Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Hey, it's my lady's mom's birthday today, so the Reilly man and I decided to throw a PARTY!!!! Even though Nana Berta couldn't be here, it will still be fun and we hope she enjoys it.

The first thing any good party needs is decorations. Yup, a little paper confetti thrown around looks really nice.

Oh, good idea Reilly man, leave some toys out for color.

Then we need to put on some party stuff, HEY, GIVE THAT BACK! That's for me.

Hey, HEY! STOP FIGHTING OVER THE RED ONE! You can have the gold one.
Now we have on our party hats, red is my color. Whaa HAA!

Gold looks great against your black hair Reilly man.

Then we need a cake, and then some.....

BOOZE! Yum, a little Kahlua for the party. Good choice there.

Look we even got a gift, I am so proud of the wrapping job I did. We decided to use the hats for the gift.

Umm, hey, get out of the picture, go get your own gift. I don't care that this is supposed to be from both of us.
Then we played some party games, I call this one "Tear the tail of the Dino." Much more fun than "Pin the tail on the Donkey".
Hey after all that party action, we are worn out.


Hope you enjoyed your party as much as we did.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Hide and Seek

Here's how it works around here, I hide under the couch all the time. Then along comes the Reilly man and he sniffs...that's the corner of the couch I used to pee on, I wonder if he can smell it, nah, I think he smells me under the couch.

Then he pokes his head under the couch, and

GROWOLLLLLLLL, out I stick my head with teeth showing, giving my mean old growl, and then I give him a few face bites, while he cowers and barks in total and complete fear of me. (k here: umm I see no fear, in fact Reilly usually barks and growls right back and gets in a few face bites himself!)

Game over!
We play this game a couple of times a day, it never gets boring.

Friday, August 24, 2007

What about me?

First of all, to those that want to try the great panty raid, GO FOR IT! It's really fun, but here is some advice, don't grab the bra, take it from me, your feet will get caught up in the straps, part of it will bounce up and whack you in the face, no good for running! So good luck to all that decide to try it!

Now listen, I mighta complained a little about all the flashies and snappies of the camera in my face, but lady, STOP taking pictures of the Reilly man, I'm starting to get mad here, in fact let me show you what I think of it....
I refuse to look at the camera while you are taking pictures of that stupid camera hogging puppy!

Yeah, yeah, you're cute you little SH*&! But me, I'm

HANDSOME! Oh my, not to brag or anything, but I am one good lookin' dog.

Oh and check out the newest cake my lady decorated. I tried to eat some, but I got stopped before I could lick. Bummer, maybe next week.

Almost there, maybe she won't stop me.....but she did.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bring Back Those Panties!

Those are four of the funniest words EVER! Whenever the lady does laundry, no matter how careful she is, I always, ALWAYS! get a pair of her panties...then I run out to the back yard and run around and flip them in the air, and i let her get just close enough, then I run away with them again. The neighbors get to hear her yell, "BRING BACK MY PANTIES!" WOOF WOOF, it is so funny.

She never takes a picture when I am running around with her panties, I wonder why?! I love laundry day.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


The Reilly man can't get up on the couch, so that is where I hide all my toys from him, see my toys, MINE!

So what he does is stand on his hind legs and look at me.

Look at his sad face with one of his stupid ears bent back. You can't get up here, you can't get up here! And yes, I taunt him.

Then he does this, barks and howls to be let up on the couch with the toys. Grow some legs buddy and learn to jump, until then you are out of luck.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Who Really Cares!

Okay, I really don't care what my lady does, unless it involves me...but one thing she started doing does kind of involve me...She started taking a cake decorating class. She had to leave for three hours on Monday night and I DIDN"T GET TO GO! At first I was kind of pissed off about it, grumbling, ignoring her, thinking about peeing on the couch kind of mad. But then she showed me the cake she made for Reilly and ME. She wrote Woof and M and R for her two dog dudes. Cools. Not so cools, we didn't get to eat any, WTF! And I wanted to know why she didn't write out our full names, what's with the initials only crap?! She gave me some stupid excuse about our full names not fitting, then I heard her confess to her friend that she has really crappy handwriting, so she decided on initials. SHHHH, Don't tell her I told you that!

Anyway, some other time I'll tell you about the other thing she does, buzz campaigning for new authors, she thinks it's cool, I think it sucks cause she reads instead of playing with the Reilly man and me. Two more cakes to follow, I hope I get to eat some of those.......

Monday, August 13, 2007

Finally Back!

The lady went on a work trip....and we had to go to doggie camp. I love doggie camp, I get to play all day. I showed the Reilly Man the ropes, but there was one thing he hated, being separated FROM ME! On the last day the lady always gets me a bath, she likes me to be sweet smelling when I get home. So the bath peeps came and got me and left Reilly man in his crate, waiting for his turn in the bath. Oh BOY, big mistake...he started screamin' and I do mean screamin' when he couldn't see me. It was so loud and horrible that people in the lobby rushed back to see how badly the screamin' dog was hurt! Finally they had to bring him back to where he could see me getting my bath, then he was all calm. I guess the little guy really likes me!
Anyway, when we got home I showed him how to show the lady how mad we were that she left town. I took him to my hiding spot. Under here she can't find us! Whenever I am mad I go here, and now the Reilly man can go with me! Such a good hiding spot.
After I showed my lady how mad we were, she felt really bad, so she came and got us for some couch cuddle time.

Here we are cuddling on her lap, so comfy!
Kisses, Man, give her KISSES! We snuck up on her and gave her face some kisses!

Wow, then it somehow turned into a fight, not really sure who started it, I know it wasn't me...but man, that little turkey attacked me right when I was kissin the lady, she started laughing, and then we really went at it!

Yeah, I know Joe and Doofus aren't fightering any more, but we can't seem to stop!

I am so glad to have the lady back.

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Money Shots

The lady calls these next two shots the money shots, whatever that means. All I can say is I am very sorry for the graphic nature of the second photog....

Reilly looking very handsome.

Yikes, ME!!

Here is me letting my lady know what I think of those type of photos, NO MORE BELLY SHOTS SHOWING MY GOODS LADY or THIS IS WHAT YOUR GONNA SEE ONE MORNING!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thanks Everyone! Now let's nap!

Thanks to everyone for their kind words about Boo, we always have special places in our hearts for our passed on little loves! And I know Boo led me to Mr.Murphey cause he is the exact opposite of Ms. Boo!
Now on to Mr Murphs regularly scheduled post o rama!
Here is something I didn't have to teach the Riley man to do, he does just fine all on his own........


It so much nicer to sleep with toys.

So worn out Riley can't even keep his tongue in his mouth!

Plumb tuckered out, yes I am!

Oh what a groggy face, get that freakin' camera outta my face, I'm tired.

So comfy under here........

And we even sleep in the same place sometimes!

Sleeping cheek to cheek! Butt cheek that is, hee hee!

Hey, how come Reilly gets to be on the couch and I'm down here?

Now this is the way is should always be, me on my table, and Reilly right where he belongs, below me!
Gotta go snooze now, this blogging today wore me out!