I could, and I hid my face behind the cushion, if I can't see him I can pretend that he isn't there. I hate jail.

I want you to know that Reilly practices that poor me face when the lady isn't around!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

We Hate Wednesdays

Every Wednesday night the lady leaves us home by ourselves. Then she brings home something like THIS:

Yup, she made all the flowers, did the cake, and decorated it at her Wednesday night class...

Here's why we get mad, first we get left alone and don't get to go to the class....then we don't get to eat any of the cake, Wednesdays suck around here.......

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The New Year Begins

The lady said we partied like it was 1999, whatever that means!? All I know is that we were worn out after the late night festivities, champagne (not for us), queso and chips (again, not for us!), cookies (not FOR US!) and gunshots (definitely not us, but some other stupid person in the neighborhood!!!!!)
So this is how our New Year began, with a NAP! Mischa was visiting so she joined us on the couch.

That was one worn out little dude, although I guess I shouldn't call him little since the pup is bigger than me now, which is just WRONG, hmmmph. But I can still beat the crap outta him! (you just go on thinking that Murph)

Me in my favorite sleeping position on the couch, yeah, perfect.

Hope your New Year's Day was as good as ours.

Auntie and Uncle's House

So we went to Austin, Texas for Christmas. We stayed at Auntie and Uncle's house. The lady made us promise to be good, and we did try, really we did. When we were bad we had to go stay in our bedroom, mainly cause we wanted to bark at people when the came to visit. Oh, um we did try to jump on poeple sometimes too....then there was that time that Reilly decided to pee in the living room, he though the carpet felt like grass.... then one night Reilly decided he didn't feel too good so he puked three times and then pooped in the family room, man that was stinky! (the lady was happy it was tile, so much easier to clean up)...well, once I stole a whole ball of cheese off the table when no one was looking and everyone was really worried that I ate the whole thing, but it turns out I had just hid it for later in the sunroom chair, where someone found it before I could eat it....other than that we were really good, really, we were......

Here we are in our room, where we spent a lot of time on time outs, can you see me?

Maybe now that my eyes are open and I am saying NO MORE PICTURES you can see me! See Reilly in his sweater?

We had fun, we hope we get invited back after all of our "goodness".

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

We're back!

Well, we apparently took a little blogging break, not planned, it just kinda happened! I hope all you DWB'ers had a great New Years, we sure did.

But first, CHRISTMAS!

Are these all for us?!!!!!

Hurry Nana Berta, get our gifts out for us, we're ready to start opening up our gifts!

Oh yeah, ripping open those gifties! Get your own gift R man, this one is mine!


A Mitten toy, awesome for tearing up.

And of course some yummies, we chewed for hours.

The lady said she liked em, something about keeping us quiet while everyone else opened their gifts, hmmmm.

By the way, I DID NOT rip that paper stepping on the gifts! (um, yeah he did...)